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  1. Vikings a different team playing from home.
  2. Because
  3. I’m not worry about Desean Jackson. He’s only effective at go routes, jet sweep’s and end around’s. He won’t go across the middle and if he does Keanu Neal will give him some deja vu of the Dunta Robinson hit.
  4. Sheffield was active last week. Miller was the only DB that wasn’t.
  5. Under Dan Quinn we are 2 - 2 in opening games. So far every odd year we seem to win. 2015: Won against the Eagles 2016: Loss to the Bucs 2017: Won against the Bears 2018: Loss to the Eagles 2019:
  6. This
  7. That we have 15 more games left in the regular season and should get better each week. edit: Carolina loss today and the Bucs is down in the 4th.
  8. No complaints from me.
  9. That’s the only way to get experience.