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  1. Big time statement from Rodney Garner, but hey resume speaks for itself.
  2. Sometime I think it's a misconception when it comes to Defensive Tackles. Some don't view them as playmakers, if said DT doesn't put up godly sack numbers.....but sometimes you a have a nose tackle and he's an extreme playmaker because he demands a double-team and he doesn't get any glory. To me, they're considered playmakers because without them the next guy can't make that spectacular play or in this case plays...As a result Davis was a 1st team all SEC and Brown was a 2nd. All while consistently getting doubled team here's a look at Brown stats for the season.
  3. Update: Ryan Schraeder was excused from practice today.
  4. If we went that direction that would be a good idea to bring Klint along too.
  5. Kubiak did wonder with the Ravens offense that season and even made OL Jeremy Zuttah who struggled in TB look good in the process. Our talent on offense would be an attraction for him.
  6. Something tells me he will be on the Panthers short list with Thomas Davis retiring after the season. We need to find a way to get 2 2nd round picks.
  7. Ditto, I have a 3rd round grade on him now, but it can go up if he blows up at the Senior Bowl and combine.
  8. If Manuel and Sarkisian don’t call a better game the players won’t need to tank, it would just happen naturally.
  9. That is not what I was referring too when I said you were confident. Look back at the bold. You claim the only possible win will be against the Bucs but that’s not the case. The Bucs is the 2nd hardest game left on our schedule behind Carolina. Winston is playing for his career. He don’t want to be known as Josh Freeman 2.0 I’ll help you out so it won’t come as a surprise but GB has had trouble stopping the run all season and now their Secondary is depleted by injuries. Tramon Williams is now playing FS and they just placed King on IR. This game can be won. Arizona O-line is not that good to begin with but just placed their best lineman on IR to include their 2nd most productive receiver. This game can be won. We could easily be 6-10 which will knock us out of the top 10.....but again we shall see. Hopefully you’re right.
  10. Bro I know we traded up. That’s not the point I was making. We started the draft with 1 first round pick, the number 3 pick. Dimitroff hit on that pick. You tried making a point by adding Baker to where we drafted him was not our original pick.
  11. He’s not the best tackle in this class but I’m saying that now without knowing who all is declaring. Greg Little is the top tackle if he declares.
  12. Confident aren’t you, and yes, I watched every minute to include watching other teams, so I have a good idea of their statuses as well. We both shall see. I’m glad that’s your opinion, but there are other Dlinemen worth a top ten pick. BTW, Ridley wasn’t a BPA pick. It was a need. If you watched the games from the season before you would see Sarkisian needed another weapon to help him with his offense. Again I will say you are wrong. None of those offensive lineman you listed will be a Falcon, especially if you think we are picking in the top 10 and staying put.
  13. You can’t count Baker as Matt Ryan was the only original 1st round pick we had that year. The Baker selection was a result of a trade up from the 2nd round.
  14. No, Jonah Williams is not a top 10 talent. A top 10 talent @ O-linemen has the ability to play LT which Williams certainly won’t in the NFL. There are exceptions to lineman like G’s Nelson (Colts), Decastro (Steelers), and player’s like Steve Hutchinson who are premium talent at their position, but it’s rare. Williams will be a 1st rounder due to a weak O-line class. It’s not guaranteed we even pick top 10. We are currently at 6 and tied with 4 other team record wise in which 3 are behind us due to strength of record and 2 more teams GB and Cleveland a half of game back. Out of the teams mentioned above we have a greater chance of winning a majority of our games. I would love to stay put or move up so we can possibly get Simmons.
  15. If you want a 320+ monster Derrick Brown would be your guy, but I like Williams or Simmons
  16. We won’t be picking top 3. Have you seen 49ers, Raiders, and Jets schedule? We’ll be lucky to be in the top 8.
  17. I know we don't look good, but neither does GB and Arizona. We'll probably take those 2 and lose the division games.
  18. The top 3 teams will MTL stay the same. With 4 games to go. Cardinals have: Lions, @ Falcons, Rams, @ Seahawks Lions have: @ Cardinals, @ Bills, Vikings, @ Packers Giants have: @ Redskins, Titans, @ Colts, Cowboys Bills have: Jets, Lions, @ Patriots, Dolphins Jags have: Titans, Redskins, @ Dolphins, @ Texans
  19. Yep and FSU would be a great destination.