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  1. I have no idea what Bruce Irvin will bring in this f.a. What are you guys thinking? Let's put over/under at 3/22/18 I'm thinking it's going to be over. Whoever signs him is prob going to have to pay 9 or ten per.
  2. Agree. 3/21/18 is a deal if he gives us a full season at the pace he played.
  3. Yeah I think that's what we will give him. Think he could get more to play elsewhere but think he wants to play at home
  4. That's true he turned down more lucrative deals from pats and steelers
  5. No way Oliver or Senat fall another round
  6. I've beat this comparison to death in the past. Not even going to read the responses but I can tell you that Rogers jock riders are coming to get you.
  7. I am but honestly it is in the news. Do a quick Google search. It's pretty funny
  8. That and Giselle being a witch, and performing occult rituals with Tom. Crazy part is in not jokin g, and this is open knowledge, and for whatever reason, rarely reported.
  9. Yeah we should have kept Freeney another year. We need Irvin for that vet presence.
  10. LOL
  11. I like L.J Scott as our hard yarder. One of my favorite day 3 backs.
  12. I thought that might have been the case
  13. Teco is the epitome of a one-cut and up runner. If anything he wasn't good at making the first defender miss, or hitting cutback lanes like Freeman is.
  14. Exactly he signed for what Chris Ivory was getting paid in Jax when they drafted Fournette.
  15. Its going to be a close shave for sure.
  16. What a noodle arm throw
  17. Has a faster 40 time
  18. Rico was a stud at nb. Fully expect kazee to stay f.s. and Rico to move back to his natural position
  19. We have oliver for Alford. Means for Reed. Also can't cut or trade trufant bc of dead cap. Duke Riley is paid like 600k and is the 5th l.b.
  20. Which is why I said that
  21. Beasley was.24 when he came out
  22. Beasley was.24 when he came out
  23. Yeah can't wait til we can cut/trade him. I knew he was over hyped when the defense improved with his absence in 2016
  24. That's true. Even after showing that Free averaged over 6.5 y.p.c in 2016 behind Chester and only saw over 5 y.p.c to the outside of either tackle, ppl still hated on Chester. However those same ppl also shrugged off losing DiMarco, and I still don't think most understand that losing Toilolo played a factor in our run game nose diving. There are just too many variables to accurately gauge his loss though.