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  1. I would take any offense that we have had since 08. Seems like Sark was the worst pick of all candidates.
  2. This isn't a bad idea at all. It's obvious that just like players, coaches need time to adjust to the speed of the game. It never seemed like a good idea to hire a college OC to run this offense.
  3. Sarkisian didn't know how to use Howard.
  4. Lol, so are you going to say Alford isn't playing better than Trufant? Trufant got burned by speed FOR A TD and never had a chance. Alford, like all cbs, gives up the reception, less often than Trufant, but he is always in better position. Trufant cannot tackle and doesn't try. It wouldn't be a big deal if it literally wasn't every game but GB that he has laid an egg. IDK who would be the bigger issue. A cb that doesn't tackle, never bumps receivers, and is getting burned deep by speed. What is he supposed to be good at exactly? Again it's much worse since his cap hit is exactly the same as Julio's next year. 12,900,000. So he will be by far the highest paid defensive player, and will be tied with the best wr in the NFL for the second highest paid player on our team. If you think he's worth that then it isn't my bias showing. He will derail us the way Byrd derailed the Saints.
  5. So Trufant is worth a 13 mil cap hit next year bc we have had worst cbs? CURRENTLY he is the worst player in our starting 5 secondary.
  6. Good reason NOT to pay him until he started playing. He would definitely not be getting that contract right now. 13 mil cap hit next season? For what? Inability to tackle in the open field, or at all really. Can't bump wrs off their pattern. You can't allow wrs to run their routes unabated. Asante Samuel played better than him with an injured shoulder than he's playing after a surgery to repair it. I don't understand how ppl still give him passes. Worst player in our secondary. He's able to tackle, and hasn't given up huge plays EVERY game this season. Except for GB. Sherman has better stats in EVERY category soooooo not understanding your point here.
  7. yeah Trufant is playing as good as Chris Houston.
  8. I started a thread week one about how bad his game has fallen since his second year. We need to move him since he counts 13 mil against our cap next year and 16 mil the season after. Their are teams that would take him, and he still has a favorable rep around the league(which won't last much longer). IDK what happened to him but he isn't as good as Alford anymore. He is getting close to Sherman money and is our 3rd best corner. The only reason he starts on the outside is bc of his speed. I'd rather try Poole since he will actually bump receivers off their routes AND can tackle. Link to Tru's contract career stats 2017 Atlanta Falcons 7 16 14 2 1.0 0 4 1 0 0 0.0 0 2016 Atlanta Falcons 9 31 25 6 2.0 -- 4 1 0 9 9.0 9 2015 Atlanta Falcons 16 42 35 7 1.0 0 11 1 0 0 0.0 0 2014 Atlanta Falcons 16 61 53 8 0.0 -- 16 3 0 19 6.3 19 2013 Atlanta Falcons 16 70 55 15 0.0 -- 17 2 0 0 0.0 0 TOTAL 64 220 182 38 4.0 0 52 8 0 28 -- 19
  9. I've been saying since week one that this team lacks discipline. The penalties are just through the roof. We are running a scheme that wasn't great at Alabama. It's the reason why Howard was under-utilized, and that has carried over to Julio here. This isn't the same scheme. It resembles it, but the toss plays are collegiate level plays and on top of not working as well as play action handoffs, it is going to cost us with a fumble. The HUGE upside of aving a Freeman is that he NEVER fumbles. All in all he really is the best back in the league. MVP caliber Qb, top 3 rb with a perfect complimentary back, and the best athlete at WR in the league should equate to 25 ppg in anyone's scheme. I truly believe we could have hired anyone with NFL experience and we would be better off. What's Greg Knappe doing? Sadly I'm not joking.
  10. A loat of this is because the long ball is coming in these weird sideline flag patterns that makes the sideline an extra defender basically. Matt is best down the middle, putting air under the ball allowing very speedy receivers (julio,Turbo,Hall) time to run it down. This isn't possible when you have to drop it in between the defender and the sideline. It is very much the scheme. d
  11. I agree. People relapse under extreme stress.
  12. Greg Knapp. June Jones. Who cares? Change for change's sake
  13. Matt Ryan
  14. . I don't like to complain without offering an alternative solution but I am over Sark. My solution: find a OC that knows the NFL. Only 1% of OCs have ever had the talent we have to run their offenses. Shan had tons of failures before he finally found a team with a very talented roster. I'm sure their were several other options available and any of them would likely fair better. The level of disappointment I feel is literally giving me diarrhea. Thanks for the chronic diarrhea Sark. I need to find a doctor that is a big Falcons fan so he can write me a script for Xanax. Pepto doesn't help the soul crushing disappointment. It's just like when I was 28 and my parents told me Santa Claus wasn't real. Sarka Claus isn't real either. Well gotta run to the bathroom now and crack porcelain with high-velocity mud. I'm really glad I don't drink anymore or I would have cracked plasma with a Bud tonight. And yes I know this post is shyt, but that's why it's TATF. At least I don't need to sneak out of church after communion anymore. Might as well stay and get my moneys worth. Episcopals like to sleep in and have a noon service.
  15. I'm sorry but this is by far the worst offense we have had since 2007. No team in thise league has MORE talent on offense and we can't score. The play calls are college level. He migh tbe a great OC at UGA but in this league you try to score on every play. That was why Shan was so good. There were so many wide open wrs last season. Man I REALLY miss Mularkey's offense right now. We could literally hire any NFL experienced OC and have better production. I like the zone offense but if we can't run it without Shan then time to find any OC with any amount of NFL success and draft or acquire a replacement for Levitre because we have an Oline that can play in a traditional blocking scheme. Just get a good RG, the best FB available(overpay him since it's an underpaid position) and average in the mid 20s. This defense is good enough to win us game with 28 ppg average. We need quick strike Tds and I'm ready to see some 50 yard 50/50 passes to Julio. When you have the best athlete at wr in the league you force feed him if needed. I mean what the **** are we doing on offense?
  16. Can Ryan just take over play calling duties for a game just to see how it goes? Why the EFF not? I'm pretty sure he would get Julio more than ONE FRIGGIN TD IN 6 GAMES.
  17. Poe is more of a force at a bigger weight. He was prone to injury bc of the high snap count more so than his weight IMO. It's easier to block 320 pds than 350 lbs. The reason he was so good was because he was a freak athlete for 350 lbs. We just took the reason he was successful and threw it out he window. Good news is we will easily fit him under the cap with his next contract.
  18. This offense is as bad if not a bit worse than our 2015 offense. Sark isn't the man for the job. If he were Julio would have a TD by now. I'm sorry but we have a really good complementary defense(that would be even better with more discipline). No reason that we should be getting shut out in second half of games after dominating the first halves. Either way Julio needs to get in the endzone. Sark is leaning on Freeman too much, and the play calls are getting vanilla. This is the only offense that hasn't been SB caliber with a good defense. We have a good defen, which is top half or better, but our talent laden offense is sputtering. No huddle with Ryan play calling on the fly is what I prefer at this point.
  19. Sadly, the reversal of the TD celebrations, which simply desensitizes one to what grown men, and often times kids can, and will do to a point that it will get difficult to watch soon for most of us. I hate the WWF feel it gives to a game of literal inches, that is considered a symbol of what men can achieve through the brotherhood that playing with the same kids in your 6-7 age group, through until you graduate 12 years later. Anyway being desensitized to the ridiculous WWF antics will make taunting calls almost unneeded. It whor es out an otherwise noble and perfect game when played to the best of it's ability AND character. The fact that the coache's challenge flags are obviously biased towards someone's benefit, and the fact that their isn't a single flag a coach could use to challenge a penalty, makes me really question why not? Everyone I know agrees but it never changes. Do you think it ever will? I'f you don't like what's happening now, you won't like whats coming next.
  20. That was the most obvious, but their were so many others. Their was another penalty on the Cutler hit that would have negated the int. The team this season can be summed up with undisciplined. Turnovers, penalties, missed tackles. Riley needs to sit for awhile as he is just a liability. Campbell may need to go back to WLB. It's just speculation but the only players that I see playing with emotion and discipline are Freeman , Coleman Sanu and Julio/ and Deon Jones on defense. Something isn't working like it was last year.
  21. Anyone have any idea on why this team in sooooooo undisciplined? Too many stupid decisions/penalties on defense to even talk about individually anymore. What is the deal?
  22. Ran straight up too which you can get away with if you run a sub or flat 4.40. Never liked the pick.
  23. Said it from the pick that it made no sense. He isn't a zone Rb, horrible hands, and may do something on a RBBC on a traditional offensive line scheme. Good thing we held him just long enough to lose Odom, and keep Reggie Kelley from learning the system. Never understood how he wasn't cut in favor of at least 3 players.
  24. Surprised that the league's GMs haven't caught on to that, and consider that it isn't that the Falcons are just sooooo good at finding OC gems, and that Ryan makes their offense work. The Shannahan HC job surprised me given that it should have been obvious Ryan was the reason for HIS success and no the other way around. How much success did he have anywhere else? Sarkisian will be coaching the Panthers in a few years.
  25. Keping the Ball out of Brady's hands is the key to beating that team. Not turning the ball over and making sure you get a fg opportunity each time you get into fg position. Running the ball, which imo we are a little better at in this offense for better or worse is key against them. If you can run effectively between the 20s, and get an occasional deep pass on play action is key. Shanahan tried to score on every play, and while that led to a lot of points, having 1-3 min offensive drives will kill your defense and cause a lead to evaporate. Our defense was top ten last postseason when the T.O.P was close to even. If we get rid of the turnovers on offense, which is a good bit of Matt throwing high heat. I'd rather see him take a little mustard off and get the ball better in those 10-15 yard throws. It's tough to snag the ball when you turn around and it's in your face. Their are some subtle differences in the two offenses, and I actually prefer the Sarkisian approach where we try to pick up a first down on every play rather than a TD. I believe Ryan may feel like it is a regression and may be causing him to make passes that have never been his most accurate. The windows last year were much larger, and this year are much shorter. Their is a problem when the best WR in football is without a TD in 4 games. However, to be fair to Matt, the absence of Shraeder has made it necessary to send help Ty's way. Getting him back will give Matt the extra time to go through his progressions, and take what the defense gives him with his feet. TO be fair Though Ty has done an admirable job with the extremely short amount of time he has had with the team. It's obvious that we are riding on Freeman's back, and while that is a great practice in College this team is built to pass the ball. We get leads by scoring with the pass, and have been unable to get in the EZ through the pass but are suddenly able to get the tough yard with Freeman even with the loss of a good FB. The only problem I see is that Matt isn't as good with limited deep ball throws, and can't get into a rhythm with the occasional toss, and is having to force the underneath stuff more because we aren't using Gabe as we used too. I wouldn't be surprised to see Reggie hit the 53 man roster in the last 4-6 regular season games. Streaks with your speedsters HAS to be respected and opens up the outside runs, which is where Free had the most success. It also opens up the crossing routes with Julio which can cause a streaking 4.3 40 wr to get open. Sanu has really progressed and could be used more in 50/50 jump balls. The 12 guage with Sanu is just a play that keeps the ball out of Matt's hands and I am just not a fan. The defense has been great outside of Trufant, whos lack of physicality just isn't a great fit in this scheme. IF he were as good in man as he has in the past then it would be a fair trade off, but outside of a VERY pretty int, and a heads up fumble recover TD just hasn't had much of an impact. He MUST get more physical and MEET the ball carrier during a tackle attempt. IDC if he dives at their feet and gets leaped. At least slow the carrier down and show you aren't shy of contact. He will never be Alford but in the NFL you MUST be able to make the open field tackle, and avoid blocks from slow OL, and Qbs. Hopefully he will get back to the player he was because the truth is that Alford is our best all around CB now. Also, if we can't get better play from the WLB then either Ishmael needs to take over middle and move Jones over, or take over the WLB position himself. Either way the right side of the defense is a weak spot against the run with Trufant, and Duke Riley. I really don't know how to rectify that other than Riley maturing and coming into his own. Trufant's man outran him across the field for the Bills only TD pass. But the 55+ FG% against us is really killing us. That trend will eventually end. But yes the Chiefs are the team to beat this year as the Pats are just not as strong without Edelman. They will put up points but it's akin to losing Julio for us. We have other options but just aren't as prolific without him. Not having to plan against Edelman allows defenses to run packages that wouldn't have been effective with the chemistry Brady and Edelman have. Brady is having a great season but are winning games with low margins of victory, but without any media scrutiny. **** I ramble.