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  1. Hopefully the 2020 and 2021 draft class has OTA’s and mini-camp this year.
  2. Not really. Farley is the best CB in this class.
  3. Melifonwu the was the better of the 2 Syracuse corners and matched up with the other teams best receiver. While Williams has all the physical attributes scouts are looking for, his man-to-man coverage was lackluster at times, which could contribute to his lower draft projections.
  4. Especially with TF coming from an organization where they threw all their eggs in the basket and didn’t have a success plan for Drew Brees at QB.
  5. Outside of Becton Jets OL is Bad. Don’t be surprised if Sewell is wearing green and white.
  6. I know they have Becton as their LT but the Jets might take Sewell and put him on the other side.
  7. @CMarinoNFL was this your take or was it mentioned in the interview?
  8. The Dolphins has the #3 pick. Strong chance they draft him to protect Tua.
  9. He’s probably basing his opinion on the QBs from the AFC who made the playoffs. Baker, Lamar, Tannehill, Josh, & Patrick. It’s likely one of those teams above will be in the SB next year.
  10. So true. The Ravens are notorious for finding OLB type edge guys like Za’darius Smith and Parnell McPhee in the later rounds (4&5th). Even better we signed former Ravens scout Dwuane Jones.
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