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  1. I have a hard time seeing that with the way the current defensive line is playing outside of Grady and maybe Davison and Bailey. Saban will probably give him a shot since so many Coordinator leave Bama for other gigs.
  2. Yeah I think they learned their lesson from the Matt Ryan situation.
  3. Trufant got an extension 2 years ago (2017). Underneath Quinn’s watch.
  4. probably not going to matter
  5. Myself as well.
  6. He would’ve had a timeout left if the ref overturned the miss call.
  7. I see us winning the next 3 games.
  8. I feel a winning streak coming up starting Sunday in Arizona.
  9. I know we haven’t been playing well, but if we can win the next 3 games against the NFC west we will be back at.500 with the possibility of Lindstrom returning before division play.
  10. Malcolm Walker
  11. They won’t do anything
  12. Remember every GOAT has a tail.
  13. Can’t win a SB like that.