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  1. How far do the players have to walk to the locker room at the Benz? Seems like a decent stroll from the field.
  2. Oklahoma just looks more fast and physical and out schemed. Hope UGA can somehow pull this one off.
  3. I remember during the 2013 draft wondering why didn't the Falcons draft Xavier Rhodes (who went a few picks later to the Vikes)? Xavier had the bigger and taller frame. Trufant is still great (one of the best) but Xavier might be the best.
  4. Sad, this is why you have the die hard never NFLers. This is a slap in the face to anyone watching or have any care for the game.
  5. Sad thing is nothing will happen as Goodell signed his new contract...Good boy Goodell, good boy.
  6. http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/beasley-out-least-one-week-likely-longer-with-hamstring-strain/0sqbfgROXBc29es79tWIsI/
  7. Thanks, I will say the Falcons should not and will not play scared. This TEAM is strong!!! I too kinda hope they don't get a bye but either way we will PREVAIL!!!
  8. I honestly don't see the Saints winning thus game. What's the scenerio if the Saints lose.
  9. How about, "Get the F*** off your field!"
  10. First time poster here . I have been following these boards for years now and I must say I ain't scared for the playoffs this year. This team is good. Bring it!!!
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