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  1. Pinkney along with Daniel and Edward is who I’m looking at. But back to Pinkney. It’s not like he’s competing against much for the 3rd TE position. Here is what the XFL kid we signed ran back in 2015. And Carson Meier, the other TE on the roster ran a 4.91 40 at his 2019 Pro day.
  2. At first I thought he was drinking some yak until he mentioned his concussions.
  3. Ah I should’ve put PS, but yeah you’re right.
  4. I hoping they find a way to keep FB Daniel (in my post above) if he does what he did in the 2nd clip.
  5. KOG I like Pinkney myself but I’m looking more into this Fullback Mikey Daniel who former RB Earnest Byner recommended to the Falcons. In the 2nd clip he’s jumping over people like Todd Gurley. @g-dawg might like him.
  6. I remembered before the 2018 he had a 1st round buzz then injuries happened. I believe this was a player @FalconsIn2012 liked. Not only did he not get drafted but he has yet to sign with any teams. Apparently his Combine interview did not assume teams GM’s.
  7. Thanks apparently it took me to a different podcast last time.
  8. He already has a good rapport with the Saints
  9. I did not hear it. At least not at the mark you mentioned
  10. I know it’s by force of nature, but I’m glad to see more videos and stories from the Falcons website than in years past. Hope they continue at this pace for the future.
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