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  1. 6'5" 270. So Logan Paulsen prob the closest.
  2. Koetter
  3. Def in the minority
  4. Dude you haven't scratched the surface. If you want a good laugh google Superbowl satanic ritual. I will say baseball being based on Masonic symbols has some weight behind it. I mean Washington d.c. is, so why not a game. Lots of crazy ****. Google Giselle witch, and read about Brady and his wife having Wiccan rituals before certain games. Lol
  5. Lol
  6. I only referred to you because he quoted you as a source of truth. I easily could have, and prob should have, used "one".
  7. Im not saying it is. I am saying it's naive, bordering on narcissistic to say it isn't. No one can PROVE that it isn't. Hjerry isn't privy to, or hold the patent on truth. I'm not trying to be derogative, just that how could one be certain that it is or isn't. You can't prove the existence of GOD, anymore than you can prove that big NFL games are only determined by player performance. Also sb ratings mean jack compared to building a team in the second largest city in the country. I'm not saying I believe that championship games are rigged, altered etc... I'm just saying that it's a possibility, and I need nothing more than motive to prove a possibility.
  8. It's because it's much easier to prove the Earth is round than it is to prove the inner workings to the NFL,NHL,MLB etc... People lump all conspiracies together because it's easier to scoff at them that way. They never give a second thought that they hold a very biased p.o.v. If one conspiracy is false they all are. However there are countless conspiracies that have turned out to be true, and no matter how many times that happens, they continue to hold that bias. People are easily programmed, and that isn't meant as an insult. I used to be a socialist. I bought into the idea that was programmed. Now i wouldn't label my political opinions but I tend to lean conservative on most things, and champion personal liberties and privacy.
  9. Good post. Some people that scoff at the idea that big games could be determined by more than just players performance also complain about refs.
  10. ! I agree to the difficulty that "scripting" games would cause. But money would obviously be the motive. In my experience, when billions of dollars are at stake, there's never totally fair to all. Even it is rigged, it's fun to watch. But let's look at professional sports objectively. The world series has been bought in the past. The entire team was enlisted to throw the game. Jackson refused, alledgedly, but he didn't blow the whistle on it. How many times had it happened before they were caught? At it's core football is a game of inches. Those inches are determined, routinely, by officials who work part-time and are payed a vastly smaller amount than the players themselves. This game of inches determined by underpaid part-time workers has 32 teams owned by 32 billionaires. The players of those teams are payed tens, or hundreds of times more money than they would be able to make if they were to use their degrees in the workforce. These players have no idea how long they have to acquire this wealth. Is it not possible that the highest paid players could be in league with the owners to ensure the golden goose keeps ****ting eggs? Who would ever blow the whistle if so? One would assume your life would be in danger. When Mason's are initiated a blade is placed on their left breast and told to remember the feeling if they ever utter a word of what transpires inside the hall. One would assume the threat of harm to onesself, or worse, ones family would exist in the modern gladiator arena. If given the choice of millions of dollars, or being killed, everyone ion this forum would take the money and shut up. Actually the real question in that scenario becomes, what is the motive to blow the whistle on the operation? People are remarkably good at doing what their told by the hands that feed them.
  11. Not getting into the JFK theory as firing 3 shots with the worst bolt action rifle made during the war within the time frame, without aiming, is problematic in itself. I hold no beliefs only ideas. Ideas can change beliefs are graven.
  12. You should look into the 3,6,9 numbers. They are fun to play around with. "If one understood the significance of the numbers 3,6,9 than one would hold a key to the universe."-Nikola Tesla.
  13. I'm sorry but how do you know whether the NFL is rigged or not? I'm sorry but none of us are privy to proof either way. You ever thought just how easy it would be to rig games? You don't need to buy players, just A play. One official, one turned eye.
  14. In all fairness the NFL being rigged is far more likely than the other two
  15. Nah Trufant was good in 2015. Since then he's been in a steady decline.