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  1. Didnt cut him because he is basically free. But the fact coaches are NEVER asked abou t him is weird.
  2. Yeah. I was a fan of his on the Force. Was a solid arena league qb.
  3. Smith is one of the better fbs in the league and we didnt want to get caught trotting out the trail of losers we had before him, and after patty D
  4. Was gomna say two firsts becaus e it would take atleast that imo, but be totally worth it.
  5. Trump: When your a celebrity you can grab them by the ***** Biden: Hold my beer.
  6. Florida rates of infection are down 14% since this decision. Again the liberal media was wrong about reopening. Rates of infection are down everywhere lockdown conditions have been relaxed. It's time to reopen the country.
  7. Awesome move. Major upgrade over Ish. Another great move
  8. You should look at how many come from behind victories he has.
  9. Really hope we make him look old. As.a.41 y.o. Man I can't root for any of the old men of the NFL
  10. It's definitely a race thing with plenty of folks. It's beyond obvious You think those same Vick crowd would say a word if Watson was our QB?
  11. wasnt stolen from him, he still made it. The Falcons just did the most predictably falcon things after
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