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  1. I hate you, for proving this. Can do this with either thumbs, and only left pinky finger. Which am already assuming due to age old laws of this msg board, must somehow mean I've got the "ghey".
  2. Agreed. Can't even recall the last time I saw him play "lights out", but it would've been w/the Texans. Btw, my opinions expressed in this thread are "cumulative" and not at all impulsive. Parents will understand the metaphor of roots and wings, easily. So yeah.... kicked out of the nest once, but then welcomed back home, to do what? Wait on a chance for Mack to step on his foot? Joking aside, just do not see him as part of the current equation for building a winning team. Promise I'm not gut-reacting for this one game. Watched and rooted for him for a long time. But when your team finally has an obviously elite QB, he's NOT the next guy up you want. Hate a Taint, but they're not setup too badly for this situation. And well, we just ain't so much so right now.
  3. Ryan / Benkert / Sanu. Kroy Bierman, a former defensive player for the Falcons can f'n come on as a punter (I watched this live in the GA Dome) then I'm just assuming we can move players around. I also am a big Sanu fan, and believe he could likely both pass the ball, and catch it in the same play. But I'm biased. Srsly, Schaub does not need to be on the QB roster. Rather pickup Bortles or some other available, if needed.
  4. Misread this part, "all the defenses for Schaub are abut what he contributes off the field", as actual Football Team "defenses" actually planning for Schaub! *lmao* I'm like.... extremely out of practice here, but am smiling so hard rn!!!
  5. He was a veteran, that went to try and QB1 for AFC Texans for a cpl seasons, and luckily found a soft landing spot, after MANY talented Coaches and Statisticians figured out he can't really carry a team. So "yeah".... check the "veteran" talk at the door, or at least name me all the same OC's both Ryan/Schaub have been under at the same time. smh, at this "clipboard holder" sh*t.
  6. Wow, I don't remember this game, other than a loss. What happened to Ryan? Also.... c'mon man.... Schaub has had plenty of chances to show QB1 skills.., and just never has. Why not just let go of that dream (as a fan speaking here, I don't care what he does for his next job)?
  7. One seemed sturdier, than the other, though. Won't be the first to say this, but am comfortable w/the QB lineup being Ryan/Sanu/Benkert with toe turf and a broken femur/Schaub. Denver shd not be disappointed w/their prospect.
  8. That's because he's not even winning over his own team mates. Mostly same guys on field, didn't see it happen w/Kurt. Just sayin'... time to go, is time to go. Btw, "Hi" Jesus. Been a long time!
  9. Have never ever understood why AB/Team even revisited the experience. "Big Bad Schaub....." Whatevs. TX is a far better state to dry up and blow away, than GA. .
  10. I'll go back and start at page one, to basically try and figure out if any solid Intel on why Schaub is even a Falcon both again, and still. Haven't logged into this board for a long time. Pls point me to the "God bless Kurt Benkert's toe" threads.