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  1. Nice to know that that play is as bad for Benkert as for Ryan and Julio in Philly.
  2. Thanks, then the jet focus is OK.
  4. More Falcon 1st downs or jet sideline interviews? I have turned the sound off a long time ago. Is this a national broadcast or the jet network?
  5. In 2016, Shanahan's offense did not look too good until the 2nd week of the regular season, so it is not time to give up yet.
  6. Thanks for posting that video. That is the first Falcon win I can remember. That was Lee Calland who made the interception to save the game.
  7. I think Jim Mitchell would have made the Hall of Fame if he had been on a high profile team.
  8. Pretty good career in the years between Dave hampton and William Andrews.
  9. And the car has the same number of the guy who would win the quarterback job in that year of 1973, Bob Lee, The General.
  10. Finished 4th in the 500. It's a good thing that there was not a New Orleans Saints Indy car as the Aints would have loosened the lug nuts on the other cars.
  11. Don't forget our third base coach's contribution. The winning run made the first out at home.
  12. For the rest of his career, I would love to see how Drew Brees would handle the kind of pass rush pressure Matt Ryan has had to deal with too often over the years.
  13. Snitker comes out of these two games looking about as well as he could because Sanchez had a good outing.
  14. That's a good point about Winkler, but Viz could have bought the Braves another inning that might have won the game. A lot of managers seem overly rigid in how they use their closers.
  15. How about win the game that is there for the taking and let tomorrow take care of itself. If Sanchez has a bad start, Vizcaino and Winkler will get a lot more rest.