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  1. I'm hoping that we play them on opening night on 9-7-17 I will be at my beach house at Holden beach fishing all day and spending the week with my wife and kids and grilling seafood just looked up schedule thought it was the week I got back but if we're not playing them that night I will be home for opening weekend
  2. Well atleast we kicked your azz twice
  3. I can't watch it every day I keep telling myself if we would have run the ball kick field goal we are world champions just hope we get back soon maybe we win it in our house in couple years that would be awesome
  4. Ishmael will probably go to Carolina they will try to steal him away but I hope not
  5. Didn't call to bad of game until we should have run the ball and kick the field goal
  6. I feel your pain every day I say to myself why didn't we run the ball and kick the field goal
  7. Sirloin chili Buffalo jalapeno chicken dip Tater skins Coors light
  8. I think Matt Ryan can run the offense and call his on play's
  9. Where is Ishmael he is a lot better than the linebackers on the field
  10. Where is Jamal Ishmael?