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  1. Here is the thing I always tell people. If he were soft or a weak leader, all those alphas over in Seattle such as Sherman, Bennett, and Wagner wouldn’t be singing his praises. Those players have that dog in them and it takes a lot to earn their respect. Whether Quinn is here for a long time or not, he is a very good coach and leader. What will do him in is the mistakes we made with personnel and the Super Bowl collapse.
  2. All these talented players on the defensive side have me excited. The draft cannot come fast enough.
  3. It is an interesting question and I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. I am more focused on their versatility rather than the term position-less. How many guys in the NFL can rush the passer, set the edge, and play tight coverage? In today's NFL, offenses are getting very good at forcing match-ups with the use of motion. Teams loves to get match-ups where their slot guy or top receiver is matched on a linebacker. I remember Oklahoma getting a matchup between Ceedee Lamb where Chaisson stayed step for step with him. You can also throw in some coverages that can confuse QB's and force mistakes. Imagine having a guy like Simmons who drops pre-snap into a two high safety look. The options you have with two elite athletes like this is endless.
  4. Haha you win. This quarantine is turning my brain into mush. Meant to say Baker.
  5. I think another thing that gets overlooked is how did this player get his production and how well will they fit on my team. Raw numbers can be misleading when evaluating a player. How many of a players sacks or catches came from a great play design? Was a player consistently winning 1on1 battles when they weren't schemed open?
  6. I agree with one exception. Players have different values based on how well they fit into what a team is trying to do. A guy like Hooper who excels at finding soft spots in zone coverage and being a security blanket might be more valuable for the Browns because they expect to see a lot of zone coverage with Manziels running ability. While the Falcons might value a guy like Hurst more because of his ability to block and beat man coverage. Teams are more hesitant to play zone vs. Ryan because he can pick it apart. We need a guy like Hurst who can consistently beat man coverage when they roll help to Julio or Ridley. With that said, the Browns still overpaid for Hooper but that is what the market dictated.
  7. If we had anyone other than Koetter, I would be excited to see all the pieces come together. I think we have the makings of an all time great offense. Our offensive line should be top 10 if they stay healthy. Our skill position players are easily top 5 and you could argue we have one of the best. We know what Matt is capable of when you give him time. I just worry that Koetter's play calling is going to hold us back. Add some play makers to our young defense and this could be a special season.
  8. Real tough guy who calls him out on a show knowing that he has plenty of people to protect him if anything happens. My guess is that he planned it as a publicity stunt to boost ratings. It is sad what people will do to get ratings these days.
  9. Agreed. No need to spend more money here. Any remaining money should be spent on back seven or an Everson Griffen type. We have to inject talent and playmaking into our secondary. We cannot continue to let QB's beat us for big yardage in the quick passing game. Doesn't matter how good your pass rush is if QB's can consistently get chunk yardage by getting rid of the ball in less than 3 seconds.
  10. I was about to post about the same thing. The Rodgers love never gets old. Ryan, Wilson, and Brees have all been better QB's than Rodgers over this time period. People refuse to blame him for any of the shortcomings of that team. My favorite is how Collinsworth refuses to blame any bad play on Rodgers. It is always on the WR or the offensive line. Brady is the obvious choice, but you couldn't go wrong with either Ryan, Wilson, or Brees as the 2nd QB.
  11. It’s not too uncommon coming back from an achilles injury. I am with the rest of the thread in that you can’t pencil him in as a starter. He is a smart player that has the ability to play multiple positions across on our defense. My hope is that we draft a young guy that can learn from Rico and Rico takes over the position of 3rd safety or nickel back. We just need in an influx of talent in our defensive backfield.
  12. Yeah, I had high hopes for Nolan, but that was a bad defense. Asante is a smart player and knows what he is talking about. I remember that was the year when we thought we could manufacture pressure with his scheme.
  13. I have watched it multiple times. We played a great game. It just sucks that our situational coaching and questionable officiating blew it for us. The refs pretty much swallowed their whistles the entire 2nd half when the Patriots were on offense but continued to call us for some ticky tacky calls. On their game winning drive alone, they missed an obvious chopblock on Deion that was play side along with a hold on Deion on the winning play. Add in the fact that they gave the Patriots 3 consecutive first downs on defensive penalties on one drive which has never happened before. Here is the best breakdown I have seen of the game: Talks about the poor coaching and poor officiating. Patriots got away with a lot of stuff in that game.
  14. Yeah, vets always become available after the draft.
  15. Every team appears to have a tough schedule minus the Patriots. It is tougher than it has been with Bills getting better but Jets and Dolphins are still weak.