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  1. That's the game we lost Julio for the season. It was this play...
  2. I don't remember any bucs fan coming here and talking trash after our SB failure. I do recall some saints fans, and patriot fans coming here to troll hard. Also the bucs have been pretty classy imo. Honestly they probably didn't think they were SB material at least up to their bye, because their record was pretty average at that point. I cannot wait for our turn though.
  3. FTS and Drew Brees... however do enjoy retirement. 90 +/- million over the cap. Enjoy it.
  4. The Tim Dwight second half Kickoff Return was rare moment of pride for us in the game. I hated it when we traded him. The return is at 1:45 in the video.
  5. As much as it pains me to say the common denominator between all these teams is coaching. Until the Falcons, Braves and Bulldogs get a coach (manager) who is willing to put their foot on the opponents neck we will always be "cursed". I will also add that our teams often lack discipline and sometimes display a lack of understanding of the game. The ondisde kick from the falcons/cowboys game, and simple base running errors from this weekend are recent examples of this. The Braves should have 7-8 titles from the 90s and lets be honest they should be working towards back to back titles a
  6. Kyle Shanahan has been oustcored 46-0 in the 4th quarter and OT in his 2 Super Bowls as an OC or head coach... Another tweet
  7. its a tweet... I cannot figure out how to embed a tweet
  8. Teams are 29-3 in the Super Bowl when leading by 10+ points through three quarters. Kyle Shanahan has coached in two of those losses (Super Bowls LI and LIV).
  9. That's an interesting card, It has the team logos, they are not airbrushed off like they would have done did back then... plus Eddie Ray didn't have a card issued in 1974. Cool stuff if it does exist.
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