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  1. The Falcons usually keep 9 DL’s on their roster. 2019: Jarrett, Davison, Senat, Crawford, McKinley, Beasley, Clayborn, Bailey, Cominsky. In season additions with injuries: Tuioti-Mariner, Larkin 2020: Jarrett, Davison, Senat, McKinley, Fowler Jr., Bailey, Cominsky, Means, Tuioti-Mariner The 7 names in bold are MTL locks. If the trend continues it only 2 spots. Although I think Means is someone they like. Tru is my choice as we currently do not have a #1 corner on the roster.
  2. I don’t know how he is going to pan out but for him to make the Vikings squad and be the backup to Anthony Barr as the Sam I can respect that because I respect Coach Z
  3. Will Neville be this year’s Combine freak
  4. He doesn’t fit Quinn standard for CB’s. His arms are too short.
  5. I’m hoping Quinn lets Raheem run his own defense and he sticks to coaching.
  6. Here are a few names I seen thrown around here on TAFT