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  1. Such bs. Incidental contact at most. Harrison Smith knocks our guy out of the game and no flag. It also cost us a field goal as well because we lost 10 seconds due to our player being knocked out and unable to reach the sideline. I love football but it keeps becoming harder and harder to enjoy with the inconsistent application of rules.
  2. Matthews. Beaten clean too many times for a player of his caliber.
  3. Can someone translate this non sense? I really have no clue what he is saying. Can you imagine if Dled covered the Panthers? Would he be critiquing Cam’s mood based on his outfits? Be entertaining to watch though.
  4. Exactly. I want QB’s to have happy feet in the pocket that forces mistakes and turnovers. I don’t care about sack totals as long as we make QB’s uncomfortable in the pocket.
  5. Either way, this game is not going to make or break our season. Vikings at home will be tough. There defense always gives us problems. Our defense will need to come to play. We can win this game but no shame in losing to them on the road.
  6. I like Morris as our wr coach because of his background. I am surprised more teams don’t try this approach. Have former offensive coordinators consult or be assistants to defensive coordinators. There are a lot of insights to gain from being on the other side.
  7. If the HOF was voted on by current coaches, he would be guaranteed. Since it is not, he has more work to do.
  8. Surprised they didn’t throw a flag to give the Saints a first down.
  9. Not happening because we have too many guys needing new contracts. Big trades in the nfl rarely work out for the team getting the player. In the NFL, draft picks and cap space are so important. Trading for someone takes up cap space and deprives you of young cheap talent. Mack worked out for the Bears but he is a generational talent. Even then, they are going to struggle to keep some of their young talent and won’t have the draft capital to replace them.
  10. Both Smith and Quinn have made some poor decisions. Quinn’s is obvious while Smith’s is not quite as obvious. Smith playing Abraham in a meaningless game probably cost us a Super Bowl that year. He was our pass rush and we would have beat the 49ers if he was healthy. Playing our oft injured best defensive player in a game that meant nothing was beyond stupid.
  11. Yeah, I agree. I think the other big issue is when offenses started to evolve we didn’t adjust quick enough. Mike Smith is a good coach but his defensive philosophy seems outdated. He was horrible in Tampa. I want coaches that check the following boxes: Leaders that players play hard for Can evaluate and groom young talent Can manage games and make adjustments on the fly Innovators who are on the forefront of defensive and offensive philosophy Bill is probably the only coach who checks all those boxes. Quinn definitely checks the first two boxes. I think Quinn is a brilliant defensive mind but we haven’t seen the consistency yet as far as being an innovator. Game management is a weakness but hopefully he can improve with more resources dedicated to it.
  12. Being athletic while not being able to catch or block is not someone who was going to make the team.
  13. Here is the thing. The Steelers as an organization have always shown that they are willing to deal with difficult personalities and players with baggage. The fact that they gave up on Brown should have been a red flag to everyone.
  14. He comes off as phony but I don’t believe anything Deangelo Williams says. He sounds like someone who is saying stuff to get noticed. Don’t blame him because it has worked for many talking heads.
  15. Stupid and lazy analysis. Just because you played football doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about. I honestly don’t even watch tv for football analysis. I read this board and watch clips online. Can Matt Ryan win without Julio? Yes and no. if you build a crap team around him with a bad defense and no offensive line, it will be tough. If you build a complete team with a good defense, running game, and protection, he can win without him. Its like I always say QB’s get too much credit and too much blame. When a QB has a historic season, it requires that the other 10 guys play at a high level. And when they have a bad season, more than likely his teammates let him down.