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  1. 5 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    Can you name a Linebacker you want on 2020 Falcons team other than Deion Jones?   Do you think Foye Olokun and Jermaine Grace are good enough to be NFL starters?

    I see a bigger need for an impact player at LB than C right now - if we let Alex Mack go or trade him, then I could reconsider but you have option of turning Lindstrom into a Center.

    The interior of the OL is just as important (Ryan sweet spot) and yes I rather have a stud like Creed Humphrey on board even if Mack is here his last year of his contract. 

  2. 22 minutes ago, atljbo said:

    I think McGary will be a very Solid RT but I wonder if the best move to get the best and most talented 5 in the game would be to try McGary at guard and Gono at RT.


    I don't want Gono to get lost in the shuffle when a new staff comes in

    I agree the top 5 should be playing but instead of moving McGary, I would try Gono at LG.

    Our two guards (Carpenter and Brown) haven't been getting to the 2nd level to make blocks on the backers.

  3. 18 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

    Hopefully we get the top pick, and teams fall in love with him, Tua, Herbert, etc., and we can skewer all of them for future picks so they can draft them, lol. 

    The top pick? That's unlikely with the Dolphins and Bengals duking it out for that spot.

    Their game on December 22nd will probably be for the #1 pick.

  4. 9 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:


    We're still trying to chase that WCO thing, so anyone who runs anything remotely similar is gonna be thrown in the mix.  Like you said, though, people think they want a head coach, but they keep describing what they want in an offensive coordinator.  

    How would you feel if they hired Stefanski?




  5. 7 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    It’s so bad.  Koetter can’t run this offense effectively without committing to run the football.  The route concepts are too long and the linebackers have no reason to fear the running game. It’s a nightmare.  PA is rendered moot 

    Crazy 49ers are one of the top team statically and they are missing their starting LT Joe Stanley....and to think Mike Person is their starting RG. Scheme matters

  6. 8 minutes ago, vel said:

    Somebody enlighten me on why we'd consider Stefanski...

    Stefanski served as a Vikings assistant since 2006 before taking over as coordinator midseason in 2018 for the fired John DeFilippo. 

    Head coach Mike Zimmer made the move because he wanted a more balanced attack. Stefanski immediately changed the scheme's approach by doubling the rate of two-tight end sets and became a far more efficient passing offense, according to Sharp Football Analysis' Warren Sharp. 

    The formation plays to Cousins' strengths since he excels in the play-action passing game. The Vikings plan to expand the package after Gary Kubiak's hire as assistant head coach and offensive advisor. 

    "It's no secret Kirk came up under both coach Shanahans and had some success in that system," the 37-year-old Stefanksi said, per Pro Football Talk's Josh Alper. "There are a lot of similarities, then, to what we are doing moving forward. ... Obviously you evolve, I would hope, year-to-year and I hope really week-to-week that our offense looks different."

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