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  1. We're about to find out. I hope so.
  2. According to WSB's Zach Klein, Levitre (tricep injury) is out for the year. The hits just keep on coming. Glad Schweitzer looked good Sunday.
  3. I've seen him do even worse than that on between the tackles plays, schwarzenegger. I've seen him fairly regularly guess wrong about the flow of the play or the actual path of the ball carrier and just wash himself out of the play...sometimes even before he's been contacted by an opposing player. It's borderline bizarre.
  4. The thing that concerns me most about Riley is the lack of "flashes." Most guys who are slow to develop in the NFL at least show flashes of good or even brilliant play every now and then. I haven't seen any flashes from Riley yet.
  5. I've watched a ton of football over the years...just like most of you. I've never seen a player in the NFL at ANY level of experience, raw rookie or 10-year vet, consistently be so clueless as to positioning and proper pursuit angles as Riley is. He's lost out there, just completely lost.
  6. I severely strained mine in a softball game many years ago trying to beat out a grounder to 1st. When it happened I felt like someone had shot me. I thought for sure I had torn it...Just a severe strain. Took about 4 weeks to heal.
  7. I didn't understand any of that.
  8. I'm not there yet...but I get what you're saying.
  9. Injuries are getting very close to the point of being too numerous and to players who are too significant to the Falcons for this to be their year.
  10. Injury bug is biting the snot out of the Falcons so far this season. There isn't anything that can be done about it except try to weather it.
  11. I'm pretty sure that most of the time on our D Beasley had spy responsibilities on Cam.
  12. That PI call on Rocky was one of the worst ones I have ever seen in an NFL game.
  13. Nope, he's not done...if for no other reason than the fact that the Falcons need some people familiar with the scheme until Debo returns. I will say this though: Unless he picks his play up in a major way Duke Riley won't be a Falcon in 2019.
  14. If Teco performs really, really well it might change the thinking of Dimitroff and Quinn going forward regarding what the Falcons might do with their backs after this season.