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  1. Dude he killed that whole look. Nobody can ever grow a stash that looks like nose hair ever again. Did he lose a dare to Satan, bc he stuck with look too long.
  2. Holy shyt that was good.
  3. KOG

    This is worth noting but DT isn't like rb where you hit a wall at 30. I really want to see Crawford come back and play at 100%. I had a feeling he was going to ball out. I have no problem with bringing in DT but not at the expense of ignoring the interior Oline anymore. We have ignored that unit (with exception of Mack and an overpaid Levitre). The Levitre move was still a great move that helped both teams. Titans overpaid a guy that isn;t a power scheme guard and we were desperate. I understand that you CAN find OG in the 3rd-6th rounds in a zone blocking scheme (due to the fact that less teams run it), however if we could find a dominate RG, we could score 25+ with Sark. Losing Chester, and Patty D were big losses that we didn't do a good job at replacing.
  4. KOG

    This^. No such thing as a sure thing. Also if you mortgage the farm for one player and they are injury prone like Sam Baker, Willy Mo, Weatherspoon then you really Eff yourself. If Julio wasn't the best athlete to play wr I would include him, but he's like Bo Jackson. When healthy you cannot stop him. Not saying that we lost anything trading up for Weatherspoon or Willy Mo, but we did by moving back into the first to pick up Baker in 08.
  5. KOG

    I agree. The Pats always seem to be a move back and grab as many top 60 picks as possible. I'd rather have 4 picks between 30-60 than one pick in the top ten. I like to pick players that fall for reasons like height, or weight. Grady Jarrett is a 2nd round pick if he was 3 inches taller. D. Jones is a first rnd pick (top 20) if he were 10 pounds heavier. For the same reason I like to draft small school players that absolutely dominate. Hardy is getting better, since he didn't run traditional routes in college. He held the record for receiving yards in his conference when drafted. He's becoming a reliable possession wr. Roddy White came from UAB. Football players are football players no matter where they play. However I am not a fan of one year wonders that come out as juniors. Having a big senior season can be explained by coming into your frame, but guys that do nothing for two years then have a big stat season (JA98), I don't like. I love the idea of grabbing guys that played together in college well. For example grabbing Neal then Poole as a FA was brilliant. If we could have a draft close to that again we will dominate for years.
  6. KOG

    Exactly. Freeman has made Kuekly (sp) look stupid at times as well. I like acceleration over top flight speed, vision over power, and the ability to cut on a dime is key to the zone running scheme. Coleman is your classic one cut and up zone scheme rb, and Freeman is a guy that rarely goes down on first contact. Freeman is a very special talent, absolutely elite rb/wr. If he had top flight speed he would be by far the best back in the league.
  7. KOG

    really wouldn't be that difficult. Everyone thought Chester was trash then Wes came in and showed how big of a loss a seasoned, and strong vet is. It's difficult to find a rookie guard that is day one ready. It actually may be the most difficult position (other than pk and P) to plug and play. They tend to need a few offseasons of weight training(as well as human growth which stops at 25-27 for males.
  8. that happens when you have shyt guards
  9. yes Brian Hill talent fills middle rounds
  10. yes they are.
  11. Goedert's highlights.
  12. Yeah guys like FREE are far from a dime a dozen
  13. or Trufant for getting torched
  14. anybody else thinking this looks like Sarks offense?
  15. Barkley first Geseki 2nd? they have a stud OG I cant think of also.