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  1. Long post but want to get my ideas and get some feedback on what I’m thinking. Hope you take the time to read. Not really sure at all where the Falcons go in any of these rounds or if they trade up/down. But after reading as much as I could between multiple websites I know they will be targeting 3 out of these 4 positions...DE,DT,OT,CB with the first three picks not particularly in that order. At first I was leaning toward DT, no exceptions because this seems to be the deepest talented group at the top of the draft. I like Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Ed Oliver, Jawan Taylor, Brian Burns, Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, Cody Ford (only if he can play RT), Jonah Williams, Garrett Bradbury, Chris Lindstrom, Byron Murphy, DeAndre Baker, Jonathan Abram, Darnell Savage, Jeffery Simmons, Montez Sweat. But after free agency and doing some research DT may not be our first pick. The Falcons have 2 most likely trade up scenarios. Either with the Jets at 3 (most likely way to costly) and it better be JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Julio Jones caliber talent if you do that which I don’t see anyone on that kind of talent level in this draft. Or trade up to 8 with the Lions if your guy is there, but might still be to costly, and by most mocks the top OT’s & DT’s we want might be gone by 8. In the end it’s best to stay put at 14 or trade down if we can get another 2nd and maybe some later round picks to boot so we can trade around from there maybe even trade back into late 1st or early 2nd. Two first that can come in and start with the 5th year option would do wonders and help with the future cap and keeping our top guys about to come off rookie deals. I like the DT’s a lot. But most of the top guys are 3 techs. Which could be smart but that is Grady’s most effective position. I think we need a 1 tech to get the most out of Grady. But on the other hand her a top 3 tech and if Grady wants to much you could has some leverage and a potential replacement. You can’t have pro bowlers at every position and with our needs on both OL, DL, CB, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have two pro bowl caliber 3 techs given our other needs. That leads me to think if we are definitely resigning Grady then a 1 tech is only in play with a trade down in first or take one in 2nd or bundle picks to get an additional 1st round pick on the backend of the first. So I tend to believe we either go OL,DE,CB with our 1st pick.Of the guys I liked above I don’t see a guard or center as a need that will help this year. So that knocks a few of them off our list. Jawan Taylor but probably gone or Jonah Williams who I like because he can play any position on O line but would be a great RT. At DE I think Montez Sweat or Brian Burns is an option who will be there. If the Falcons doctors or comfortable with Montez’s medical I would love to take him at 14. I feel Beasley is gone whether he has a good year or a bad year. A good year and he has priced himself away from us and even if we could afford him that one great year could mean 4 more mediocre years considering he is just not consistent. Or we trade up for a guy better than Burns whoever they feel is Worth it and best DE. But we have to get one in this draft somewhere no matter what to get them pro ready for preparation for Beasley’s departure. That leaves while I’m not excited about it possibly taking a corner with our 1st at 14. I like DeAndre Baker here. Greedy Williams is a big Desmond Trufant why can’t tackle or shys away from what I have read so that’s a big no. Baker has played as a #1 against the best competition in college football and shuts them down, he is left on an island most of the time. Not sure if he could play slot his first year or not but could definitely replace Trufant next year without a hiccup. Also I like Byron Murphy as well just think Baker maybe better. But Murphy can play inside or outside. Just no to Greedy though. Also a guy I really feel could help us is Darnell Savage. He can play safety and nickel and is fast. Johnathan Abram is a safety I like as well and he can play nickel also. So I say we take either a great DE that falls or a great OT, that falls, or take one of the safety’s or cornerbacks listed in the paragraph above then trade back into the first or very early 2nd and grab a 1 tech, preferably Dexter Lawrence. Then go BPA rest of draft moving around while keeping needs in mind. Either way from this draft we need a corner, or a safety that can do both would be great for versatility and the offense not knowing how we might use them play to play or a shutdown corner. Got to have a 1 tech who can demand doubles and push the pocket. Need a DE who can push Beasley and give good depth and rotate with him and be prepared to start next year. And really need a RT that can beat out TY outright or can push him and if Ty fails can step in and compete right away. What do you guys think? Like I’m said not sure of the direction we are going but the top 10 guys that we all really want may not be an option so you got to look at immediate impact as well as BPA. So if our top guys or gone this was my thoughts. What do you guys think of the guys I like? Are there better options or a better direction we could go in? Just my thoughts as a big fan but definitely not a scout or anything.
  2. Hey not new to the boards by any means. Made a few comments after hurricane Katrina and well lost my account. I read several times a day the Falcoholic as well as Falcons boards, mainly TATF & NFL draft & free agency. I remember when Pure football forum was awesome without all the petty arguing you get sometimes between two people that goes totally off topic for a page or two which I hate but you had to be invited or something to post in there I believe. Why did that forum die? Anyway itching to get back involved in some decent chat here lately. I can start a new topic in NFL draft and free agency but not TATF (this forum why is that? Like this draft and had some pretty solid ideas on what makes since and what Falcons might do but just can’t figure out why I can’t start my on post in TATF but can in every other forum. When I try this forum is light grey and the rest I can access and there black.I love the positions you chose in this mock and mostly the players as well. We all have our favorites but definitely a solid BPA but needs base combination draft that I would not mind one bit. Great job!