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  1. I said the secondary would likely improve with Trufant out. Happened in.2016 too. Tehran is a lost cause i.m.o now
  2. I'd play foye at SS over Ishmael. He's quicker too, and has exp playing there in college. It's time to experimemt
  3. Works as interim. There are far better options after the season though.
  4. It's obvious the defense has given up. It's a lack of individual effort on the Dline. Doesn't help that are are running uncovered often. What's the record for least team sacks in a season?
  5. At the time I remember saying we should make Shan the HC. Really wish they would have had the balls to do that
  6. I thought Sheff would be an upgrade. Trufant has been horrible
  7. You said if he's so good then why does he need amazing.... So I asked when did you think he ever had amazing...
  8. Yeah worse call ive ever seen on a review. No words
  9. Ito is averaging 5.2 ypc to Freemans 3.2, how about we just try giving him the lions share for ONE game of just ONE half?
  10. How would we know? I don't trust Quinn's judgement there
  11. At this point you give I to a game. Freeman averaging 3.2 and I to at 5.2 Time to see how much,if any, that difference is due to I to being a better fit.
  12. You hope Sheffield is no less effective and you let Tru go and save cap. Been saying he's not worth the $ since he got injured in 2016 and the defense improved with Collins. Should never have given him that contract.
  13. Will never forget the 3 field goals he threw in a row vs titans in 2007 preseason.
  14. This. Whatever he's trying to do ain't it. Go back to what we did last.season since the entire defense is familiar with it and are squashing more.comfortable with it. Square peg round hole etc.
  15. Nah but Collins made the defense better in 2016 when he went down. I legit feel Sheff may fair better by actually trying and caring. It's really difficult to gauge anyone in the secondary in this horrible zone defense. Oliver may be good but being forced to play against his strengths. I've never seen a more.stubborn DC in my life. Totally unwilling to change anything. I dont.expect the secondary to improve.but I.wouldn't be surprised if it did. The only time we do anything different on.defense is when injuries force us to