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  1. No, you are correct. Yannick Ngakoue took over as the starter week 2 his rookie season (2016) and never relinquished the position. As far as Beasley, it not necessarily the sacks with me. The thing that bother me most is he doesn't cause disruption in the run game. Meaning he doesn't get many TFL's if not at all. I know he get subbed out too, but when he does get stuck out there he doesn't create havoc (running game) like say a Mack, Houston, Miller, or Ngakoue. Those four not only gets you sacks but can create longer down and distance's for the next play by stopping an opponent RB behind the line of scrimmage. We need players on the Defensive line who can rack up TFL's and also get after the QB. I noticed the last two week, starting with the Browns that both the Browns and Cowboys were running when we had our nickel package in and passing when we had our base package in.
  2. If we were to double dip on the offensive line I much rather it be Yodney Cajuste who can play not only RT, but LT in a pinch if needed (huge factor since Sambrailo is a FA), and Elgton Jenkins who currently plays center but can play RG and learn from Mack for 2 years.
  3. I like Oliver but I have to agree.
  4. I'm not ready to fold the tent. It's no guarantee that the Vikings and Panthers hold on to those spots and the teams fighting for it are all in it to the end. My bold prediction to win the Division are Cowboys, Bears, Aints, and Rams. The battle for 2 spots [Redskins 6-4] currently lead the East but just lost their starting QB for the season. They were already missing both starting G's and depended on AP on offense to carry them. (I see them going downhill quickly. Plus we have the head to head with them) Remaining schedule: @ cowboys, @ eagles, vs giants, @ jaguars, @ titans, vs eagles [Eagles 4-5 but will be 4-6] are currently fighting for the East and wild card but Injuries are starting to pile up for them and at the wrong time. Their Schedule is getting tougher (I see them going downhill quickly). Remaining schedule: vs giants, vs redskins, @ cowboys, @ rams, vs texans, @ redskins [Vikings 5-3-1] are currently fighting for the North and wild card. Yes they have a good chance to win the division but I think Bears will take it. (They are legit threat to take 1 WC spot). Remaining schedule: @ bears, vs packers, @ patriots, @ seahawks, vs dolphins, @ lions, vs bears [Packers 4-6] are currently fighting for the North and wild card. They beat Chicago to begin the season and tied the Vikings but are 2.5 games back. (I don't see them winning many games going forward and lost a stud on their D-line for a few games. (If we beat them we can control the head to head if it comes to it.) Remaining schedule: @ vikings, vs cardinals, vs packers, @ bears, @ jets, vs lions [Panthers 6-4] after today's lost they are currently fighting for the wild card. (Some of their early season luck is running out i.e. Giants, Eagles after the last two weeks. We still play them and they have the Saints twice. Remaining schedule: vs seahawks, @ bucs, @ browns, vs saints, vs falcons, @ saints [Seahawks 5-5] are playing for the wild card. They still have some decent opponents on their schedule. Remaining schedule: @ panthers, vs 49ers, vs vikings, @ 49ers, vs chiefs, vs cardinals
  5. Jack Crawford aka "Sack Religious" and Terrell McClain face off against their former team Dallas Cowboys today. I think our defense as a whole will have a good game, but I believe those two in particular will thrive. #familiarfoes
  6. From the Cowboys message board Original post below 2nd reply from the thread
  7. Trufant learned his lesson quick. Look at the video below.
  8. He seen what Chubb did to those dudes while he was at UGA and didn't want no piece of it.
  9. The less we keep players like Reed, Shelby, and Riley on the field the better.
  10. Trufant 1st ever play in the NFL.
  11. I think he plays, but will not get a full load like he normally does.