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  1. Varnell
  2. We've drafted several SEC players in early rnds
  3. He's worth a first.
  4. This offense is built to establish the pass in order to have a run game. If they keep trying to force a run game it's just going to be wasted drives. When you have the best are in the league with some dangerous rbs that can catch you play to your stengths. Just let Matt Ryan control the offense. May not see as much hurry up as we want until Mcagary gets back in game shape
  5. Artificial intelligence is already advanced enough to handle replays. Needs to be employed
  6. I want to say this is nonsense but you might actually be on to somethingg.
  7. He just came from picking blackberries for the pie contest at the state fair. He is the favorite to bring home the blue ribbon, which he will wear next week.
  8. That's what I'd like to know
  9. If we played in their weak *** conference we'd have 5+
  10. We may be a bit top heavy but the roster is pretty solid
  11. Wouldn't that have to be reported?
  12. What did he say cuz I really don't want to watch
  13. How original. Heard any good knock knock jokes?
  14. What's your s.s.n, and the name of your first pet?
  15. Yeah I agree that seem to not be high on him. No t sure what they know I don't about him I dont but I think he brings similar value as Davison . While it's not common to have 2 n.t. on the team, Senat should be subbing on the 0 and 1 tech roles on early downs.