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  1. It is just one case study, and in the scientific community, you need a larger sample to verify and prove. It could be a breakthrough. It could be a red herring. Here's an article dwelling more on that:
  2. i'd say getting six sacks in one game clearly gets you defensive player of the week.
  3. photoshopped. the original account has panthers and falcons places switched.
  4. so contain cam double olsen back in effect?
  5. well getting back Greg Olsen helps a ton, for one. Damiere Byrd will also be returning. Another promising speed guy we have.
  6. Eh. With that logic could just say the Panthers won despite not having Olsen, Matt Kalil being beat like a drum, and two Stewart fumbles. Anything goes with any divisional game. All I know is that no matter what, it’s hard and tough everytime.
  7. the panthers are about to beat them by +40
  8. now it is.
  9. yeah. our offense sucks while putting up 31 points against the dolphins defensive line, which is top 10 in total yardage.
  10. Geez the fact Clayborne passed both Julius Peppers (7.5) and Mario Addison’s (6.5) sack totals so far this year in one game still amazes me. Y’alls defense isn’t what it used to be. Got some good talent that has potential to get somewhere.
  11. But wow. One game puts him with 8 sacks on the season. That’s crazy.
  12. I mean to be real here, he did it against a guy who was benched for Former Panthers turnstile Byron Bell later in the game. Byron Freaking Bell. But anyways, Clayborne is still massively underrated. He’s a good one and boy he went off when he should have.
  13. Geez seeing Byron Bell get a chance at LT gave me flashbacks I did not want to see.
  14. Panthers should be favored in every game except maybe the Saints coming up. Our schedule coming up is easy sledding. Falcons have to rely on the Panthers and Saints imploding. And that's very unlikely with Carolina's defense and New Orlean's balance on both sides.
  15. In control of their own destiny is a stretch. Add to the fact the Cowboys are missing key starters on defense and offense and it's reminiscent of your victory over a battered GB team. But either way, glad y'all are smoking them. Helps our WC chances and should be great to boost your morale.