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  1. I like our LB situation for the most part. Safety has been a need for a decade now. Should have addressed it in last years draft
  2. if we could trade Ridley for Adams we should do it in a heart beat. We can draft Chase. Ofcourse we can't take on Adam's contract anyway so its a moot point
  3. Is this a joke? Most underrated player in football? No. Not even close
  4. ok, now can we quit talking about taking Josh Freeman, I mean Justin Fields
  5. Who we should have signed in the 2016 postseason. One good return was all we needed to win LI
  6. if we switch to a 3-4 were going to need another MLB.
  7. even when Jones loses a step he will be Roddy White fast
  8. You have to have alot of these cheap, but solid contributors on any legit team.
  9. just never know how coaching changes the team. I think we will see a big.m turnaround especially defensively.
  10. No. Derrick.Coleman was terrible. Smith is average
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