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  1. I think all leagues secretly love controversy. Everyone has learned with the explosion of social media that there is no such thing as bad news. It is all about staying relevant and in the news.
  2. The most telling stat I saw was how the Eagles had one of the highest pressure rates with one of the lowest blitz percentages. If you are able to drop 7 into coverage and still get pressure, it makes it hard to do anything on offense. We have to make a change on the line because that was awful.
  3. It is a tough debate for sure and I wonder if teams considered the longer season when holding starters back in preseason. Watching how bad our offensive line was, it was probably a good decision to not play Ryan in preseason.
  4. I don’t want to get into a Lewan vs. Matthews debate because both are very good players. I will say that I wish we had someone like Lewan who has no problem mixing it up if someone goes after his QB.
  5. We lost 32-6. There is a lot of blame to go around when you lose that bad. We must be the only fan base that gets their *** kicked in every aspect of the game and wants to blame the QB.
  6. I expected better but the sky is not falling. Offensive line was thee biggest disappointment.
  7. As a Falcons fan, I know bad offensive lines better than most and that was brutal. Ryan wasn’t great but he had no chance today.
  8. Hard to argue with that list of captains. Those are our best players across our offense and defense.
  9. I don’t think it mattered that Julio wanted to be traded. The relationship had soured and his unwillingness to practice negatively impacted the team. The last thing the new regime wanted to deal with is a disgruntled star player. It will be interesting to see how he does in Tennessee. I think people will finally realize that Ryan played a big part in Julio being recognized as best receiver in the NFL. To answer your original question, he was our guy all along. Best player in a loaded draft.
  10. Thanks for posting. I have always wondered what is their definition of NFL executive. Working in the corporate world, the word executive is used loosely. For all we know, the guys who deflated Tom Brady’s balls could be the voters behind these polls.
  11. Great interview. I hope he realizes the opportunity in front of him. You couldn't ask for a better QB to learn from.
  12. Yeah, Franks just cannot run the offense at this point. We had a couple plays setup for big yardage but Franks could not execute. We had a screen setup with blockers and space, but Franks threw a bullet that the rb had no chance on. Franks is good for a couple spectacular plays a night but misses on the simple ones. He got away with being a great athlete in college but the pros are different. He definitely needs more practice.
  13. I don't see an issue with this. Heck, we started the 2nd half pretty well with a stop and a TD to go up 28-3. The real reason we lost this game was coaching and injuries to our offensive line. If our offensive line doesn't get injured, we keep scoring. And we made enough plays to win the game but coaching f'd it up.
  14. Not sure I buy all this stuff. Dan Quinn had his faults but a lot of ex head coaches and well known coaches were willing to work for him. His first big hire as a head coach was to bring in Shanahan who also is known as an egomaniac. Also, his former players rave about him. I don't think I have ever seen an ex-player say something bad about him. The downfall of Quinn is when we lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I still don't understand why he didn't hire one of Shanahan's guys to run our offense. And he tried all his stuff with our defense that made things even worse.
  15. QB is such a hard position to sign late in training camp. The learning curve is so steep compared to other positions.
  16. I don't really care where we are ranked. I just get tired of the lazy analysis that most people use to make these rankings. Whoever made this list used the same talking points that everyone else has used.
  17. Great points. People need to ask the question. How many QB's have been successful in Koetter's offense? Just Matt while everyone else has struggled. His offense is notoriously difficult for QB's and offensive linemen. Also, Matt Ryan has been successful under every offensive coordinator he has had. Tannehill has only been successful under Arthur. I am excited to see what Matt can do with Arthur.
  18. Max Kellerman is a boxing analyst. He should stick with what he knows.
  19. Yes and the whole secondary will improve. I never realized how awful our coaching was until I saw the improvement after Quinn was gone. I think you will see continuation of the back half of the season. I think we are going to surprise a lot of people this season. I am cautiously optimistic.
  20. I think Cam needs to worry about his own offense.
  21. Give it time. With the cap being so tight, I expect a lot of vets to be cut late in off season. This is why we wanted cap room so we can go bargain hunting.
  22. Pitt’s catch radius is ridiculous. He is going to be lethal on 3rd down and in red zone.
  23. A lot of great points in this post. The thing I can’t get out of my head is the amount of hype this trade is getting. Julio is a generational talent and is a HOF player. But he is 32 and on the backside of his career. He has been injured for the last few years and is rarely able to practice. He might be able to give you a couple more great seasons but wouldn’t be surprised if he had a so so year with Tannehill now throwing him the ball. People also don’t realize that he is not running the full route tree like he did when he first came in the league. I don’t know if it was coaching or protecting his injuries but most of his routes are in breaking or go routes. I will always root for Julio because he was a great player for us. But these are the type of decisions that are FO has messed up in the past. We hung onto players for too long and paid the price for it.
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