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  1. Exactly, wish we would do more Abraham trades
  2. YouTube comments are classic
  3. Such as the tight end class 2 years ago. The value was with kittle and hopefully saubert that year. if we sign a good guard then im down with RT in the first. I'm not cool taking an OG from this class in the first.
  4. Was actually a futures contract which puts him o n the p.s. During the offseason.
  5. Gono might be in this mix. Same with Zimmer. They just said our draft class .ight play more? That's lazy
  6. Hall was a much better route runner this year
  7. A futur es contract
  8. Id take it in the *** for 40 a year. Money ain't everything but to make sure my family was taken care of for generations. I'll take one for the team
  9. Teach them a lesson and cede the territory to Mexico.
  10. Why did they let him go then? Ur losing ur RG, LG, AND RT in one off-season. If we signed Brown we'd have all three.
  11. We have more NFC championships. Lol
  12. Depends if you want wine or vinegar. I was hoping for vinegar and it's a instant classic vintage of sour grape vinegar.
  13. Saint Ray owned up to his mistake without sour grape excuses. He's a class act that for.some reason follows a classless group
  14. I'm fine with a 3/27/22 contract. However i ddont see the pats letting him go to chase a reasonable contract. There's def a parallel to shraeder. If he'd take shraeder money and the pats would part with him then that would be a godsend. Could still go after a Saffold or Spain. Personally I think Spain will sign a one year deal due to injury concerns.
  15. Oh well. At least Rogers will be easier to get to next year