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  1. And he's also a great QB with Julio Jones and a whole host of other receivers that make Carolina's best minus Smitty look like practice squad fodder.
  2. Sure. Similar Y/A to Peyton Manning as well throughout these games. To add on, the only time Cam's really had a decent all around supporting cast was in 2011. Otherwise, he's been doing the heavy lifting for most of his career with plenty of terrible cast-members and an awful OC to boot. But sure, Cam's just a Michael Vick who can't pass, amirite?
  3. Don't forget to contain Wilson. It's always Contain [insert mobile QB here] double [insert top tier TE here].
  4. Could come to Carolina and finish out his cycle just like every other star pass rusher who's done so. Seriously. Carolina has to have like a record for having all these pass rushers finish out their years with them. From Reggie White, Kevin Greene, Jared Allen, and Julius Peppers, the Panthers had some big time sack artists at the twilight of their career lol.
  5. Cam Newton every year for the Panthers.
  6. Best game this season so far. He looked really sharp.
  7. you can win every game except for the panthers lol and we'll smack the saints for you.
  8. Smack the Saints twice for us please thank you.
  9. I can't even imagine the chaos of three NFC South teams being in the playoffs. Would love to see it happen, because it'd be a bloodbath of entertainment.
  10. Good win tonight. Tough sledding, but both teams played hard. Though I won't hide the fact that I was rooting for a better wildcard position for us lol with the Seahawks loss. Good luck on the rest of your schedule though. Five divisional games and the Vikings. Man, hard to imagine the Panthers even going through that stretch.
  11. Your defense is going to be fine for quite a decent bit of time. Good stuff. Shove Wilson's scrawny self to the ground!
  12. Don't forget about Double Olsen! Gotta contain Cam double Olsen just like in 2015! But in reality, we nearly beat ourselves that game, and you really wouldn't have gotten to that hot start of yours if it weren't for Stewart having a fumble-bananza out there. We'll have Olsen next time, a healthier Cam, and hopefully Ryan Kalil. very unlikely we'll fumble as much as we did the next go around. but keep sleeping if you want.
  13. saints scheme pretty much sets up kamara for success. doesn't have to make much reads and has an actual o-line.
  14. could be pretty explosive if he strips down a bit of weight imo. he's got potential to be real good.
  15. Saints defense being saints defense on that last play lmao