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  1. Well I can at least get more insight about Steve Sarkasian from more knowledgeable fans as I don't watch college ball. But what I've heard about him is a mixed bag.
  2. I would rather have Kyle Shanahan over anybody but he got promoted to SF. I just don't know if Steve Sarkisian is the right guy. I thought Chip Kelly was the best option on the the table but that's not saying much. My gut says. Chip Kelly > Steve Sarkasian. But you guys probably know more about Sarkasian Than I do. So I am hoping to get more info from fans POV.
  3. I just don't have a good feeling about the new offensive coordinator. And I hope I am wrong. Chip Kelly has NFL experience and is great at relating to quarterbacks. The guy we picked up is just a big mystery. (Off the field issues) don't know much about him. My gut tells me we should have gone with Kelly.
  4. I would rather play Raiders. Or any team besides Patriots. The Patriots always seem to get lucky in playoffs unless they are playing a Manning.
  5. Offense will probably be not quite as good but close. Other teams will have more tape and look for weaknesses. If we stay healthy I look for a SB rematch vs Patriots.
  6. I would trade Dan Quinn for Bill Bellicheck. I still think Quinn is top 5 head coach but BB is a football genius.
  7. I think our team has better veteran leadership now. Matt Ryan (more experienced) Julio>Roddy. Younger hungrier guys. Freeman>Turner. 2017 defense> 2013 defense
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