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  1. Over/under Schaub will throw a pick 6
  2. Because Quinn’s motto: fast and physical
  3. Going back and forth with the Oklahoma v Kansas game. I like Oklahoma center Creed Humphrey.
  4. Only question is do the have the money.
  5. No. The defense haven’t been any better since he relinquished some of his duties.
  6. Week after week the same ****. Is Quinn demonstrating to Blank that no matter who calls the plays, it's the players execution that's f'N up? At least for the last 2 weeks his assistants have been helping him call plays and nothing has changed.
  7. I’m sorry @athell Chuck is funny to me.
  8. The interior of the OL is just as important (Ryan sweet spot) and yes I rather have a stud like Creed Humphrey on board even if Mack is here his last year of his contract.
  9. Instead of Moses at 35 I would draft (C) Creed Humphrey but other than that I like it.
  10. I agree the top 5 should be playing but instead of moving McGary, I would try Gono at LG. Our two guards (Carpenter and Brown) haven't been getting to the 2nd level to make blocks on the backers.
  11. Here you go.
  12. The top pick? That's unlikely with the Dolphins and Bengals duking it out for that spot. Their game on December 22nd will probably be for the #1 pick.
  13. CBS no Chase Young? Let alone no Chase Young in the top 5?
  14. How would you feel if they hired Stefanski?
  15. Just a year ago the Vikings OL was a joke. Zimmer made the right decision on promoting Stefanski as the OC and drafting Bradbury.
  16. Crazy 49ers are one of the top team statically and they are missing their starting LT Joe Stanley....and to think Mike Person is their starting RG. Scheme matters
  17. I think the only reason Quinn is sticking around is because if you fire him now you are also firing the so call DC. Its not like we are playing good defense now but who will call the defense?