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  1. Happy Birthday FB. I'm glad we know each other.
  2. Not at all...I would bet the guy who has actual NFL head coaching experience would get the gig...Raheem Morris.
  3. I'd take him as a Falcon in a heartbeat...for 2 reasons: 1.) He's a player. In addition to his heart and drive he can actually play. 2.) The joy I'd take in saying "I told you so" to some real pinheads who have posted in this thread.
  4. This is Exhibit A as to why TATF is a mere shadow of what it used to be. There ought to be an animation of tumbleweeds blowing across the top of the topics page.
  5. Love it my friend...You know I'm a Jaylen guy. He just makes plays no matter where you line him up. In the draft you've also done something that not every poster on here will recognize. You've drafted several players who can be cross-trained at least in a couple of positions, something both TD and obviously Quinn LOVE. I'd love this offseason!
  6. ****. I LOVE Ansah. I am completely on board for this. One thing Dimitroff has always been good at is managing the cap. He can make a way when most of us don't see a way.
  7. Sometimes the idiocy of the posts and threads on here is staggering. I seriously wonder how some of you even dress yourselves.
  8. Amen. Just a quick, brief look every few weeks or so at TATF tells me that the number of posters who actually understand this game is an ever-dwindling number.
  9. Yeah, by all means let Ryan test the market and possibly leave. Let's create a huge, gaping hole in the roster going forward. I'm sure that everything would work out fine.
  10. Zach Ertz vs. Austin "Volleyball" Hooper. How's that for a fact sport?
  11. Eagles defense would have shut down the Aints offense in Philly so your entire post is stupid.
  12. In one short year Takk has become my favorite Falcon. I love everything about this kid.
  13. You know how you can tell this Parmesan is essentially a troll? He creates ridiculous thread after ridiculous thread with ONE initial post and rarely, if ever, hangs around for any discussion. That is basic troll behavior 101.
  14. Who is this guy that starts all these nonsense threads?