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  1. I'm sorry about all that crap I talked about you last year trufant.
  2. There run defense was ranked one or two depending how you looked at it.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised is Cam Newton is next with all the health issues and injuries he is dealing with.
  4. TC will be running behind that line as well... best of luck to both them.
  5. 1. 2. 3.
  6. Going for it on the 4th and 9 in our own red zone didn't help too much either.
  7. We traded pick 50 to Houston and received picks 52/195, with pick 195 we picked up Wes Schweitzer.
  8. Did we not trade down in the second before we drafted Deion Jones?
  9. When is the random give away for the screws?
  10. Nothing can convince me otherwise that the saints have been planning the ultimate troll job of a lifetime here in Atlanta. With the Superbowl being played here, they went "all In" (and nearly succeeded) to ensure they would play and win the trophy in our house. I am also convinced those billboards were paid for a long time ago but were meant to troll us with another message. We dodged a bad situation here.