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  1. In less prominent news, former Falcon Jalen Collins is on the Colts' practice squad.
  2. It's a welcome and overdue change for a Falcons line doing the pushing and tossing instead of the 9ther way around.
  3. The Vic Beasley swipe at the ball while passing by may have its greatest effectiveness against ol' Sore Thumb.
  4. I hate to see anybody hurt, but this injury is not going to impact his quality of life long term, so it might be entertaining to see the great man play badly for America's plucky underdogs.
  5. Drew will be fully recovered in time to thumb a ride to his next team in the spring.
  6. Quinn is a smoke and mirrors coach and TD is a smoke and mirrors GM. Until we get a more conventional football man running the show in Dimitroff's place, we will just be substituting one gimmick for another when we change coaches. Gimmicks are for college football, not tne NFL. Quinn belongs running a college program.
  7. I think Quinn needs a raise and extension if they are keeping Dimitroff. TD is the root of the problem and until that is corrected whoever is coach is irrelevant.
  8. I remember Brees yelling a lot before the game where he threw all the interceptions in Atlanta on the Thursday night game.
  9. The buyout is huge now. I can see him getting fired this 6ear or probably next.
  10. I imagine there will be a lot of iron sharpening iron.
  11. Barnes makes more than Pruitt as he should. It's good days for Vol fans who have long wanted a more consistent commitment to winning basketball. As long as you overlook the football until November.
  12. No off days for a while so it is better than losing a close game that stresses the bullpen.
  13. He once was elite. Now he is trending to urgently average.
  14. None of us had a heart attack watching it.
  15. What good is releasing Quinn if Dimitroff stays?