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  1. No one else on that play totally shied away from ANY contact. That's the difference. I mean did he even try to cut his angle off and force him to make a move?
  2. a better effort? You have to make an effort to say he could have made a better effort. Dude sat back and played it like a punter, hoping someone else would make the tackle. He is useless in the run game, totally scared of ANY contact.
  3. He's playing like a guy that knows he can't be cut or traded this year or next. Said it in 2016 when the defense improved without him, we should have traded him. Pussing out on tackling makes.him a liability, which was evident against the bears n 2017.
  4. Have to think losing both safeties has a hand in them falling off a cliff. Rico really covered up tackling issues with trufant
  5. If hes.100% then it will be even better. We didn't pay him bc he suc ked. With that said Ito has the same elite attributes as
  6. Dude protest. It's your right. But he's an idiot with the media and is that good. It's on here bc there were a dozen threads about how stupid the f.o. Was for not bringing the circus to town. i couldn't care less about him or what he does, but that is why the thread exists in A tatf board
  7. It used to be legal to hold abraham. Vic needs to learn to go after the ball when he can't get home and no one does that better than irvin.
  8. I think I carr is safe. Gruden never had a true qb.Garcia maybe?
  9. Peyton didn't jinx last week. It's almost like he manifested the game
  10. I see browns selling out to take away screens, and outside running lanes. That is really their only chance. Blitz to get to ryan, and hope ur defense holds in rz
  11. More of a millisecond anyway
  12. This is what I said when he was drafted. Agree 100%. THis.draft looks to be as good as 2016(a but 2nd half is when those rooks began to shine. Only Gage is.a.? But he's still finding his niche.
  13. Ito, after preseason. Coleman before Freeman injuy. Sanu.
  14. Lol