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  1. Gotta try Agave off of Boulevard. Great drinks/Tex Mex/Atmosphere
  2. Does anybody see Justin Tuck in TK's game coming out?
  3. ****...I would either play him at RG or have him swap spots with Schrader
  4. Winning Superbowl 51 on our 51 year anniversary as a franchise is such a dope way end this season. Storybook ish!
  5. I expect us to use him as spy a lot on Sunday.
  6. The tribute gave me goosebumps. I didn't know what to expect from the fans as time led up to the halftime festivities. I was happy to see the reception Vick got yesterday. While he did do something that was horrible, he is paying his debts to society. The excitement he brought to this franchise/city can't be voided or forgotten With that being said.Mr.Ryan is the truth and will lead us to a superb owl or 2
  7. Love the thought of Desmond king at FS. He would be a great insurance policy at cb as well if Alford/Collins/Poole regress
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