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  1. Ever since Bob Christian, the Falcons fullbacks have been asked to make up the deficits in the Falcons' chronically underdrafted, underscouted, underpaid and undersized lines. When a Christian, Ovie or DeMarco is available, finesse can be allowed to flourish. At least until they meet an opponent like San Francisco in the 2012 NFC championship game.
  2. Blank and Dimitroff's Falcons would never sign a strong run blocker like Fluker. It would mar the fast and furiously entertaining brand of football the Falcons give their fans. Nothing is more exciting than a high pressure 4th and goal pass from a quarterback under pressure after the team couldn't push across a touchdown from the one foot line.
  3. A few years ago an English newspaper had a list of the greatest sport interview meltdowns of all time and amongst the soccer coaches featured, Hal McRae was at the top of the list.
  4. Another coach who cares.
  5. Our organization seems to look for athletes first, football players second. It's been ten years under two coaches. Maybe the root of the problem is higher up than Dan Quinn.
  6. I want some anger after a game like today.
  7. Today it might not have even been a turnover. Mack's bad snap that led to a field goal instead of a touchdown was enough to seriously damage the Falcons' chances.
  8. Rodgers was blessed with superior mobility. I wonder what the result would be if Brees had to play behind Ryan's line and Ryan got to play with Brees's lines. We don't like the Aints, but we have to give them credit for realizing that you have to give your quarterback a solid pocket.
  9. Ryan deserves making the Hall of Fame for doing as well as he has for ten years playing behind the lines that TD and company have provided him.
  10. Too bad we can't get Blank a posting account here and force him to read and answer the wisdom from our Aint visitors.
  11. Aints have scored zero points in a playoff game this season. Maybe they'll keep scoring 40+ points when the playoffs start. But if they don't, they won't be the first team whose high powered regular season offense slowed down greatly in the playoffs.
  12. Aints have a good team for sure and are a threat to win it all. But they are not as good as they looked today. No team is when they win 51-14. And like all teams, injuries at the wrong time to the wrong people can do them in, so we shall see.
  13. If Blank doesn't start demanding some accountability for repeated failures, let's put him on the petition too.
  14. Not just Quinn, but his superiors.
  15. If petitions work, I'd rather sign one advocating a change in management and philosophy to people who value power and controlling the lines to nothing but speed and athleticism.