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  1. I watched every game and only seen it against GB.
  2. Where does this myth come from that Ra'shede played good down the stretch and in the playoffs? I'm not a Hageman hater but he only played well in the GB game and made 2 plays in the SF game (1 play) and the 2nd Carolina game (1 play). Other than that he was nonexistence. I will continue to sit back and hope he plays like he did against GB on a continuous basis. The addition of Poe and Crawford will only make it difficult for him to see the field.
  3. Montae Kazee @Damontaekazee First day at rookie camp, went very well ,first time playing FS but I enjoyed it and had fun #RiseUp11:56 PM · May 12, 2017
  4. As a LEO yes but not at the 1/3/5T. Upshaw was used as a utility defensive lineman at all the positions in base.
  5. I agree, but I can see a situation where if Odoms or English makes an impression, Upshaw getting the axe. I think at the end of the day like you said Quinn will stick with the guys from last year minus Freeney, Jackson, and Babs. Takk, Poe, and Crawford are pretty good upgrades tbh.
  6. I disagree he has some good footwork.
  7. Not at safety. That was mostly Maye
  8. I disagree that Poole can not play FS successfully. He was actually doing well last year at camp but was forced to play nickel with Collins four game suspension.
  9. I would love for Clayborn to bounce back and regain his strength as he was our 2nd leading sacker on the team.
  10. Oh yes I agree with you. I think Freeney was and is a back-up plan for us. Clayborn and McKinley is still going through their recovery and depending on that, Freeney could still be viewed as a option.
  11. Damontae Kazee Has ‘High IQ’ For The Football Author: Knox Bardeen FLOWERY BRANCH — Damontae Kazee was excited to say the least when he found out he was selected in the fifth round (149 overall) by the Atlanta Falcons. He said he was ready to get to Atlanta immediately. Falcons fans should be excited about Kazee’s 15 interceptions over his last two seasons at San Diego State. The 5-foot-11 corner may seem a bit undersized, but there’s nothing wrong with his ballhawking resume. Kazee said those results were from a huge adjustment made a few years back. He’ll get a chance to show off those ball skills during rookie minicamp, but where will Kazee fit in on the Falcons’ defense? Either safety or nickel back, he said the Falcons told him. “I’ve played nickel back in all-stars,” said Kazee. “Nickel back is just like corner, but you’re taking on the fastest wide receivers. I played safety at San Diego State when I didn’t have a wide receiver on my side. When I don’t have a wide receiver on my side I’d go to safety.”
  12. That's the position he prefers to play and feel more comfortable (NCB).
  13. Because instead of moving Alford to the slot in nickel, Manuel would leave Alford on the outside and put Kazee in the slot.