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  1. Slightly concerned...but if you had a relatively short term lease on a top of the line Lamborghini you should enjoy driving it and showing it off to everyone instead of worrying about when it's not yours any longer.
  2. I agree my friend... I think part of the reason for that is that at the pro level DTs (generally speaking) have good hand fighting techniques and shed their blockers quicker than most FBs can hit the gaps. The speed and skill of "big uglies" in the NFL is remarkable.
  3. Vaughn McClure blocked his own mom on Twitter. He's the most sensitive, butt-hurt human being on the planet. After I did this little cartoon I asked several of my followers if they wanted to experience an "instant block" on Twitter. They tweeted it and school girl Vaughn's little fingers were working that block button like a punch press.
  4. Actually think the Falcons right now are only behind the Patriots. I don't see the Raiders or Packers as being as complete a team as Atlanta is...but that's why they play the games. Paper rankings at this time of the year don't mean a whole lot.
  5. Happy Birthday man!
  6. You can block 'em if they get too weird.
  7. I've been telling anyone who will listen that the Falcons will win 2 of the next 5 Super Bowls. That's what I honestly believe.
  8. I have to admit. The "Twitter Falcons experience" is a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be.
  9. Appreciate you YL.
  10. God bless you fuego. I'm sorry about the loss of your father man. You're obviously a really good son.
  11. Thanks g-dawg. You kinda brought up another interesting point too that was a side issue for both Supes and me regarding us spending a lot less time here. For whatever reason after a while there was an evident small group of posters on here who were dedicated to crapping on every single cartoon/illustration that either one of us produced. Now, I'm an illustrator by trade, have been for over 30 years...have been fortunate enough to stay pretty busy my whole career...have been the in house illustrator for Lindy's for over a decade, have illustrated over 50 children's books. I'm not insecure about my abilities. Supes is a very gifted artist. He was hired by the Atlanta Falcons to produce cartoons for them a few years ago. He was the official cartoonist for the freakin' Atlanta Falcons. Both of us contributed our work to this board because it was a blast, fostered a lot of fun and mostly good-natured discussion...but as I said earlier, there was a small but dedicated group of posters who got off on slamming everything both of us we both kind of independently decided "the **** with it, we're not getting paid for this and the hassle it's creating isn't worth the effort we're putting into it." Case in point: Supes did a Falco cartoon at one point that had several cartoon native Americans in it. The Falcons were getting ready to play the Redskins. It got so **** ridiculous he was accused of being a racist. Been proud to call Supes my friend for almost 10 years now. There isn't a racist molecule in his whole body. The art contributions by both of us slowed down to a trickle and then quit altogether. A few very strange, sad little people made it too much of a hassle.
  12. Gritz here. Bottom line is the old me was spending far too much time on here. Real life did intrude. My friend Knight was right on the mark too regarding my pop. He died last August after a 10 year fight with Alzheimer's. My mom survived his passing, but I'm the only sibling in town and a lot of the care of the both of them has been my responsibility. Posting on a football message board became extremely trivial all of a sudden. As for Supes, at the end of the day he kind of feels the same way. He's personally doing very well. He and I are still best of friends. I still go to his place every Sunday to watch the Falcons. He said to me a couple of weeks ago "When I found myself having the same exact arguments with the same exact people I had to ask myself what in the **** I was doing."
  13. Falcons go 11-5, pretty much run through the NFC playoffs and actually beat the Raiders 38-27 in Super Bowl 52 (Screw the Roman numerals).
  14. 'Nuff said
  15. Welp. The jackass read it at least: