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  1. I appreciate all of you guys. I’ve been able to speak with my brother-in-law and my sister’s 2 grown sons. They’re obviously taking it all hard, but I think we were able to comfort each other. One thing I’ve seen through this sadness is that I’m blessed with some extraordinary friends. Thanks again.
  2. I deeply appreciate all of you guys and your kindness. It's just one of several reasons I'm awfully proud to be one of you. My little sister died unexpectedly and suddenly in her sleep Wednesday night. It wasn't related to the coronavirus. The coroner thinks it was a heart attack. She was my only sister, and the sweetest, kindest person I ever knew. My older brother and I have broken hearts, but we aren't really the important people in this. If you are a praying person, pray for my brother-in-law and my sister's 2 grown sons. I will have to figure out how to tell my 84-year-old mom. She has moderate dementia and is in a quarantined assisted living home right now. I am counting on God to help me find the right time and right words to say. Thanks again to all of you. You are like family to me.
  3. This draft would guarantee that next year is Quinn and Dimitroff's last one as Falcons employees..
  4. I've never been one to say that Dimitroff and Company don't invest in the trenches...they just rarely hit on those players they need for the trenches, whether it's in free agency or the draft. Two completely different subjects.
  5. While THIS TIME I agree with La Confora, overall you are right. He's a well known Falcons hater...always has been. I don't know if he lost his luggage at Hartsfield or if his wife's boyfriend is from Atlanta, but the guy hates Atlanta.
  6. I like the old logo only because it's retro. If we're talking about which logo is more effective just as a logo on its own merits, the newer one is clearly the winner.
  7. One of McKay's last memorable moves as GM was to push hard and advocate for the hiring of Petrino. That pretty much tells me everything I need to know about McKay's judgment.
  8. Jeff and I know each other, too. I’ve always found him to be a very good guy, and a more than decent writer. Being a sportswriter, you’re automatically going to have a large number of people who don’t like you, regardless of the stances you take on the teams you cover. Crap, look at how we fight each other on here. It’s just the nature of sports.
  9. Either the Titans or Vikings. Falcons might as well have forfeited both of those games since they didn't bother to even show up.
  10. I'm not even close to being offended. Tedious actually indicates boredom. I've already talked with a couple of friends of mine who think that Quinn and Dimitroff deserved another year. We disagreed without calling each other names or denigrating the position of the other person. You know, like adults.
  11. There's nothing more tedious than someone telling someone else how they should behave as a fan.
  12. Time will tell, but I believe this keeps the franchise in neutral...and will waste another year of Ryan and Julio's career.
  13. I never would have guessed it as recently as 2 weeks ago, but I think they're both staying now.
  14. Nah. It's just the opposite. Carl is cool. Bell sucks like a jet engine-powered Dyson vacuum cleaner.
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