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  1. Nothing can convince me otherwise that the saints have been planning the ultimate troll job of a lifetime here in Atlanta. With the Superbowl being played here, they went "all In" (and nearly succeeded) to ensure they would play and win the trophy in our house. I am also convinced those billboards were paid for a long time ago but were meant to troll us with another message. We dodged a bad situation here.
  2. and piss poor play calling and clock management at the end. This is on him.
  3. They will seriously regress next season.
  4. **** em.
  5. some are saying next season as well.
  6. we would have went for it and either a. took a sack or b. lost yards with a sweep.
  7. I hope your right. The eagles were a wild card team who had previously were blown out by the saints and were literally a few plays away from winning. I think if Fletcher Cox never left the game this would have had a different outcome. I hope we can draft our own fletcher cox in this draft.
  8. Agreed, the eagles were a wild card team and 20-25 yards from winning the game.
  9. fletcher cox needs to come out like a mad man and take drew brees's lunch money
  10. wtf is going on with the eagles?