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  1. Give it time. With the cap being so tight, I expect a lot of vets to be cut late in off season. This is why we wanted cap room so we can go bargain hunting.
  2. Pitt’s catch radius is ridiculous. He is going to be lethal on 3rd down and in red zone.
  3. A lot of great points in this post. The thing I can’t get out of my head is the amount of hype this trade is getting. Julio is a generational talent and is a HOF player. But he is 32 and on the backside of his career. He has been injured for the last few years and is rarely able to practice. He might be able to give you a couple more great seasons but wouldn’t be surprised if he had a so so year with Tannehill now throwing him the ball. People also don’t realize that he is not running the full route tree like he did when he first came in the league. I don’t know if it was coaching or
  4. Yeah, a lot of ways that could be interrupted. Still great to see them provide video of what it is like in the war room.
  5. This is great stuff. Maybe I am looking at this wrong but it seems to me like Detroit just wanted to know who we were picking. This allows them to start trying to make moves instead of waiting for our pick to drop..
  6. Time will tell but Julio, Roddy, and Tony were perfect compliments to each other. They actually made Koetter look like a competent coach.
  7. This is such a bad take. I don't even know where to start. You don't take an impact player because you are not a Super Bowl contender? How does this guy get paid to be a commentator? You take impact players and figure things out later. Julio is getting up there in age and Ridley is coming due for an extension.
  8. This time of year is so awesome. So many rumors going around. I really do wonder how a lot of this stuff comes out. Is it teams leaking stuff to throw others off? Or do reporters just make up things that sound logical? Either way, it keeps people reading articles and makes the NFL relevant during the offseason. No other sport has the type of draft coverage the NFL gets. You have dedicated analysts reporting on the draft year round.
  9. Of course we listened. It goes back to what AS and TF said when they came in. No one is untouchable. It’s how you build the strongest team. Everyone has to earn their position. A competitive environment brings the best out of players. We had some players get a little too comfortable with the old regime. Looking forward to seeing that change.
  10. I keep going back to we have to take Pitts. If you see him as a generational talent, don’t overthink it and draft him. I would love to acquire a bunch of picks to fill holes on the defense. But if you have a shot at a true game changer… you take him and figure out the rest…
  11. I am always interested in trading down to get more draft picks. At the same time, you take Pitts or Fields if you see them as game changers. Both guys are premium talents and it should take a lot for us to trade this pick. We are in a great position heading into the draft and can't wait till Thursday!
  12. I really don't see a point in trading him. He is a very valuable player so why pay him to be elsewhere? It would make sense if we were in a full rebuild but we are not.
  13. Agreed. You also have to look at how the play is accomplished. A sack where you were unblocked is different than a sack where you split a double team. Same thing on offense. A screen pass that goes for 90 is different than a perfectly placed 50 yard pass...
  14. I have always found Arthur to be one of the more level headed owners. It is a big reason we are able to attract the hottest GM and head coaching candidates. All head coaches were given a fair chance and I am sure that is considered by people interviewing for open positions. The only mistake I saw him make was with Quinn and it is explainable. We were so close to winning it all so he was given a longer leash. I still say the downfall of Quinn is when he fired Sark and Manuel. We went in panic mode after that and things spiraled out of control.
  15. You take the best player. If you see Pitts as the best impact player, you take him and figure out how to best utilize him. I know we need defense but that doesn't mean we pass on an impact player on offense. Get the best player and worry about the rest later. It is the same thing with the QB's. If you see an impact QB, you take him and let him learn under Ryan. The Saints were going to take Maholmes before the Chiefs did. They still had Brees but knew they had a shot at a special player. TF comes from the Saints org and understands that. I have always had the mentality that you focus
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