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  1. Man that has been on my back burner for so many years I've forgotten about it. I have figured that out on my own however, because the more kind and giving you are the more people expect from you, Then when you inevitably have to say no they have the balls to get pissy about it. MY wife is the worst, and I'm trying to teach her that you can't give everything of yourself to others or you don;t have anything else for yourself. Altruism, like everything, is best in moderation.
  2. He is set to make 12.5 this year, and isn't tied to a contract.
  3. Yeah it's easy to replace average rbs. Rbs that contribute more points than your #1,, and #2 wrs combined; not so much. And to say rb is the easiest position to replace in football is not factual. That would be your opinion. And Freeman isn't going to get much better than 5/30. Rb is an underpaid position, and that would be tied for the 3rd most lucrative contract in the league. I love Coleman, but he isn't durable enough to take the lionshare of carries. That is the most over-looked attribute in the game imo. Durability is paramount if one wants to be considered elite. What I meant with making anyone look stupid, is that Freeman jukes the most elite players in the league so badly they fall on their *****. He can turn a TFL, into a 30 yrd gain as well as anyone I've seen play the position. Coleman is a one cut and up speedster, which is a great complement back. HE arguably has better hands as well, although it's difficult to be better than Free. The point is Freeman isn't easily replaceable, and was one of the biggest reasons we one the NFC title. DCs HAVE to game plan for him. There just aren't many rbs in the league that scare DCs like him. Free/Coleman is the best 1-2 punch in the game, and you just don't break that up over a few million. He is worth Sanu's contract, and it would be hard to find anyone in the league to disagree with that. It may be a passing league, but if a defense doesn;t respect the running game, then your not going to have a great passing game.
  4. You do realize how many times that great o-line allowed Matt to get hit? Freeman averaged over 6 yards a carry behind Chester, and nowhere else inside the tackles did he come close to 4. Mack, Schraeder, and Matthews to a lesser extent are good, but our guards are not good. Levitre needs to be upgraded, but we need a starting level RG first.
  5. I'm not saying they aren't talented, but what have they done in the NFL at the position to say they are so talented that Mangold couldn't help at all. Actually, what have they done to make you think they are talented at all? They could both be busts. It really seems like we want veterans but they keep retiring. Everyone thought Hugh Thornton was going to start when we signed him . You can't just draft a 6th rounder one year and a 5th rounder the next, and throw them in and expect good things. Like I said it's usually a good idea to have a proven verteran. Levitre is over-rated as well. Chester's retirement is going to bite us.
  6. Yeah I don't think anyone would expect him to usurp Mack.
  7. That is the world we live in. The biggest ***** bags and a-holes I know always seem to have the best luck.
  8. who? Where is the guard talent? Is there a guard that has ever played an NFL snap? It's usually a good idea to have a vet on the team at the position.
  9. yeah I don't think that is the deal. He's just pulling a Freeney with the Cards. We need depth that has taken NFL starts before. He's prob waiting for TC to end, or for an injury to make him more valuable. Every Oline vet we bring in retires. It's not like Hugh Thornton was going to be our savior, but I'm ready for an absolute clusterfudge on the interior o-line. For that matter we have zero depth at any position on the line. I'm really not sold on Garland. If Mack were injured the season would be a wash. Great o-lineman routinely play till 35 at pro-bowl levels. He needs to go somewhere that we won' Not that this article is full of thruth but a Miami Herald article from literally two months ago is pretty much void at this point.
  10. 12 guaranteed over 5 years? More yardage than JJ. one td short of JJ, Sanu, and Hardy combined, with ONE fumble? All that at Sanu's 5 yr/32.5 contract at most. Their is NO better value than that. Coleman can't handle 227 carries. The only rb getting 12 mil is Bell on the tag. Freeman is a rb OC have to game plan for. There are only a few of those in the league.
  11. Coleman isn't as durable as Freeman, nor does he have his vision, or initial acceleration, or ability to make ANYONE in the league look stupid. Coleman just has a better 40, and is a different type runner. Free is just better which is why he gets the lions share of carries. Freeman is elite and my point is that rb is a low contract position so why not resign an integral part of our SB offense? 12 mil guaranteed over 5 years? Yes he is worth that, and is better than Ivory has ever been. And Hill, really? I will wait to see him carry a few snaps. And the whole rb is the easiest position to replace argument is old and dumb. It may be a passing league, but Freeman does more damage as a receiver than Hardy. It is just an opinion that gets regurgitated over and over, and over because the media says it so often. Sanu signed a contract for 5/32.5. Freeman is worth that contract, as he produces more offense Also who cares if Ivory or Martin are worth their deals? They aren't Falcons, or Freeman. Freeman's stats last year were 227 carries for 1,079 yds 4.8 ypc and 11 tds. Receiving stats: 54 receptions on 65 targets for 462 yards and a 8.2 yards per reception. 2 tds. Oh and all 281 touches he had ONE fumble. You don;t let those guys walk, over a 5 yr 30-35 mil contract with 10-13 guaranteed. That is the absolute top end. Freeman is just one td short of scoring as many points a Julio Jones, Sanu, and Hardy combined. He had more yards than JJ as well. Dude you don't get a better value than that
  12. Ok so yet another veteran Olineman retired. Our starting RG, and swing guard both have zero regular season snaps. Garland is ok but would rathar not see him play center if Mack is injured. I'm on record for wanting Lang, until I saw what the market was worth for him. I have been all for Mangold, since our veteran replacements for Chester was Hugh Thornton, who retired. Mangold has had an ankle injury, but will have time to heal fully. Mangold would give us immediate depth at center, which we all saw that you just can't play whoever at C, after watching Person suck so bad, I wanted Cole Manger in. Although Mangold hasn't played guard, why would he as a 7 time probowler at center, I don't see why he couldn't contribute at the very least as veteran depth at center and guard. Hopefully if we sign him he won;t retire. lol. I can see the 33 year old all pro coming in relatively cheap, and could save our season as O-lines just don;t stay healthy like ours did last year. Bottom Line: There is no one left with the skill Mangold has. No all-pro inside lineman are getting cut. Even if we sign Mangold we still need to bring in a vet guard that has some NFL experience. 33 y.o. is still a very productive age for olineman. IDT he has more than 2 seasons in him , but I can't imagine a better stop-gap, until Harlow develops, or we spend a first, second, or third on a C/G. If we give credit to Freeney for developing Beez, then Mangold can teach all the tricks of the trade to the young bucks. Here is the link.
  13. Clouds covered the full moon. Werewolves never run out of cocaine-fueled savagery. That's why they maim and kill, but never eat.
  14. We have had the best value at any skill position in the NFL in Freeman. Brian Hill is going to make as much as Free this year. Hill makes a negligible smaller amount. Coleman makes a good deal more than Freeman. The thing we all forget i that the rb position is grossly underpaid, especially for the offensive output the best ones produce. Doug Martin signed a 5/35.75 contract last year, . with 15 mil guaranteed at signing Then Chris Ivory is 3rd for jags at 5/32 with 10 mil guaranteed If Freeman signs for 5/33.5 with 12 mil guaranteed at signing it will be a relative steal, since rbs drafted early are making more than established vets. Also being the 3rd highest paid rb this year, with the second most lucrative contract is definitely elite pay. One could argue that 5/28 with 8 mil guaranteed is elite pay for the position. That will in noway keep us from signing anyone. The 4th most lucrative contract is Leornard Fournette, with a 4/27.150 and 100% guaranteed at signing. Elliot has a similar, albeit smaller contract. So why not lock up arguably the most important piece to this offense outside MR and JJ for 5 years with only a 12 mil guaranteed investment. Replacing Freeman through the draft is becoming increasingly more expensive. Also the rookie rb contracts are at, or nearly 100% guaranteed. McCaffrey has 17.5 mil guaranteed on his 4 yr rookie contract. I believe tomorrow is the deadline to sign franchised players to long term deals so Free's agent may be waiting to see if Bell signs a new deal before the deadline. Freeman is going to get paid since most rbs get one good contract, and if your a 4th round pick from 4 yrs ago, that is going to be your 2nd contract. So why don't we go ahead and lock him up since the money is nowhere near the draw that wr is. odd that the Jags have Ivory and Fournette contracts. Those two combined are locked in for 37 mil and change guaranteed. Just PAY THE **** MAN!!
  15. I said 11-5, because of the lack of any upgrade to an oline that gave up the second most pressures and hits last year.