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  1. I don't think he will get the position, but if he did that would be one h*** of a promotion over a two year span for someone who never called plays.,amp.html
  2. Reynolds plays Linebacker. Garland is a offensive lineman
  3. Go ahead and get your ticket
  4. Stop the run and Beasley will have another field day against their RT
  5. Regular season and playoffs are two different things. Rams inexperience will hurt them.
  6. #3 Rams vs #6 Falcons opening round of the playoffs. We match up well against them.
  7. You liked Takk this offseason? I remember @Kung Fu Kenny being Takk biggest advocate this offseason, with a few other posters liking Takk.
  8. Wow Clayborn had a record game and people still can't spell his name right.
  9. @hjerry I never said I wanted him. I said I don't see how they would sign him to the PS. Meaning he sucked. If they do sign him to the PS Quinn must see potential.
  10. I don't see it but #35 is expected to land on the PS
  11. Aldrick Robinson who was the 6th receiver on Falcons depth chart last year is the 49ers 3rd receiver now. Shanahan would of swooped Nick up with the quickness had we cut him.
  12. Domestic Violence case from last year that was dismissed.
  13. #74