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  1. 17 minutes ago, #1ATLFALCONSFAN said:

    "Lindstrom has a 21-day practice window. He can return anytime after missing eight games. The Saints’ game will be his eighth."

    FYI...the 21 days don't begin until Quinn deem Lindstrom as one of their two designees to return from IR. Once he starts practicing Quinn has 21 day to activate him to the 53 man roster. Until then he can remain on IR.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, #1ATLFALCONSFAN said:

    "Lindstrom has a 21-day practice window. He can return anytime after missing eight games. The Saints’ game will be his eighth."

    LOL, you posted an AJC article written by D-Led.

    It's 8 weeks bro


    IR-Return Designation

    Not everyone who ends up on IR has to see their season end for good. Players must remain on IR for eight weeks before being eligible to rejoin their teams in Week 9 via the IR-Return Designation. The NFL changed the IR-return designation in 2017 so that teams are allowed to bring two players back from IR. Previously, the rule allowed just one player to return from the list.

    This was a great change for teams as most clubs have more than one injured player capable of returning at some point in the season.

    In 2016, the Bengals had an unfortunate situation in which running back Cedric Peerman and cornerback William Jackson III were both healthy enough to come off of IR, but Peerman ended up getting the one to get the only nod. Had this new IR-return rule been in place, both players would have been able to come off IR.

    Last year, the NFL changed the IR with return designation so that you no longer have to designate the player who will get the designation at the time they are placed on the list. Now, teams can bring back any two players they've placed on IR at any time after the eight week mandate to be on the list has been met.

    Previously, if a team wanted to use the one return designation spot, they had to declare it when the player was placed on IR. Now, they can just see who is getting healthy quickly, and take them off IR after they’ve been on the list for eight weeks (or more).

    One constraint here is that a player must be on the 53-man roster in Week 1 to be eligible for the IR designation to return. That means, anyone who was placed on IR before roster cuts were made to trim the roster down to 53 players is not eligible.


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  3. I’m not sure if this was posted before but I just came across it.


    Why the Slide?: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado 
    By Charlie Campbell, @draftcampbell 

    Four years ago, we started a series of articles on why certain prospects went undrafted. In that series, I reach out to sources with NFL teams to find out why their organizations passed on drafting a given player, and/or, what were the reasons for other teams to pass on that prospect. We got a lot of positive reader feedback about the series, so we decided to expand in the genre to investigate why some prospects slid in the draft. Three years ago, we started the Why the Slide? series, and this year it is back. Feel free to email me requests for Why the Slide? and Why Undrafted? at I can't promise to get to all of them, but I will do my best and definitely will respond to the email.  

    For a lot of the leadup to the 2018 NFL Draft, Colorado cornerback Isaiah Oliver was considered to be a candidate to go late in the first round. The 6-foot, 201-pounder is big corner who also has the speed to run with NFL receivers. Coming off a final year in which Oliver totaled 13 passes broken up, two interceptions and 25 tackles, he had also displayed the ability to play on an island, as the Buffaloes lined him up in man coverage all the time. With his combination of size, speed, production, and good workouts, Oliver seemed like a good chance to go as a late first-round pick given his skill set at a premium position in the NFL. Surprisingly, Oliver slid to late in the second round in the 2018 NFL Draft, and almost got to the third round, before he was selected. 

    In speaking with team sources, they said that Oliver went late in the second round for a few reasons. The first was that some teams had Oliver graded in Round 2, so to them, Oliver went in the appropriate range. The reason why they had Oliver graded in the second round was he played almost exclusively press-man coverage at Colorado, and some teams want corners who have done more in zone and off-man coverage. Playing so much press man also led to some evaluators questioning whether Oliver can play off-man or zone because they never saw him do it. 

    One general manager from a team who thought Oliver could go in the first round told me they felt that Oliver slid because some teams had questions about his commitment to football after spending a lot of time competing in track. Those concerns weren't wide spread from speaking to other teams, but it was on the mind of some. Thus, there were a few reasons why Oliver slid.

    The Atlanta Falcons ended Isaiah Oliver's fall, and he was a steal for them. After Jalen Collins didn't work out, the Falcons needed another big outside corner, which Oliver fits. Dan Quinn's scheme should be able to use Oliver in press-man coverage while developing his ability to play zone or off man.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

    Puts us out of reach of Chase Young. No way Jets pass on him. 


    7 hours ago, Romfal said:

    Jets have a top 3 worst o-line in football. they should take the OT from Georgia and help Darnold out



  5. 1 hour ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

    We will be top 3. Jets, Redskins, Dolphins and Bengals have a bunch of games against each other.


    Here's my W-L predictions for the teams currently in the 1-9 spots. Red = L


    Bengals 0-8 : Ravens, @Raiders, Steelers, Jets, @Browns, Pats, @Dolphins, Browns  = 3-13

    Redskins 1-8 : Jets, Lions, @Panthers, @Packers, Eagles, Giants, @Cowboys = 4-12

    Jets 1-7 : Giants, @Redskins, Raiders, @Bengals, Dolphins, @Ravens, Steelers, @Bills = 4-12

    Dolphins 1-7: (@Colts, Bills, @Browns, Eagles, @Jets, @Giants, Bengals, @Pats = 1-15* (might beat the Giants or Browns for a total of 2 Wins)

    Falcons 1-7: (@Saints, @Panthers, Bucs, Saints, Panthers, 49ers, Jags, Bucs = 3-13

    Giants 2-7: @Jets, @Bears, Packers, @Eagles, Dolphins, @Redskins, Eagles = 4-12

    Bucs 2-6: Cardinals, Saints, @Falcons, @Jags, Colts, @Lions, Texans, Falcons = 6-10

    Browns 2-6: Bills, Steelers, Dolphins, @Steelers, Bengals, @Cardinals, Raven, @Bengals = 6-10

    Broncos 3-6: @Vikings, @Bills, Chargers, @Texans, @Chiefs, Lions, Raiders = 5-11



    1. Dolphins (1-15) - QB "Fitzpatrick and Rosen is not the answer"  

    2. Bengals (3-13) - QB "The coaching staff already sent a signal to Dalton by benching him and I don't see Ryan Finley doing much"

    3. Falcons (3-13) - DE "32nd in sacks and 31st in defensive turnovers" [Ohio State - Chase Young]

    4. Redskins (4-12) - OT "Trent Williams is mad at the Front office. Need a Blindside protector for young QB" **No 2nd round pick in 2020** [UGA - Andrew Thomas]

    5. Jets (4-12) - OT "Need protection to determine if Sam Darnold is the answer" [Iowa - Tristan Wirfs]

    6. Giants (4-12) - WR "Lacking a #1 receiver" [Alabama - Jerry Jeudy]

  6. The first thing the new coach will see or better yet not see is our lack of pass rushers.



    I strongly believe the Bengals and Dolphins are locks for pick 1 & 2 no particular order of which one but they got those spots.

    The 3,4,5 spots are a toss up between the Falcons, Jets, and Redskins.

  7. 6 minutes ago, caponine said:

    That doesnt sound encouraging at all , problem is deeper than just coaching. Allen really said that wow 

    One thing for certain Doug Mallory has sucked since he became the head secondary coach a few seasons ago.


  8. 1 hour ago, ChickenBiscuit said:

    I'm still hoping McGary and Lindstrom pan out. We desperately need them to be at least average if we want to have a chance in 2020.

    A early preview of our 2020 opponents:

    @ Vikings and their D

    @ Packers and their improve D

    vs Khalil Mack and the Bears

    vs Von Miller, Bradley Chubb and the Broncos

    @ Chiefs more so their O

    @ Chargers against Bosa and Ingram

  9. 1 hour ago, MilleniumFalcon said:

    Redskins - Jets have to play each other. Dolphins - Jets have to play each other again. Bengals play both the Jets and Dolphins.


    Falcons just need to lose out and go 1-15, some of those other teams will get wins by facing one another.

    But if we go 3-13 and the Bengals, Jets, and Redskins go 3-13 we will pick behind all of them. 

    Looking at the Redskins schedule I only see 1 win at the most (against the Jets) (2-14 at best)

    Jets I see 3 but one of those are against the Redskins and remember we would need the Redskins to win that one already (3-13)

    Bengals and Jets the same maybe 2-14 or 3-13

    Falcons 3-13 or 4-12 at best

  10. 2 hours ago, DawnOfThemBirds said:


    I think the Jets will eventually win a game or 2 more than the Falcons will this season.


    Especially if Ryan remains out.



    Bengals 0-8 

    (Ravens, @Raiders, Steelers, Jets, @Browns, Pats, @Dolphins, Browns)


    Dolphins 1-7

    (@Colts, Bills, @Browns, Eagles, @Jets, @Giants, Bengals, @Pats)


    Falcons 1-7

    (@Saints, @Panthers, Bucs, Saints, Panthers, 49ers, Jags, Bucs)


    Redskins 1-8

    (Jets, Lions, @Panthers, @Packers, Eagles, Giants, @Cowboys)


    Jets 1-7

    (Giants, @Redskins, Raiders, @Bengals, Dolphins, @Ravens, Steelers, @Bills)


    Giants 2-6

    (Cowboys, @Jets, @Bears, Packers, @Eagles, Dolphins, @Redskins, Eagles)


    Broncos 2-6

    (Browns, @Vikings, @Bills, Chargers, @Texans, @Chiefs, Lions, Raiders)


    Bucs 2-5

    (@Seahawks, Cardinals, Saints, @Falcons, @Jags, Colts, @Lions, Texans, Falcons)


    Browns 2-5

    (@Broncos, Bills, Steelers, Dolphins, @Steelers, Bengals, @Cardinals, Raven, @Bengals)


    Falcons can easily win 2/3 more games. Any ties with Bengals, Dolphins, Redskins, Jets we will pick after them.