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  1. This is my prediction as.well. I'm a little more optimistic and think we pull another signature win o go 8-8.
  2. if it weren't for his age already I would agree. Dude is already 27. He's not breaking any career franchise records here. He very well could put up the second best TE season in franchise history while MR, and JJ are still at or near prime next season.
  3. TD will go to a team rebuilding and help make said team relevant. Say what you want but he can draft/sign a competitive team. He needs to be paired with a good coach.
  4. I told you all. I was the Hurst hype train conductor the same way draftnut was B Hills. Hurst is going to continue to get better and better
  5. You MIGHT have a legitimate point. This team has had sacred cows that were drafted under TD. Dudes ego may be his biggest flaw.
  6. Misogynism. ld have kept her from ever getting the job. These types of words are thrown around too often
  7. we wont see these stupid first round trades anymore
  8. This team is notorious for playing MUCH better football after the bye. 5-11 won't happen barring major injuries. 7-9 or 8-8 is where I think we will finish
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