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  1. Awe man I like them both.
  2. Please no. He was already passed over as the QB coach this past offseason.
  3. I know Grady didn't get the sack, but I can't help but to keep watching him on this play. Grady out there zip lining on these fools. Good play by Means BTW.
  4. He doesn’t have a video so that point is thrown out of the window. And I already explained the Takk thing above.
  5. I'll agree on that. Like I mentioned before I like both Takk and Vic but we can use more pass rushers.
  6. I consider getting pressure and others benefiting production, but if you consider production solely based on sacks that's where our disconnect is.
  7. I'll disagree on the first part of that statement.
  8. I'm not saying that we don't. I'm trying to defend Takk like I do Vic.
  9. KOG, hold up. I like Vic but I also like Takk.
  10. KOG the Falcons are currently at 6 and to be fair Takk is normally going against the team best lineman (LT). He’s been getting pressure which is benefiting others.
  11. No you swore then we wouldn’t draft him last year and now you throwing more garbage out there.
  12. Just like we wouldn’t draft Takk because he had shoulder surgery pre-draft...ok