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  1. We can agree to disagree on this one. It’s a tough throw either way. I think one thing I haven’t seen Hurst do that Hooper was great at is using your body vs. smaller players. Hooper was great at bodying up against smaller defenders and making catches. Hurst might have that ability but haven’t seen it yet.
  2. Exactly. You listen to the top offensive minds and they talk about the same things. Creating confusion and stressing the principles of the defense. I enjoyed watching the game last night because Gruden and Reid are so good at creating plays to give their QB’s easy throws for chunk plays. I don’t know why he is allergic to using rub routes and stack formations. Get Riley a free release and watch what he can do.
  3. Another tactic which is foreign to Koetter is using stack formations and rub routes to beat man. Every team uses them. The Saints have been using them for years. Easy way to scheme some guys open and get free releases.
  4. Dude. There is no way to fit a ball into there. The db is in his hip pocket and can easily step in front. Not to mention he had a line backer underneath.
  5. Thanks for posting Ergo. It is somehow worse than I thought.
  6. Nice post. On the second gif, I wonder if Ridleys stumble coming out of the break make Ryan not throw it. He was open but Ridley did stumble and Ryan might have panicked because of that.
  7. Very fair assessment. The one sack Ryan couldn't take was the one that dropped us out of fg range. At the same time, we had a double team with Lindstrom and Mcgary on Jordan and still lost. That is inexcusable all around. The big issue that this game showed was that our lack of run game is killing us. They were able to sit back with 2 deep and play tight man. We have to be able to run against that type of defense, but Koetter refuses to play to our lines strengths...
  8. Gurley is averaging 3.7 YPC which is 43 out of 47 running backs. He has that many yards due to the number of the carries he has had not because of how good our run game is. Our run game is awful and that is an understatement. When you look at Hurst based on efficiency, he ranks 17th in the league. He has a lot of yards but its not due to how effective he has been. It's similar to Gurley where he has had a lot of chances. There is no understating how bad that game was. Our rival just beat us down playing a tight end at QB. The score actually makes the game look closer than it was. That wa
  9. Good post. My issue with Koetter is that this is a consistent issue for him. Every team has their bad days, but too often teams are able to shut us down and we have no answer. I miss the days of having Shannahan and how multiple we were. I still remember the Denver game where they were loaded on defense with a great secondary. We decided the best way to attack them is by using Coleman's speed who had a big game. With Koetter, we have one way to beat teams and that is through the air to our wide receivers. He has struggled to incorporate our tight ends and running backs into the game. We
  10. I had the same thought yesterday, but way too early to make any judgement. He has been injured and on the COVID reserve list. No telling how his body is feeling right now. Some guys had no symptoms while others had a long recovery. I remember Freddie Freeman struggled early in the season and he admitted that he was still recovering his strength. I will reserve judgement until the end of next season.
  11. I am still convinced that Quinn/Dmitroff didn't select Koetter. After Sark didn't pan out, I bet Mckay and AB pushed for Koetter since he had some mild success here. The thing I still don't get is why year after year we talk about running the wide zone, but we just scrap it once the season starts. Our offensive line is very athletic... Why not play to their strengths?
  12. Not sure why they thought it was a good idea to hire a someone to run someone else’s scheme when he isn’t even adequate running his own scheme.
  13. I think Raheem is a good coach and our defense looks better. They kept us in it for most of the game but Koetter is a joke. If not keeping Morris, means Koetter is gone then I am good with it. That guy is trash and always has been. He has no idea how to create a run game.
  14. Outdated 4 verts offense leads to this. Saints stacked the line of scrimmage and dared the Falcons to beat them deep. Our receivers got bullied at the line of scrimmage and our offensive line was pushed around all game. Did Ryan miss some throws? Of course he did but Jesus Christ that was a beat down. He is going to be sore tomorrow. The Saints set the tone early. They pushed us around all game. That’s a good defense over there. Just shows that you can still build a good defense when you spend most of your cap on offense. I still remember a back up player bullying Matthew’s right int
  15. How can anyone look at this offense and think this is a well coached offense?
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