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  1. With the inflation rate going up each year in the NFL 17 / 18M sounds reasonable.
  2. Looking at Lamar Holmes & Peter Konz Holmes - 10 yard split: 1.86, short shuttle: 4.80, 3 cone: 7.74 (only hit the 3 cone) Peter - Did not test at combine or pro day due to ankle. Only did the bench press.
  3. Harlow 3 cone 8.16, short shuttle 4.81, and 10 yard split 1.79 He only hit the 10 yard split but not the other 2 events.
  4. Offensive line not defensive line. all the players you just mentioned play defense.
  5. I don’t know how true it is but from a few Patriots fans I know said Brady takes less money so he can have a better team surround him. Brady currently ranked 16 out of 32 QBs salary wise (APY). That alone would set a precedent.
  6. Even Olin Kreutz is chiming in.
  7. Top tier as feet
  8. · 17h Sooooo...Robert Kraft has a girlfriend and he was busted in a prostitution ring. That makes him a CHEATER like the rest of the Patriots. Bahahahahahaha
  9. "I mean, it's going to play itself out," Jarrett said of his contract talks. "But at the end of the day, I've got a job to do right now and an obligation to fill through my current situation. Anything that I've been going through has been by plan. Ain't been no frustration my way. But I know when the time comes, I know that I've put in work. And I'm not blind to that. And I'm not settling. That's all I have to say."
  10. Both, but I was talking about Brown.
  11. He wants the money