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  1. The Aints risk upsetting the chemistry of the #1 ranked preseason defense by trading 2015 1st round pick Stephone Anthony to the Dolphins for a 2018 5th rounder.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if there have been a number of loose playbooks laying around at airports, fast food joints and convenience stores in the Bay Area since last February.
  3. Pictorial evidence that Aaron Rodgers arrived home from the Falcons game.
  4. It is going to be a fun and easy morning for the New York radio shows tomorrow. The Giants provided the malcontents with a full week's worth of misery tonight
  5. What a head impact Eli shook off. He's the George Chuvalo of the NFL.
  6. Did somebody dope the Giants' Gatorade?
  7. Cosell once got angry because the Falcons beat the beloved Pittsburgh Steelers in a preseason game in 1980. At the conclusion he assured the fans that the Steelers were great and the Falcons nothing. Of course that was the year the Falcons should have made the Super Bowl, and that was the year that the Steelers great dynasy of the 70s collapsed.
  8. The Giants need to apply the smelling salts to Eli at halftime.
  9. That truck commercial is getting very tiresome.
  10. Had that been Drew Brees hit like that we'd probably see an ejection and fine.
  11. The fans tolerated the 3rd down call fairly well because it was to Beckham.
  12. Hope our team tackles well next week against Tate. The Giants would have had the Lions stopped if they had.
  13. The Lions defense looks to be not the best fit for stopping the way the Falcons play.
  14. Trufant should do a lot better next week than Apple did there.
  15. Boooooooooooo! says the fans.