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  1. I'd say Matt Ryan is better than Drew Brees. Brees is largely benefiting from Sean Peyton's scheme + a very QB friendly supporting cast (top tier oline and receivers) for the twilight of his career. Plus, he has Kamara and Ingram. Basically not asking Drew Brees to do so much anymore and he's feasting. Matt Ryan has an elite supporting cast but a wishy-washy offensive line and an offensive coordinator who'll look great one week and a total dumpster fire the next. He's still creating and keeping up with Drew Brees' stats despite such. As far as the NFL's best quarterback? Overall
  2. I love how what should’ve been a clear overturn in favor for the Rams punter getting a first down turns into a “call stands” and immediately shifts momentum to the Saints.
  3. I mean it’s four games in and really only reason you’re 1-3 instead of 4-0 is simply due to dumb luck. You still probably have the best offense in this division. Given all our defenses are playing like we’re in the Big 12 and offenses on high gear, it’s truly still up for grabs.
  4. This is missing Cam’s full quote. He says he understands Kazee was going hard just as he was.
  5. Good luck and hope for an injury free game today. Because lord knows last things we both need is more key injuries. FAnyways, our offensive line was announced. I'll give some objective facts and my opinion will be in red. This is the Panthers starting OL today: LT- Clark LG- Van Roten C- Kalil RG- Larsen RT- Moton (Source) Anyways, here's some facts mixed with my "homer" opinions. LT Clark - Ron Rivera called him a "left-handed natural LT." That's what he used to describe Byron Bell as well, so take that with a grain of salt. Used to b
  6. Actually, you could take it a step further and argue our only OL member this sunday that was here as a starter last year is Ryan Kalil. He's had his fair share of injuries hamper his play.
  7. Sarkisian is a bad OC, but he's definitely not Lenehan levels bad. Nor is Matt Ryan bad as Dak Prescott. We gave plenty of favorable 1v1 matchups I'm surprised the Cowboys didn't take advantage of due to us overselling each time for the run. I think we had more than 50% of our defensive snaps selling out against the run with 8 men in the box. Sure, our DC Eric Washington will most definitely change up the gameplan against Atlanta. However, I still see you guys taking advantage of what the Cowboys couldn't with some of our zones. Your offense is way too talented to not do so, no matter how
  8. Luke played through most of the game with a hyper-extended knee and racked up 13 total tackles on the day. Not worried about him or his "crying."
  9. I can say with certainty that if we start Amini Silatolu at RG due to Rivera's blind eye at how inept he truly is, Jarrett will have 3+ sacks at least. Right tackle also a worry. Whoever DE lines up across that will have a good game. Weird enough, our left side has been fine. Moton held up well against Randy Gregory and Van Roten did great. Even then, still expect your defense to have a good amount of pressure on Newton.
  10. If he's healthy, then go ahead and play him. If he's not, I wouldn't recommend trying him against our front. Currently, the Panthers do have the longest active streak of stopping 100+ rushers from opponents with 21 games in a row. Last sunday, they bottled up Elliott well on the front, preventing him attaining 70+ yards since week 2 of 2017 if I'm right or some similar statistic. It's very likely whatever runningback you place will not be much of an impact. Sure, Freeman is great, but you'd probably rather him be healthy for future games than risk losing him against what has been arg
  11. I like the optimism but reminder we did play a bad Dak Prescott and a Cowboys offense featuring no name WRs and an awful OC that'd make Sarkisian look like Shanahan 2.0. I like our front seven. Our secondary hasn't had it's first test yet. I expect you guys to do decent.
  12. Hyperextended knee. Basically no worries for Luke.
  13. Coincidentally that's when they faced our secondary and magically became one of the best teams in the NFL. It'd be pure comedy gold when you guys inevitably get back to normal when our secondary turns out to be a dud despite my hopes fixing up our DC + Donte Jackson fixed it up.
  14. Indeed. Matt Kalil going on IR is addition by subtraction. Our second round tackle from last year finally gets to start in Taylor Moton. It's trading out a known garbage can for a possibly good player. Excited to see him get some action. Ryan Kalil has been getting old and now plays more mediocre. Injuries have caught up to him. I don't think he'll ever regain his All-Pro form, but he'll at the least be more competent than not. Right Tackle Daryl Williams is most likely back, but I'm not confident he's 100%. Have a feeling he'll be worked by DLaw in today's game and Vic the next
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