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  1. Not sure where you got your information from. You can’t conclude that teams aren’t using analytics because bad decisions are made. The A’s are one of the smartest teams in baseball but they still make mistakes. There is some stuff that data can’t understand. Suggest you read this article. It gives a good breakdown of which teams have adapted analytics and which teams are old school. As I noted, Pats and falcons are two of the top teams.
  2. Smart move. As dumb as this sounds, this will probably help him out come re-election time. This is the most important thing in most peoples minds down there.
  3. While I have no doubt that the Pats are one of the most innovative teams in the league, my guess is all teams have a lot of really smart people working for them. There is way too much money involved and people want to work in sports. When I was younger, I was interested in a position with the Oakland A’s. I remember reading the job requirements and thinking the salary was 6 figures easy. I found out that it paid next to nothing and they still had thousands of applicants.
  4. If we did draft Oliver, is he athletic enough to play base defensive end and slide inside on passing downs? We could then look to add another defensive tackle to play base. Just a hypothetical. I am dreaming of a Takk, Grady, Oliver, and Beasley pass rushing line..
  5. Still can’t stand him...
  6. I really hope they don’t put in instant replay for penalties. You can find a penalty on every play if you look hard enough.
  7. I have yet to meet a neutral fan who rooted for the Saints. Since winning the Super Bowl, they have managed to piss off a lot of fan bases.
  8. What is next? Are they going to copy UCF and have a parade to declare themselves champions?
  9. I wish we could tackle like that. It feels like our guys get dragged 4 yard down field or just miss the tackle.
  10. Honestly, I think this more has to do with the lack of class from the Saints organization in general. They have been taunting and trolling every team in the NFL. They trolled the Eagles after last week's win. I think it all starts with their head coach who is a very good head coach, but to quote Deuce Mcallister is "kind of a prick." I can guarantee you that very few teams in the NFL were sad to see the Saints lose.
  11. It is so great. The funny thing about it is even though they got f'd over my that one call they still had a chance to win the game. They won the toss in OT and had a chance to go win the game. As bad as that call was, they still benefited from calls the entire game. I counted at least 4 bogus calls that went their way. I still think the Falcons got screwed over worse in our Super Bowl loss. Here is a summary of the crap we dealt with: Three 3rd down pass interference penalties in a row to give the Pats 1st down - Super Bowl record 62 pass attempts by the Patriots without a holding call on offensive line - Super Bowl Record pass attempts Crucial holding call on Matthews that knocked us out of FG range that happens every week Clear holding on Austin Hooper on next third down incompletion which would have ended the game Offensive pass interference on 2 pt. conversion as receivers were blocking early on pass beyond line of scrimmage Clear chop block on Deion Jones on game winning drive in OT Clear holding call on Deion Jones on game winning play in OT I can go on and on... In the moment, I missed a lot of the calls because we were winning and I figured it wouldn't matter. We still should have won in despite of those calls, but the NFL did everything in their power to give the Patriots a chance to comeback. I don't think the NFL is trying to help certain teams win, but I do think the NFL is calling games to make them more exciting and competitive. I saw missed calls in both games down the stretch that made it seem like they were helping both teams try to come back. The NBA has been doing this for years so it is not surprising to see the NFL start doing it.
  12. They were losing and had to score or the game was over. In hindsight, it is easy to say they left too much time on the clock, but you can't waste downs in the NFL. If they didn't score, people would be asking why they ran the ball so much when it wasn't working. The real reason they lost is because their record breaking offense did nothing in the 1st half.
  13. Most people don’t realize it but NFL QBs are like a fraternity. A lot of the top qbs keep in touch. I think it comes from the understanding of how difficult it is to be a QB in the NFL.
  14. Agreed. This is not an easy position. I feel like whoever it is should have an offensive background and be involved in the offense in some capacity. There all sorts of percentages of when to go for fourth down but some comes down to how your offense is performing and where they are having success.
  15. I think the tight ends obviously and maybe Sanu. Koetter loves to use big physical receivers in the middle of the field