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  1. The Eugene Robinson Fiasco before their first Superbowl, the twin disasters of Vick’s dogfighting and Petrino in the same year, 28-3...Things happen to this team that would be rejected as being implausible if a screenwriter penned them. I don’t think it’s a curse or anything supernatural...just poor decisions by flawed people. I don’t think I’ll see them win in all in my lifetime.
  2. I have to be honest...I don't care all that much. I still watch them every week, but the Falcons aren't as important to me as they were when I was younger. If Blank announced next week that he was moving the franchise to San Antonio or Portland I'd just find another team to follow and call it a day.
  3. Even though I was one of the leading proponents in hiring Quinn I have been more than a little disappointed in him lately. He's starting to remind me a good bit of Mora...I think he's too close to many of his and Dimitroff's "pet projects" to seriously and honestly evaluate them as effective football players.
  4. I know there are age and injury concerns, but having Bryant back brings me a level of comfort I didn't have with any of his successors.
  5. No offense, but why would any Falcons fan want that? For me, if the kicker is Bryant, Gio, or Walsh, I want them to make every single kick they attempt.
  6. Wonder if this increases the chances that Hageman will stick.
  7. Lately, I've been thinking that Ryan will go out kind of like he'll snag 2 Lombardis.
  8. Two of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Tandy and Nito have always been about family, faith, and football. Thanks for starting this thread, C. A lot of times well-meaning people kind of walk away or think they aren't needed after someone passes away. Tandy, if you happen to see this thread, if you need ANYTHING, please let me know. You and your family are loved a great deal.
  9. Not necessarily. A lot of people in this world are quite adept at getting their point(s) across with very little verbiage.
  10. No, I don't think a character limit here would necessarily revive this message board...even though to be honest I don't even click on or read the threads of posters on here who I know are long-winded. I think another really big part of why this place doesn't seem as active or fun as it used to be is familiarity. We all kind of know each other...each others' posting styles, etc. For me, on Twitter, I seem to be meeting new Falcons fans every couple of weeks or so.
  11. You know, that's a great question. For me, it's probably the brevity. Because of the character limit, people need to get their opinions and/or points across rather quickly. I enjoy that part of it a lot.
  12. Awfully sorry, Tandy. You and Nito were so lucky to have each other. God bless you and your family.
  13. Mono was and always has been a very fair and reasonable mod. This place will miss him. I'm rarely on here any longer. One of the main reasons is Twitter. I have found a ton of fellow Falcons fans on there, and the interaction I've had with them all has been very good. I enjoy it, but I certainly get why it isn't for everyone.
  14. Praying for you, Nito, and your whole wonderful family, Tandy. A lot of people love all of you.
  15. Ray "Underwear Model" Edwards.