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  1. Exactly. Or play well or the guy behind you will take your spot. Competition drives you to be your best. When a job is handed to you, it is easy to become complacent. It is why drafting in the top 5 is tough. You give a guy all that money and expect them to put in the work. There are plenty of NFL players that might have had better careers had they been drafted later and had to earn their way in the nfl.
  2. Who knows? It is depressing to think about. The only thing I don’t want is more gimmicks. I feel like that works better in college with kids who are only there for a couple years. I imagine pros tune it out after a while when things aren’t going great.
  3. It is the right move and he has been a disappointment over the last few years but he was a key piece of our super bowl run. He led the league in sacks and was a big reason we stopped Wilson and Rodgers in the playoff. His ability to spy those guys and keep them in the pocket was huge. In the right situation, he can be a solid piece and a difference maker. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a contender trade for him as a 3rd defensive end. You can never have too many pass rushers.
  4. How about Manuel? They should build a statue of him based on what he did last year compared to this year.
  5. Been saying this for a while. It was the knock on him coming out of college but it has gotten worse this year. Give someone else a shot. Can’t be any worse.
  6. No lie. We have learned that Wes is not the answer.
  7. That goal line stand is something you would see when you are trying to let the other team score... I blame coaching but at some point the blame falls on the players. These are professionals playing at the highest level. How can you continue to make basic mistakes?
  8. He did, but he isn't the type of corner that Quinn wants in his system. He was the perfect type of player that a team like the Pats would sell high on. Our defense played well without him and he was due a big raise. We could have used that money and draft capital to reinvest in the secondary or our pass rush.
  9. I wish we could trade Trufant, but not sure the return with his recent play and contract. I never agreed giving him that massive contract only because the best our defense ever played was without him on the field. I have always thought of him as an above average corner but not a difference maker such as Grady or Debo.
  10. People have always underrated Freeman. He was one of the top backs in football a couples year back. He was one of the best backs in football at making something out of nothing with his shiftiness and power. He helped mask some of our deficiencies on the offensive line. Coleman was a great compliment to Freeman if used correctly.
  11. Same issue as last year. We can't play zone because too many guys have a lack of awareness. If we go to man, we have so many liabilities out there. You really can't depend on anyone to play tight man coverage. Campbell, Oliver, Kazee, Ish all get beaten regularly. We have too much talent to be this bad at defense. This defense has way more talent than Smitty's defenses, but they have no awareness out there. It is like we have no anticipation or awareness of how the offenses are going to attack us. We look like a bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off.
  12. Pretty sure our offense isn't the issue. Even if KS was calling plays again, we would still have the worst defense in football. Maybe KS gives us another win or two, but you can't win games when the other team punts 1 or 2 times a game. I have never seen a defense that is bad at everything. Can't rush the passer, can't cover, can't stop the run, can't get stops on 3rd down, and can't force turnovers. I am almost at the point where we should just start playing super aggressive and just go for turnovers. Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of our players are aware enough to even try this.
  13. MNF

    Two calls to help make the game closer...
  14. MNF

    I feel like Booger was muted after that last flag and then touchdown. There was an uncomfortable silence after the touchdown. You know he wanted to complain about that flag.
  15. MNF

    Aaron bailed out again. That was a very late flag to give a 1st down.
  16. I ain’t even mad and that is the issue.
  17. Seeing how bad everyone is in our secondary, I am not ready to give up on Oliver.
  18. Stupid if so. We have given Beasley how many chances?
  19. I actually thought Oliver played decent. The two big receptions were unlucky. The first was good coverage and didn’t appear to be a catch. The second was more on Rico than him and he forced a fumble which didn’t get called for some reason. I like Oliver’s physicality and willingness in the running game.
  20. Heck, Belichick failed miserably at his first coaching job. It is not easy and sometimes it is easier to reset. Quinn may go on to be a great head coach. We just need a change and he does as well.
  21. As much as I don’t want another coaching change, I don’t want another wasted season even more so. Quinn had his chance to fix things and nothing in his short term makes me think he can fix this. Still think he is a good coach and smart guy, but he needs to be fired.
  22. I am the same way. Love my falcons but they don’t impact my happiness. Having two kids has really put things in perspective.
  23. Exactly. I bet the people who wanted us to tank are also complaining about the team giving up as well. I want a team full of players that are going to fight to win no matter the circumstances or score. This might be the biggest issue with this team. We don't have enough of those guys on the team. I know Ryan, Jarrett, Julio, and Sanu are those type of players. Who else is in that boat?
  24. It is easy to play Monday morning QB, but I think his last two hires were solid hires. Mike Smith took us from being the laughing stock of the league to one play from the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, health issues probably ended his time in Atlanta. Dan Quinn took us to the Super Bowl and brought in an All-Star coaching staff. He brought in a staff that included multiple head coaches. Blank made the right choice in hiring him. Quinn's biggest mistake minus the Super Bowl was probably letting Lafleur get away. I will never understand that move. You wanted to keep running Shanny's offense so you brought someone in from the outside? I drank the coolaid regarding that move, but in hindsight it made no sense. I don't agree with the whole blow it up statement. We have talented players all over this team and with the right coach we will be a contender.
  25. I feel for Bryant but he probably saved our defense more embarrassment.