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  1. This was posted in the other thread
  2. That boy is a fool.
  3. I was wondering if the front office is banking on Shelby and McClain raising their level of play like most players do during their contract season. The last time Shelby and McClain was up for contract's they just so happen to have the best season of their career. Both were awarded with long term contracts (4 years) in which none of them got to finish out. I was confuse at first with the whole cutting of Shelby and bringing him back for the same salary but maybe I know why now. I'm expecting to see a better Shelby this season than we seen so far as a Falcon. His market was kinda cold when he was a FA.
  4. The difference with Massaquoi and Jones is Massaquoi couldn’t even make it to OTA’s with Quinn before he was cut, so obviously Quinn didn’t like something about his game. Jones on the other hand was stashed away for further development. He was also one of the UDFA players Quinn personally called to have him join the Falcons.
  5. I don't know know how deep Quinn and company gets with possible UDFA but our very own made the list. Like I mention before on another thread the last beast or freak in which they call him below that went undrafted from his alma mater was James Harrison. The GIF above didn't work but here's the artice
  6. Two things: It's 53 players not 52 and Shariff Floyd suffered a severe knee injury that is possibly career ending.
  7. Just how quick will Oliver pick up this technique the "step-kick" I hate that he will miss OTA's and mandatory mini-camp.
  8. @Arkridge feel free to read the whole article but the bold is what you are looking for.
  9. Early on I do not see anybody in the 2019 draft class that fits that bill. Unless we resign Allen, he will be a UFA after the season. Lammons would be a good fall back plan if the above does not happen.