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  1. Yeah, what's that old saying?: I can tell you about something, but I can't make you understand it. There are a ton of people in this world who are willfully and seemingly proud to be ignorant. I don't have time for 'em.
  2. What I like about this thread is that the vast majority of people posting in here GET IT. Most people understand that this is about a young man's life and is bigger than football. That shows some pretty good and important progress as a least it does in our group who post here.
  3. A bit, just a bit, C. I'm praying that Takk is going to be okay. I don't really care all that much about what it means/doesn't mean for the Falcons.
  4. As someone who has dealt with some major depression issues throughout my life, I wish nothing but the best for Takk. I hope there are some people close to him who can present a clear picture to him and urge that he get the help he might need.
  5. This clown is why I can't stand most Aints fans. They act like they're one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. Most of my family are Aints fans. I put an Aints Superbowl patch in my late pop's suit jacket before they buried him. My pop and most of my relatives were and are long-suffering Aints fans. None of them did/do act like strutting, braying jackasses.
  6. At least your username is accurate.
  7. I refuse to believe in curses. I do believe in bad breaks, underachieving players, stupid coaches, and idiotic general managers...all things the Falcons have been afflicted with throughout their history.
  8. Keanu, Grady, and Mo come to mind pretty quickly. Takk is on the cusp of "nasty" IMO.
  9. Not even close. I've had several "conversations" with him on Twitter. He's bright and funny.
  10. I love Jam. We follow each other on Twitter. I hope and pray he finds the strength to get it together. He could be a powerful example for other people to overcome their addictions.
  11. Do. Not. Want.
  12. Yeah. I can say that I believe I have a full, thick head of hair. Doesn't erase the fact that I'm a chrome dome. I live in the real world.
  13. I don't see Bevell as an improvement over Sark. It'd be nice if the Falcons made a strong push for know, do something BOLD.
  14. I used to like parody accounts/posts. Not so much anymore.