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  1. Yeah, you're right. Falcons would be much better off without Julio Jones. Sometimes your posts are just stupid.
  2. Facts confuse him. Don't do that or he'll give you a devastating nickname.
  3. This take is so bad it gave my computer Ebola.
  4. Some folks don't want to be good. I do. Work a better deal for one of the best WRs to ever play in the NFL. This doesn't seem hard to me.
  5. Wow. Something has happened to you over the last few years. Your posts indicate you've become one of these Falcons fans whose devotion to the team is more about pain and complaints than anything else. Too bad.
  6. I can't lie. I enjoy it when something like this comes up. It shows me who in Falcons fan base wants the team to be consistently good, and who just wants to "be right."
  7. I don't worry about: 1.) Things I have no control over, and 2.) Situations that really haven't been resolved yet or are clear enough for me to be concerned about. Takk's mid-May weight fits both of those categories.
  8. Mono is a top-shelf kind of guy. Happy Birthday, brother!
  9. You've probably seen La Canfora's face. He has a reason to be mad at the world. He couldn't get action at a women's prison if he showed up with a panel truck filled with cigarettes.
  10. paulitik and I follow each other on Twitter. Good dude!
  11. Thanks. We enjoyed doing it. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. Doubt it...Supes has really cut down on participating in social media.
  13. Supes is one of my best friends. I see him all the time...and yes, he's doing fine.
  14. Just type #Falcons and we'll all show up!