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  1. 17 games into his career as Falcons OC, the heat was on Shanahan the quarterback killer too.
  2. Before looking at the film, I kind of thought he would be just a help in the run game, but to my untrained eye, it looks like the guy has a lot of agilty in the pass rush if his technique can beat his opponent. I'm hoping we've drafted a player who can knock the senat out of Drew Brees when he does his usual stepping up in the pocket.
  3. Maybe he can switch to defensive tackle.
  4. Longtime pro bowl DT Rosey Grier was a needlepoint expert.
  5. Pete Morelli would throw a 15 yard flag and a possible ejection if a Falcon ever ran over a cheerleader.
  6. Richie James is a player I've been hoping the Falcons would look at for the later rounds while concetrating on other positions early.
  7. Jake Rodgers is still on the edges of the NFL as he is on a futures contract with the Texans though he is yet to play a down with anybody in a regular season game.
  8. If Fusco can correct the pass protection failures than nearly cost the Seattle and Tampa games, he will be well worth the investment.
  9. You would have thought the first 16 over 1 would have been a battle to the wire. The 2nd half was as big of a demolition as the typical 1 over 16 game.
  10. That would be a cruel joke on Falcons fans who have waited a long time for a football winner in Atlanta for the football powerhouse to be a soccer football team.
  11. Most of the SEC schools are making an effort to upgrade basketball. It has been pretty disgraceful how the potential of basketball has been underdeveloped in the conference.
  12. Rob Gray of Houston had one of the best NCAA games in a long time in Houston's close win over SanDiego State.
  13. Gonzaga could have been the first upset victim, but they made the plays in the last minute and UNCG did not.
  14. The Vols got the first one out of the way against an awkward playing Wright State. It gets harder from now on. Hope Alexander is feeling better by Saturday.
  15. It was not only Georgia. I believe Matta and Mississippi talked also. I don't see it as such a disaster to at least give it a shot to hire Matta.