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  1. The active game day roster goes from 46 to 48 this season so he has a good chance of being active.
  2. Harris worked out for the Falcons before the 2017 NFL draft. At the time, Harris said Falcons coach Dan Quinn was "great'' and "I like the defense they run." Atlanta drafted defensive end Takk McKinley at No. 26 overall in 2017, four spots after Miami selected Harris.
  3. They actually did not though. The few times they did they played zone and Cam wasn’t on him. The bigger picture is the final score to be honest. Had the final score been closer and the defense held Chase to a few catches it would have looked better statically, but the fact it was a blow out and Chase didn’t have to have a good game says a lot.
  4. Getting players with a chip on their shoulder seems to be the theme for the 2020 Falcons. Senat should have a big one on his.
  5. Terrell is good at press bail and zone. He’ll be fine in any scheme.
  6. I basically said the same thing in the original post.
  7. Terrell was excellent at the combine. Okudah got hurt and didn’t finish all the drills.
  8. This is my first time hearing this so I don’t know how true it is.
  9. Abrams trains with Ryan Clark
  10. But his main point was competition and he showed plays where KJ Hamler (the best WR he faced) could’ve had big gains if Chase Young wasn’t being a pess.
  11. Warford is a RG and we already got one in Lindstrom
  12. I like our chances this year vs years past.
  13. Vikings no longer have Rhodes and their #2 corner Waynes. Griffen and Linval Joseph is not there as well. Ryan and Julio should have a good game.
  14. Good Seattle was the game we started to turn it around last season.
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