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  1. I don’t know what it is about Wilson. One of the best QB’s in football but something is off with him. A lot of his ex teammates do not have great to say things about him. Take the other great QB’s in football. When have you ever heard someone criticize Brady, Peyton, Ryan, Brees, etc.?
  2. With the caliber of his writing, he should still be at the AJC with Bedwetter. TheAthletic has some talented reporters so not sure why he is there.
  3. If I were building this defense, I would invest draft capital into our secondary. Build a defense around our back 7. Go after under the radar guys for our line to help Grady. With a pressure scheme, you need guys who can hold up on the back end. The bucs did a great job of pressuring Maholmes but their secondary also did a great job.
  4. I know right. All these fans will be crying when he finally retires and we have to play the QB lottery. This is a classic example of the grass is greener on the other side. As someone who experienced this in my career, sometimes you don’t know how good you have it until you don’t.
  5. I applaud PFF for trying to quantify player performance but it is so hard in football. It is such a team dependent game. QB’s are extremely important to the success of a team but more evidence points to them being dependent on their teammates and coaching staff. So many players struggled for one team only to have a renaissance with another. It is hard for QB’s to overcome bad coaching and a bad supporting cast. Metrics like this work in baseball because of how independent each players performance is compared to the rest of the team. I don’t see how you can compare QB’s because of all
  6. Exactly. This time of year is all about confirmation bias. If you want Wilson, you hang on every positive word about him. Vice versa if you are on the other side. I have no idea who is going to be the better player. What I do know is that having different/wild opinions gets more clicks.
  7. Since 2015, we have been pretty good at drafting with the exception of 2017. 2016 and 2018 were home runs. I feel 2019 and 2020 are solid drafts that will look better in a couple years.
  8. Exactly. I always laugh when the media overrates teams with a lot of salary cap space. This is not the NBA where you can buy your teams. Free Agency is not a great place to find impact players for a couple reasons. The best players are typically locked up by their original teams. And some players don't react well after they receive a big contract.
  9. Great listen and thanks for the recap. Relationships with college coaches is huge and helps you get the best intel on players. I remember reading that Dabo continued to talk up Grady which may have led to us picking him.
  10. Yeah, he was vastly overrated. Our defense took a major step back when he was on the field due to poor tackling and coverage breakdowns. He would make the occasional big play but those were typically off of tipped balls or bad throws. He rarely was taking the ball away from the other team. No reason to bring him back.
  11. I think Takk was the biggest mistake we made. I still have hope for our offensive line now that we have a coaching staff that understands how to get the most out of your players.
  12. Nice find and good post. A lot of QB’s do not like turning their back to the defense. I know Big Ben refused to do it and this is why the Steelers didn’t run a lot of play action. Even though Ryan was not a fan of certain things in Shanny’s offense, he still saw the potential. I remember him making comments late in the 2015 season about how close they were to being great. I haven’t seen him make similar comments in a while which is telling. Ryan will never bash a coach but he was definitely not happy. I am excited about Smith because he gets it. I have no doubt that he will turn our
  13. This is one of the few years when I have no idea what the Falcons will do with the pick. Trying to mock this draft is next to impossible with players sitting out and a shorter season.
  14. Good point. They are also very confident in their abilities. They know what they bring to the team and are not afraid of competition. Both guys have had to fight to get where they are. Rodgers fell in the draft and had to back up an all time great. Matt was not a big recruit and made BC relevant before being drafted by us. One of the most overlooked traits when it comes to drafting players is do they have that fire and competitiveness to be the best. A lot of guys have the ability to play in the NFL. The key is who has that fire and passion to outwork everyone else.
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