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  1. No hard feelings here. Football is a tough sport to play and it takes a special kind of commitment to play at a high level. He was a key part of our 2016 season and I wish him nothing but the best. I met him at training camp during his rookie season and he was the nicest guy. He spent a ton of time signing autographs for all the kids.
  2. We were a solid offense during the regular season, but nothing special. The playoffs were a different story as we played two great defenses and put up some points on both of them. Our skill players were ridiculous and we did a good job of stressing defenses vertical and using Tony underneath. Our upcoming season will come down to our offensive line. If our offensive line plays like they are capable of, we are going to put up some points. Koetter is no Shannahan, but his system will work if our offensive line comes to play.
  3. I don't understand all the hate on Terrell. Go watch him play and stop listening to the pundits who only saw him play one game. The kid is ultra competitive and physical with wide receivers. He makes plays on the ball and had a interception in last year's championship game. LSU's offense was stacked last year and was a pick your poison type offense. They left Terrell on an island vs. Chase and rolled coverage to help against against the other receivers. Terrell won some and he lost some. Give credit to Burrows and Chase because they did that to a lot of teams last year. I am excited to see what Raheem and Whitt can do with him. Adding Dennard to this young secondary is the cherry on top and is the type of move the Patriots typically make. If we sign a vet pass rusher, I would consider this a perfect off-season. I love how all the focus is on the Saints and Bucs. It lets us fly under the radar. I feel like we have the team to go deep in the playoffs as long as Koetter can take a step forward with the offense.
  4. Great post and very informative. Ryan wasn’t his typical self last season and I wonder how much having a new coordinator factored into it.
  5. These criticisms are applicable to every QB on the list. QB's need guys to get open and they need protection. Look no further than the 16-0 Patriots. They had a juggernaut of an offense that broke all sorts of records. In the Super Bowl, their offensive line was dominated by the Giants defensive line and Brady did not look good.
  6. This is the truth. People don't see the splash plays where he runs in circles for 10 seconds and throws across his body to an open receiver. If you look at his career, he has had one coordinator who would be called a top offensive mind (Shanahan). Besides that, he has had Sark, Murlarkey, and Koetter. Murlarkey and Koetter went on to be head coaches but did not have the same success without Ryan. Ryan is a QB who elevates everyone around him including the coaches. The guy has performed well every year no matter the supporting cast, lack of offensive line, or terrible coaching. In one season, we saw what he was capable of with a strong offensive line, running game, and coaching staff. I don't know how anyone who knows and watches football could put him behind guys like Brady, Brees, Ben, and Stafford at this stage of their careers. The Saints in most cases won despite Brees and Brady did not look much better. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of QB's...
  7. I am cautiously optimistic about our offense. One of the most underrated aspects of Gurley's game is his ability to get in the endzone. With our offense, we should be able to move the ball between the 20's at will. The key to winning will be completing drives and getting touchdowns. Gurley has always been effective in the red zone and will help with that.
  8. I doubt NFL teams would take 90 players before Grady. He is a top 5 player at a premium position. Still glad to see him make the list.
  9. These two are the worst. Freeman is a bad contract now but didn't look too bad when he was one of the top backs in the NFL. I was wary of giving him a big contract because of how running backs age, but it was a defensible contract. Carp and Brown just didn't make sense from a contract or fit. Neither were great fits if we were going to stick with zone blocking. Last year was an awful off season and it didn't look like we had a clear plan of what we wanted to do. This year has been a lot better and we should have a better season.
  10. I agree. There is no reason we shouldn't be a top 15 defense. We have enough playmakers and role players to be a good defense.
  11. I like the things we did in the off season. I hope we bring in a vet pass rusher and cornerback. Our young guys need a vet to help bring things together. I have no concerns with the defensive coaching staff. Witt is a great addition and Raheem will get it done. My biggest concern is Koetter who is a liability until proven otherwise. The only good year he ever had was when he had 3 hall of fame players combined with Roddy and Turner.
  12. Yeah, I agree. I think these rankings are based off skill players so it only looks at rb's, wr's, and tight ends. If you added QB's to mix, I agree we are ahead since Ryan > Brady at this point in their careers.
  13. Barnwell is typically a good writer. Not sure what happened here. His rankings make no sense. He penalizes us for losing Hooper and Sanu, but we still have the best wide receiver in football and one of the best young wide receivers in football. In the NFC south, I would put us behind Tampa Bay and that is it. I would take our skill players over the Saints and Carolina any day of the week.
  14. Yeah, I really like Mina. She does her research and knows her stuff. I like her, Foxworth, and Barnwell. I don’t pay attention to any of the other talking heads. Too many of them are focused on ratings rather than telling the truth.
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