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  1. Can’t win a SB like that.
  2. That guy Vaughn is no better than D-Led.
  3. Jamal Carter was signed to the active roster
  4. Troubling trend: Sacks. The Browns and Colts each got Mariota four times in the first two games of the season before the Jaguars went wild. Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell had his way with Jamil Douglas, Ben Jones and anyone else who was in his path, recording three sacks. Rookie pass-rusher Josh Allen had two sacks, and overpowered Jack Conklin most of the night. The offensive linemen, specifically Douglas, must do some soul-searching, because if they continue to play like this, Mariota won't last the season.
  5. If you asking about Berry @athell answered it for you, but if you’re talking about McDonald than you have to look further into what the Dolphins are doing (tanking). It was said they rather save 5.1M than to pay him since they are playing for the future.
  6. That sounds just like him.
  7. He was trolling on Richards (lol), but I’m 100% with you.
  8. Yes, I believe we did but like Beasley they have until the start of the league year to pull it.
  9. I don’t know the outcome of the next 3 games (Titans, Texans, and Cardinals) but one thing is for certain all 3 offensive lines haven’t been protecting the QB well. Our defensive should have a easier task than the first 3 weeks going against the Colts, Eagles, and Vikings revamped line. Lewan is still out and the replacement hasn’t been that good. Yes the Texans have Jeremy Tunsil but the rest of the line is atrocious.
  10. Ergo not to take anything away from your post but when you have 4 holding penalties ( Brown 2x, Matthews 1, Carpenter 1) that more than likely would have been Qb hits, then that stat doesn’t look as impressive.
  11. And Quinn ask his players....