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  1. Oliver got his #26 back as well this offseason.
  2. They typically only dress 7 but you listed 8.
  3. They normally go with 7 lineman on game day. I suspect the starting 5 with Gono and Schweitzer since both offer flexibility (Schweitzer C&G and Gono T&G) The loser of the LG battle will probably be inactive and the loser of the RT battle between McGary and Sambrailo if Gono is not in the mix as well. I’m leaning towards McGary starting so Sambrailo is riding pine.
  4. Brown? Y’all just signed him this offseason.
  5. @Kayoh boy
  6. I believe that was @Jesus quote.
  7. No wonder we can’t sign Julio. The team is giving money to Grady Phillips.
  8. Lol or Graham
  9. That’s what you call a die hard Falcons fan
  10. Yes he does. Each team can carry up to four veterans - who can have no more than two accrued NFL seasons (six games on the 53-man roster qualifies as an accrued season) - on its practice squad, and a player can't be on a given practice squad for more than three seasons.
  11. As of now No mention of MB on her page
  12. I didn’t think about this but I seen this tweet. Foye was a safety in college before.
  13. Money!