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  1. Falcons trivia: What teams the Falcons been most and least successful against? 3 The photo is a red herring. by Dave Choate Jun 23, 2017, 3:00pm EDT TWEET SHARE PIN REC Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images The Atlanta Falcons, like any other NFL team, has squads they fare very well against and teams that seem to beat the crap out of them every time they meet. But one team will always be the biggest victim of the team’s strong play, while another team has their number more than any other. So who have the Falcons fared best and worst against all-time? The team the Falcons have fared the best against is in the AFC and has only played Atlanta a total of ten times, but the Falcons boast an .800 winning percentage against them. The second best win percentage is .636, and the third best is .614, against the hated Carolina Panthers. Ah, that’s fun to type. The team the Falcons have fared the worst again is also in the AFC, and the Falcons have gone a putrid 2-14 against them all-time, narrowly edging out the Steelers, who the Falcons have managed to go 2-13-1 against all-time. Give us your best guesses for both.
  2. I really don't see that their on a different level. Our secondary as a whole is really close imo. With the KZ pick we have a lot of depth back there. Ish was a pretty good in the box SS, and we can afford to move him to lb, where he was impressive also. Collins would play on most teams as a #2 cb, and Alford as a #1. Our defensive line is going to be top 5 imo. You can't double Beez, Poe, and Jarrett, and all three can get after the QB quick for their respective positions. I really don't see Takk needing tons of work to be productive this year, and fully expect 4-6 sacks in limited action this year. Every player on this defense is fast, athletic, good characters, and high motor, chip on shoulder players. Trufant is really the only one that was drafted where he expected. Everyone else wants to teach every team that passed them up what a mistake they made. They were all talked down to some degree by the "experts", or in Neal's/Collin's case, were reaches.
  3. **** they played better/much more aggressive, when
  4. I can't think of a better secondary in the NFC. I don't think Seattle has that edge anymore, after the Neal/Poole draft, and the resigning of Trufant, and Alford. I truly believe that Alford is going to break out this year, because I saw him finally get the confidence to make plays on the ball, instead of focusing on impeding the receiver in some way. I really think KZ is also going to contribute a couple ints this year in limited action. If our pass rush improves as much this year as it did last year, we may lead the league in turnovers. If that happens their isn't a team that can beat us besides ourselves. Of course that was the case after the bye last year as well. We have no weakness at any position on defense imo, and only have one weakness on offense at the guard position, I hope that I am wrong about that.
  5. Women are notorious for eithter bringing extremely coincidental good luck, and bad luck, depending on the gal. If you dislike the woman it usually brings bad luck. How serious are you two? BTW I base this off of unscientific non-fact, and not just simple opinion.
  6. Ha. Jeez dude, I can't believe I had the thought that they were in AFC. I confuse sometimes Cleveland with Detroit, because they haven't been a threat to their respective conferences in a long time. I can see KC, and we lost this year, to a horrible play call, ugh. I remember we beat them in 2012 I think, I remember Matt Cassell was so pissed at the lack of execution that he threw a screen pass into Abes feet on purpose. I believe we dropped a 40 burger on them that game, and KC is what I was thinking at first. I don't have any hints that anyone should pay attention to. I can't remember much except about a 5 year window at any point.
  7. You googled that?
  8. AFC I'm going to guess Kansas City, or the Texans, since Detroit destroyed us in the early years. I can't think of a team we have only played 10 times. I'm not going to google it, bc that kills the fun.
  9. That is an interesting stat, but there are variables in play that are difficult to determine between the two totally different blocking schemes. Also, we played the best pass rushers in the league week after week after week. You do have to keep that in mind. How many interceptions did Ryan have that year? Our offense was by far the most battle tested in the playoffs, and was the reason I had no doubt that we would win the SB. And we should have, and I will ,leave it at that.
  10. Hoping that we can be top 10 after an NFC title, and the best stadium since the Roman Empire That was back when UFC was the real deal.
  11. No GD way Brady isn't #1 dude. I mean have you forgotten the media rim jobs?
  12. Best post today
  13. Ding,ding,ding.
  14. Cheering for the Falcons is like making love to a Gorilla. It's not over til the Gorilla is done.
  15. If you take time to read the transcript of the entire interview the phrase makes sense, is confident, and not cocky, when it's in the context of the conversation as a whole..
  16. yeah KZ has some crazy hands, and it looks like we are building a defense made to get turnovers, either from strip sacks, ints or standing the ball carrier up and having others strip the ball. It's going to be fun to watch, and I'll have to stop going to the bathroom when we're on D.
  17. From the limited film I've seen he is a good 50/50 receiver, and the issue with his hands are that he drops the easy catches, for the same reason most do, they start looking for y.a.c., before the ball is secured. He makes circus catches, and knows how to use his body to shield defenders from the ball. Also he does have great focus on tipped passes. You are pretty much spot on about him, and his drops are exaggerated, the way Julio's were coming out. He is a mean player, and more than willing blocker. I wanted Hodges, as his athleticism can;t be taught, but one could say the same for aggressive play. Hodges is going to have more success in a spread offense anyway. Saubert doesn't get flagged often, and have heard he is known for elite ****-talk, and gets hot-heads to commit stupid fouls. Gazoo and I have talked at length about him, and I was shocked at the pick, but the more I read about him the more I understand the pick. I just wish there were more quality video of him. I will be watching him, and Hill the most in preseason. How do you see Riley in this defense. That pick was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, but was a hilarious Saints cok-block, which we are becoming known for. Also, how do you see KZ in this defense? I really thought he was a true nb, and thought it was weird to have Poole read the pick. I do know I have never been more excited about a Falcon's defensive unit as a whole before.
  18. Coleman has a bit better hands imo, but Free is still elite in that area as well.
  19. I don't think an open mind makes one an idiot. You have a great understanding of defense, and I don't. I have an eye for OT/TE, RB positions, and defense I read your, and a few other posters comments, to form my opinion. And DQ did reinvent the wheel at CB, and LB imo, so you're in good company there.
  20. agree about safeties.
  21. Now Vic can mentor Takk.
  22. No, and maybe if Clay went on I.R.
  23. Dude I know. That was what I was thinking.
  24. .we post here to have a civil discourse. That tells me that you definitely look for the best in all. This forum is usually less than civil.
  25. This is a very sensitive subject, and might be best if the topic is moved to a different forum?