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  1. With Cameron Tom on the roster, it's surprising the Saints didn't go ahead and cut Unger last year.
  2. I can appreciate that. Health is more important than football. I have wondered if Reggie White died far too young because he could not get rid of the weight he had to carry for football in time.
  3. Then there would not be any problem fitting him into the Falcons' line.
  4. Will Wade is suspended indefinitely. The Will Wade Era may be nearing an end. I wonder if the team will even be in the NCAA tournament.
  5. LSU's current SEC record is likely to go from 15-2 to 0-17. ============================= FBI wiretap reveals LSU’s Will Wade discussed ‘offer’ with convicted middleman: reports Updated 2:40 PM; Today 12:43 PM A phone conversation recorded by the FBI between LSU coach Will Wade and basketball middleman Christian Dawkins includes Wade openly speaking about a “strong-*** offer” he made in the recruitment of current LSU guard Javonte Smart in 2017, according to a report from Yahoo Sports. “I haven’t read it,” Wade said. “I don’t have any comment on that. ... We’ll move forward as we need to." Wade said he knew the report was coming out about 20 minutes before it published, but, “they don’t tell you what’s in it.” An LSU spokesman denied to comment about the report to | The Times-Picayune.
  6. A player lkke that is definitely not Falcon material. He may dominate an opponent with power and we can't have that in Atlanta. Agility, athleticism and versitility is what wins the day for the Falcons.
  7. It is good that he's getting around to it after four years.
  8. If we were as classy as the Saints, we'd hold a trophy celebration for the poor dears at halftime. Could be a lot of fun.
  9. Does this mean I can get a PSL without spending any cash?
  10. I cannot disagree, but Holmes still contributed more than the likes of Ol' Hickory Andrew Jackson and Harlow so far. Hopefully new management will get some good play and developmemt out of Harlow.
  11. Pencil him in for the Falcons then.
  12. Holmes was one of the better OL picks in the TD era. He at least took offense at Vaccarro's late hit on Ryan.
  13. Dimitroff's linemen cannot be too heavy or they wont be able to perform the feats of urgent athleticism the Falcons ask of them. 0
  14. The more I think about the people owning the Braves, the better Arthur Blank looks, even with the frustrations that are part of being a Falcon fan.
  15. Focus your mind on a more pleasant football image.