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  1. I had a friend from my former church who had ALS. Cruel, cruel, disease. Tim Green was a really good football player. I think he's an even better human being.
  2. Or DE, or OG. There are a lot more holes on this team than many of us realized in early September.
  3. Yeah, sure. Where is this "How To Properly Behave As a Fan" book you've obviously written and are heavily relying upon?
  4. This is a good description of me also, Skeet. I didn't sleep the night after the Pats SB loss. I made up my mind then and there I wasn't going to do that to myself ever again. No matter what the Falcons do now I sleep like a baby.
  5. My favorite response so far...if for no other reason than that I know you and know what a fine person you are.
  6. about the Falcons privately, what would it be? I'll go first: I said it after Sunday's game, and I've said it several times during the 40+ years I've been a fan of this team: "Why do I even follow this team? They're never going to win it all." And then I'm watching them again the following week. Worst thing you've said?
  7. It's weird. Because of his play I sometimes forget he's even on the team. I'm serious.
  8. There's nothing lamer than one fan telling another fan how to react to their team. I tell people the same thing every time one of these "rah-rah" threads get started. I'm a fan. I'm not a cheerleader. I'm not an employee of this team. I'm a FAN. I have every right in the world to be angry when I see lackadaisical play or apathetic players...that's what fans do. If you want to be a "rah-rah" guy, knock yourself out. It doesn't bother me in the least...but save your platitudes and judgment about fellow Falcons fans.
  9. I wanted Quinn more than just about anyone else on this board. I still think he's a good coach...I am starting to get a whiff of Jim Mora though...A rah-rah head coach who is too close to his roster to honestly evaluate them as players. I hope that I'm wrong.
  10. Falcons corners can't cover their grandmas' beds with a quilt.
  11. This is it in a nutshell. The Falcons are soft, from the front office down...just a soft, soft team.
  12. Getting back to the original question this thread posed, I thought there was a real chance Quinn might be losing this team. It's obvious, regardless of what happens the rest of this season, that isn't happening. These guys aren't quitting or lying down.
  13. This is the truest statement in this thread.
  14. I know that the Falcons aren't abandoning the zone blocking scheme any time soon, but I sure wish that they would...or at least, do a better job of finding some road graders who have nimble feet and can move. Dimi and Pioli have a very spotty record when it comes to drafting for our O-line...and as other posters have already said, you could have reincarnated Walter Payton trying to run behind this line and he wouldn't get squat. Build the line!