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  1. A summer of Dynamic Tension will work wonders.
  2. Dan Dakich is Bobby Knight's former assistant. The Hoosiers aren't doing too well this season, so I guess he needs to talk more football.
  3. Ryan and Julio are being paid for the Super Bowl they had won before a short-circuit in the coaching brain trust.
  4. Positive news for the Falcons is rare this year.
  5. That last minute may be the minute that prevents a run to a Super Bowl win.
  6. Dan still has his fans out west. Seattle is only 5-0. Bring him home Pete. https://www.seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=167168
  7. Dimitroff did draft Peria Jerry from Ole Miss. TD looked everywhere for urgent athleticism.
  8. Dan Quinn has achieved a consistency of results that most coaches fail to ever achieve.
  9. This is the place where our team is #1. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  10. Maybe the root of the problem is having a head coach more concerned with embracing the suck than embracing the ball.
  11. Firing Quinn is needed but is not enough. For the good of the progrqm, Blank cannot get involved in hiring the next coach. The team needs a strong GM with experience and stature enough to hire a solid coach and sweep away the Falcon Way of gimmicks since Dan Reeves left. Otherwise, we get the same process that got us the likes of Petrino and Quinn.
  12. Like Pat Pepler in 1976, make Dimitroff coach the team.
  13. Firing Quinn is not getting at the root of the problem. Unless changes are made at the top Quinn's replacement will be more of the same . Mora, Smith and Quinn, the next guy is liable to be worse. Blank needs to fire himself from meddling and influencing foptball descions and the football operations need a new brain trust from Dimitroff on down..
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