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  1. Paulsen is somebody who likely will still be available in-season just in case one of our 3 TE’s suffers an injury.
  2. Olamide Zaccheaus
  3. When they announce they cut Walsh & Tavecchio.
  4. It’s more to the video. Posted earlier in the thread.
  5. Tony Brooks-James, the UDFA RB from Oregon
  6. I don’t think so (the bold). He didn’t do good in the dress rehearsal game; Whereas Smith did. For a 3rd year player he should’ve had a performance like Smith who is a 2nd year player. The only game Hill looked half way decent in was the Broncos game (against the backups). The film doesn’t lie. Hill has been worse as the preseason went along (when facing 1st and 2nd string defenses).
  7. Ones a rookie and one is going into his 3rd season. I’ll take the rookie
  8. Brooks James can be a returner so you could actually cut Barner as well and keep the other 3 and Graham.
  9. He looks good to me