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  1. Rodgers clearly deserves to be at the top. Anyone that says otherwise hasn't seen his film or exactly what kind of magic he did week after week. I'd even put him better than Brady. Aaron Rodgers showed something special in 2016 that a lot of people look over. He played out of his mind.
  2. Falcons of '98 were really good. I think that's your all time best team.
  3. Eh but it finally got us to overhaul our secondary. While it would've been nice to keep Norman, I like the way our young corners are trending. Had to sacrifice our last season though, but our future's bright. Plus, the Panthers have always prioritized the defensive front over the secondary. Still true to this day, especially considering Coleman and Adams may make up one of our better safety groups ever (which isn't say much). Freeman on the other hand. He's a talent worth keeping. You have to keep him.
  4. Freeman deserves the money. I don't know why some of you all think he's replaceable. He's one of the best backs in the league. You don't just let him walk and think you can replace. Falcons need to get it done.
  5. I would love to see the reaction of the Panthers fanbase if we don't retain Star Lotulelei next year and get Lowell Lotulelei in the draft.
  6. Well I wouldn't say Matt Ryan directed it more-so than Shanahan making it the best fit for Matt Ryan. If you read Kinsley's article, it does go over his reasoning and Shanahan's huge impact with visual proof from film. You can read that and draw your conclusions there. He also saw that Cam Newton had a very underrated season and did do his best from the little he had with proof for that. Just take the content for what it is rather than ranking.
  7. You understand he does consider the top 17 to be really good without much space in between, and he agrees with everyone that says he's a top 10/top 5 QB because of the fact there's so many good QBs in the NFL.
  8. @falconidae And about Cian Fahey. He was just mentioned in a recent deal of the MMQB:
  9. The irony is how much of an advocate he was for Matt Ryan in the past. He knew Matt Ryan has been good for a long time. I remember a quote from Matt Waldman about how "rankings suck" because they try and number things you can't number, and Matt Ryan's one of them. As you can see, he is and has been a high advocate for Matt Ryan, so this should clarify your original idea that this source has something against Matt Ryan. But just because he gave a different analysis you don't agree with, doesn't mean it's not worth considering. Speaking of that, the same guy made a whole article explaining his ranking and reasoning, and why he'd agree with a top 10 ranking of his own. Worth a read on a different perspective. And his article: Introduction Sample Kyle Shanahan Factor Sample Matt Ryan Strengths Sample Matt Ryan's Weakness Sample Conclusion Sample The article is far more in-depth and has plenty of examples to support his statement. You don't have to agree, but it's a very in-depth analysis of Matt Ryan's 2016 season - one he thought was really good and verified how well Matt Ryan's career has been.
  10. @falconidae I'm just curious. How do those sources not have any credibility when ESPN,, and others have used their content and recommended it before? It's pretty interesting to hear you dismiss their content even though they're some of the best at analyzing QBs. Not mainstream due simply to the fact they don't fluff or water down stuff for the wider audience. Cian Fahey writes for FootballOutsiders, which is a very film/analytical football site. He also writes for Rotoworld. He's contributed segments on ESPN and Jonathan has contributed to PFF and a host of other sites in his own time. I'm sure these have more merit than a forum poster. If you want to choose and pick and disregard the evidence and stats that's there, then I can't hold a reasonable debate. They disprove what you argue with film and facts that you can see for yourself, but you don't seem to accept it. Thanks for the alternative perspective though. I enjoy these type of conversations and seeing things through other people's eyes. About Cam's leadership. I'll let Ryan Kalil, Charles Tillman, Thomas Davis, Roman Harper, Greg Olsen, and Jared Allen all tell you how much of a leader he is. He contributed to a positive locker atmosphere, and he's definitely got everyone's respect. Jared Allen, Roman Harper, and Charles Tillman all have made comments on that after they left Carolina. And I think Cam will be fine from a mental standpoint in games. All these "concerns" are nothing but troll driven nonsense driven by those with nothing but looking for the next hot take.
  11. Fair point. However, Johnson won't be relied on as much as Addison will be the focal point this year. We've taken in Reggie White, Kevin Greene, Jared Allen, and a host of other greats at the end of their careers, and they produced real well. I expect Julius Peppers to have that sort of positive impact at the least. Thomas Davis is getting older, but I do believe Kuechly being out played a part. Davis had to cover and do a lot more when Kuechly was out. Not denying he's getting slower though. The Panthers already said they're splitting snaps with Davis and Shaq Thompson. When Shaq was in, it was no mistake our defense was better with him in coverage. A rising star who'll finally get the snaps he deserves. Kuechly I get, but same was said of Aaron Rodgers and a lot of others. They've done fine after scary successions of concussions. Plus, Luke's in the plans until otherwise, and it's not like he's guaranteed to get hit. That's a lot of wishful thinking from you guys.
  12. Now back to Cam Newton. @falconidae I agree, Cam needs to work on mechanics, no one denied that. However, my sources aren't based on Saca's posts when I talk of his receivers, o-line, and OC being big factors in his down year. Matt Harmon, writer of NextGen stats states that Cam Newton threw into the most tight windows in the NFL due to scheme and wide receiver play. Thing is, these stats look at the wideouts ability to separate individually and does not account for the QB whatsoever, so your argument about Newton being the prime factor is unfounded. The article would've addressed that had that been the case, but obviously it's not. The article also states how the Panthers would help Newton out tremendously. A few months after this was written, they did exactly what this article recommended. Cian Fahey, independent QB analyst posting a reputable publication of deep QB insight, takes a look at each and every QBs season. He writes for his own website, alongside FootballGuys, BleacherReport, and Rotoworld. His publication can be found here. It's been praised by media analysts from ESPN and and other media panels on multiple occasions. Unlike other media analysts, he dedicates his time to analyzing each and every QB through film as his specific role. His publication is sought after by those wanting true analysis and insight on NFL quarterbacks. Here's his excerpt on Cam Newton: As you can see, the situation wasn't kind to Cam Newton. His wideouts and offensive coordinator made it an unfavorable environment for Cam Newton. If you want to argue that Fahey makes all QBs look good to sell, don't read up on Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, or Carson Wentz if you're a fan of either team. He doesn't give glowing reviews of them. Finally, Jonathan Kinsley, writer for various sports website and reputable independent QB analyst, gives his own review of Cam Newton in something dubbed the "deep ball project" on his website. He watches All-22 film on each and every QB to determine his analysis. He watches for supporting cast play, QB ability in the pocket and decision making, and everything in between. He backs up his work by showing film in a bunch of twitter threads so you can see for yourself. Just simply look at the replies in this twitter thread to see what he put down. Again, I'm not pulling this from nowhere. These come from people who prioritize analyzing QBs from reputable filmwork/analytical/statistical sites. They all say Cam Newton's supporting cast let him down. Once again, if you want to go further, a Panther fan did a very nice analysis of Cam Newton highlighting his weak and strong points in this twitter thread. He even answers why Cam doesn't check down much. I personally view him as a non-homer huge critic of the Panthers, but you make your own perception. As you can see, I'm not pulling things out of thin air. These are all backed up and validated by other reputable sources.
  13. Well if we're playing how @falconidae views how QBs should checkdown and it being their fault if they don't, Matt Ryan deserves all the blame for that Flowers sack and your Superbowl loss. Issue with that play is that Matt Ryan had a checkdown receiver the whole time. Shanahan devised a play looking to have a safe option and a big play option. Since he saw running in prior plays wasn't working anymore, he decided he had to try a pass play. Freeman was wide open for a checkdown the whole time, so it didn't matter whether the o-line crumbled or not. Matt Ryan chose to ignore it, drop back further than usual, and hold the ball longer than he normally does. He looked Freeman's way, then got greedy and tried for the big play. As much as it is on Shanahan, Matt Ryan should share some of the blame too on that drive. Based on @falconidae's logic concerning QBs checking down, Matt Ryan should be the prime culprit for not going for his checkdown option. After all, it would've been the equivalent of running the ball in terms of yardage, yet Matt Ryan chose to try the hard way out.
  14. @falconidae Once again, all I see is comfirmation bias on the fact you assume the Panthers are no real threat. You seem to have a biased agenda against Cam. It's hilarious to see how you say any QB could do what Cam does in his situation on a weekly basis, because very few could. Sure, Cam did become inconsistent occasionally and that was a factor as well, never denied that. You accuse me like I'm saying Cam was flawless and the idea I'm saying a lot of other factors contributed to his down year is ludicrous. But you seem to want to disregard all the other variables, and try and say Cam makes our WRs and oline worse when the Panthers 2015 season clearly makes that statement lunatic. If you're curious, take a look at how much time Cam actually had to practice as a rookie (hint: OTAs were out of the question). I would say that was one of our best offenses and a whole new system for Cam, so I'm not worried about him getting up to speed. You bring up Anderson, yet everyone will tell you he sucked. Why? Because completion percentage doesn't matter if you can't make good decisions and try locking on to Olsen all game. He was the primary reason we lost to the Bucs single-handedly. Most of this isn't even optimistic evaluations. It's factual evidence supported by film and a variety of sources. You disregard everything that goes against your idea of the Panthers, so your counter is to attack it as if I was just pulling things out of thin air. Our corners are good. Our safeties are good. Our defense is going to be good. All of that has been supported by film and fact. You seem to want to discount our rookies, yet you guys say Takk is going to be a monster right out of the gate when his college tape shows a guy who gets handled easily due to his raw attributes. I could also mention you guys are putting a lot of stock into Hill as your powerback. I assume your rookies are expected to have a big impact in some way. Same thing with the Panthers. I do expect CMC and Samuel to have a very positive impact at their positions, as is the logical thing to do. The only starter we're replacing is our LT. I already addressed that as a legitimate concern and agreed with you, but you ignore it. RT has always been Daryl Williams. Don't make me laugh and try and say you consider Remmers our better starter, when facts and stats show Williams faced better competition and did really well, including against your boy Beasley. And about Bradberry. Julio wasn't the only one who had a bad day. Amari Cooper (worst game of his for the season), Mike Evans, and Brandin Cooks all had poor games against him as well. If you want to look at Worley, simply follow the link I provided before analyzing his whole season. Again, just a different perspective I'm attempting to bring out with facts. I don't expect you to believe everything I say, but I'm presenting our situation as it is. Don't be surprised to see the Panthers being good next year. For my many years of being a Panthers fan, I really think this could be one of our best teams ever on paper, but that's just me.
  15. @falconidae Honestly I wonder about half of what you say or if you even read what I wrote. The only unsettled part of our o-line is LT, which I already admitted was an issue. As far as the rest of our line, we have a solid starter and backup for every other part, with surpluses at center and guard. I already said it could hinge on that, but considering we've had Remmers and Bell play LT, I doubt it could get any worse. Moton's a backup. Daryl Williams is the likely starter, and he shut down Vic Beasley both times we played you guys. End of story there. Your spouting a bunch of nonsense that plenty of QB analysts reject. An nextgen stats expert, two well known QB analysts that have ties to PFF,, and other analytics, and others all know Cam is a top tier QB whose receiving cast and o-line lets him down. When your checkdown options don't work and your receivers can't separate, Cam literally had to play at a near MVP level every single play to be effective. If you haven't noticed lately, Kelvin Benjamin really slimmed down. New OTA photos show that, and he's been real good in practice. I think he'll do just fine for us. Russell Shepard is already making himself at home and showing up. Tampa fans were right about his potential, as he's having himself a fine offseason. Samuel's been dominating as well, with a few reporters making comparisons to Smitty. That comparison never cors around lightly. Funchess bleh you got a point. I hope he shows up, as this is the year most of these types of WRs do, but idk. He's really young, as in he's younger than some rookies coming in now, so he's still got a lot to learn. Does Cam make mistakes? Yes. Every QB does. If anything, I'd say he needs to work on throws to receivers behind the LoS, as he needs a lot of work in that department. But you can't blame him for not checking down when his checkdown options aren't even reliable and our OC calling deep passes near every play. You're the only one who supposedly watched Cam saying that it's mainly Cam's fault. Everyone else that took the time to watch him from unbiased perspectives came away impressed. As far as Cam throwing, he'll be ready by training camp. Even CMC wasn't at OTAs until the last day, so Cam didn't miss much at all. He'll get the reps he needs, don't worry. Next up, you clearly didn't watch Samuel, nor have you got a slimmer of an idea what he's truly better at. Any OSU fan will tell you Samuel's a really solid WR that can play RB, not the other way around. And if Cam getting concussed on a running play is supposed to give me a heart attack about his ability to play at an MVP level, then I sure got low expectations. I'm confident this team will be good. If anything, there's nothing much you can say against our defense, and our offense at the least will be better than 2016. Just a simple fact most teams are going to be worried about gameplanning against the Panthers next year, and you're just reaching for excuses at this point.