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  1. You know Juwanna Mann nah Jawaan Taylor
  2. Since KB....are you forgetting Debo?
  3. Now that my #1 choice has injured himself (Simmons) I turn to Chris Lindstrom. Dimitroff has already said it easier for guards to transition to the NFL. Why not try to trade back and pick Lindstrom.
  4. I like Elgton Jenkins too but not at pick 14. In a trade back I want to solidify the RG position because it’s a few LG/C options that I like in the 2nd/3rd. My LG/C ranking are: 1a. Elgton Jenkins (more than likely will be gone before our 2nd round pick. Panthers center, Ryan Khalil retired, so they will be looking for a replacement.) 1b. Garrett Bradbury 1c. Erik McCoy If we can trade back and get an additional 2nd I would draft the following players in the first 3 rounds depending on FA. 1st- RG Chris Lindstrom 2nd- DT Jeffery Simmons (if he doesn’t go beforehand) 2nd*- BPA DE/CB/LB 3rd- LG/C Garrett Bradbury/Erik McCoy - Or - 1st- RG Chris Lindstrom 2nd- BPA DE/CB/LB 2nd*- DT Khalen Saunders 3rd- LG/C Garrett Bradbury/Erik McCoy
  5. I’m not going to lie but I have the same concerns.
  6. I want us to get Preston Smith.
  7. Seahawks will put the tag on him.
  8. Koetter is going to have fun with all these weapons.
  9. I think playing in a rotation will help. Yes once he gets his technique down he will be solid.
  10. I'll just post what ESPN, Bill Barnwell said about the Falcons. The link is below.
  11. Yeah O.D.B made a post about him. I wouldn’t mind him.
  12. Issues? You make it sound like it’s ongoing. He only had ONE issue that happened before his college career. And I’m not psychic. How did I know he was going to tear his ACL? but to answer your question YES, I will still draft him if he’s available when we pick in the 2nd, unless we somehow drafted Oliver in the 1st.
  13. Jenkins is my guy and Lindstrom is good too, but he's better suited for the power blocking scheme.
  14. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Ryan has an MVP, But what about Drew
  15. I rather them spend that money to protect Ryan than to pay for a replacement
  16. Good for him. Means very appreciative of opportunity with Falcons. Very spiritual guy who always thanked God for putting him in Atlanta. 4:47 PM · Feb 13, 2019 from Rosemont, IL · Twitter for iPhone