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  1. Having had to face the Taints twice in the sewer this season, I personally know our team gets screwed over with phantom calls and missed calls from those Katrina refs. You guys also know after your second stint against them. So seeing this, I just find their tears all the more glorious. I’m sure you can agree with me on that.
  2. Also ignoring holds left and right on their biggest gains on the ground. Phantom DPIs as well. It's so blatantly obvious. The fact it occurred in each game we played against them is frustrating.
  3. He’ll be remembered for the years to come.
  4. Oof
  5. We're using that logic with Rivera when it comes to 'playoff appearances' and such to keeping his job when it's apparent from the start he's the problem with how he wants us to go back in time to an ancient offense style.
  6. That game is all on Sarkisian. Golly calling a rollout on 4th down and 2 that’s the best 2 pt play he has? You guys need to find a new OC stat.
  7. Mike Shula’s available. Highly recommend.
  8. As much as I hate to say it, there's no way we're going to be competitive anymore if this takes place. He's never evolved or innovated the concepts that he runs. Still running things from the 1990's Cowboys and Philip Rivers Chargers days. While it worked back then, that's far from the case now. He doesn't adjust to his personnel and makes his players adjust to his system. Well, don't worry about us. Put a dagger through me and win the Superbowl while I weep about how we've wasted Cam's whole career to some of the worst offensive minds in football and effectively shut our own window with this backwards logic.
  9. if you watched the nfc wild card against the saints it's abundantly clear cam's not the problem. 3 dropped touchdowns right in the receivers hands on the day.
  10. good news. we don't have shula. bad news. we're probably getting norv turner, who'd make mike shula look like kyle shanahan.
  11. absolutely not lol.
  12. Katrina refs are the worst. So are our receivers. Cam has his best game of the season and it still wasn't enough. Sadly, so many 'missed holds' and pathetic Saints slobbering calls also did us in. If you ever face the Saints, beat the living snot out of those inbreds please.
  13. Well, looks like the Panthers have to make an inconvenient pit stop in Atlanta this Sunday in our road to Superbowl 52. Go ahead. Bring out your Jones over Kuechly pictures. Bring out your Deion Jones vs Cam GIFs out. Bring out all your hatred for the Panthers, I know you want to. Your playoff hopes are literally on the line. Just remember what Cam did to you guys last time.
  14. You guys came to play. Clearly, we didn't. Cam Newton pretty much played out to his narratives level. He was atrocious, even despite the fact the rest of our offense was bad. Jarrett murdered Silatolu on every snap, and it's pretty much a miracle we are even in the playoffs. Exploited our pathetic defensive playcalling and got guys open. Did more than we could've done. Good luck against the Rams. Sadly, we get to be one and done against the Saints.
  15. i wont try to argue because either way he sucked today lol.
  16. Eh. Cam rallied up the offense and tried to spark something. But when Brenton Bersin is your second best receiver on the field and your starting runningback is out and injured with no run game from the backup, you really can't do much. Just a folly of mistakes and mishaps from everyone.
  17. Eh. Wouldn't put that more on mechanics more than Newton just flat out not being able to understand how to throw into a receivers hands lol. Whole offense was out of sync all day.
  18. for sure. In all honesty, I really didn't care if we won or not at first, until I learned the Saints were losing. Didn't expect that at all and here we are.
  19. Read that Quinn was coming off the field hyped and excited, supposedly meaning that Mack is good to go.
  20. Panthers have S Kurt Coleman inactive and replaced by Jairus Byrd. Panthers also have Jonathan Stewart inactive and replaced with Cameron Artis-Payne.
  21. Panthers are 5-1 when they're the underdogs, with their one loss being against the Saints in the dome.
  22. Cam redeemed himself when he fumbled again against Tampa and picked it right back up for the endzone to send us to the playoffs.
  23. try having a saint defender literally stand right across the line of scrimmage for 2 seconds doing nothing and the refs calling nothing and said situation causing a sack soon afterwards.
  24. yall situation reminds me of the last time we played the saints. the refs missed a clear false start on that ingram long run and proceeded to miss the most obvious encroachment i've ever seen in my life. missed some more holds as well and clearly favored the saints. it's insane.