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    Falcons, Family, Biology/chemistry. studying new and legal p.e.d.s.British sitcoms (Peep Show, Toast of London,Fry and Laurie, The I.T. crowd, Mitchell and Webb), meditation with medicinal herbs, swimming (my 3 y.o. daughter's favorite activity, and politics(unbiased, and non factional), electric guitar(Megadeth, Metallica, Zeppelin, Budgie, and anything else that eargasms on electric. Really wanting to get into tennis

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  1. That could be said for so many things these days
  2. A big reason was MS always had the team disciplined and close to mistake free.
  3. Solid signing. Gets picked on at times but capable of playing cb#2. Secondary needed vet leadership badly and he was prob the best guy left out there. Going to be interesting to see how we use him.
  4. **** that. Hes an idiot for turning down milliion s of.dollars. If he we re being all nobl e hes a year late
  5. No. No they arent. They are opinions. Liberals are incapable of distinguishing between the two.
  6. Considering they hammered out a deal to have a season I disagree
  7. I did. No sure what your point is? Especially don't understand where your getting Manning is clearly better if you read the entire post. And I REALLY don't understand why I was banned for a week.
  8. Because their stats are comparable? Just because the media blows smoke up ones *** and not the other doesn't mean **** in reality
  9. In the 60s he would have been a super popular player bc of his character and toughness.
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