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  1. How much is OBJ and AB in man coverage? It's easy to say someone has hands when they aren't double covered a lot. I know Julio doesn't have the best hands but dang he dropped one ball!!
  2. The only thing I don't like about Alford is his size he's fast, he's got good eyes, good awareness, he's just not big enough to go against big receivers. Allen is a 5th round practice squad CB that got moved to FS he's doing good for what he is we just need an actual FS with better size and awareness. I like Poole he's an excellent pickup but the only place he could play would be in the slot/nickel corner if you put him out wide it would be the same thing with Alford. Every time Alford was put on Mike Evans got put on Alford he beat him when got the TD and when he made the amazing catch and Keanu had to try and rattle his cage to drop the ball. Alford is just undersized for a non slot reciver. And a plus Keanu laid the wood on Mike Evans right in front of DQ. And Collins did do good since he hasn't played basically all year not including Pre-Season.
  3. Definitely if we can keep all of our pick I'm thinking 1 DE 4 CB 7 Maybe a K Matt Bryant is doing d*** good we still might need to get one for him to start learning under the all time scorer of the Atlanta Falcons 2 DT 5 QB 3 FS 6 C
  4. There is nothing bad I can say about Taylor Gabriel he has good hands he is quick and agile he can get around defenders and he ran 2 Jet sweeps for 24 yards and a touchdown this man right here can ball. I don't know why they won't let him try and take some KR or PR. He runs a 4.28 40 Yard Dash this man has wheels.
  5. I like Alford I have no problem with him I'm just saying don't compare a Undrafted Rookie Free Agent to a guy that has been in the league for 4 years of course Alford is going to play better than Poole. Obviously DQ would have already made the change if he thought Alford couldn't get the job done. I believe our secondary is set for now besides FS.
  6. I agree with you on everything. Mental errors blocking down field too soon,and a couple false starts and that's really it for that. Explosive play are usually when the QB has the ball in the pocket way too long and extends the play and a WR/TE finds a way to get open so it's really a D Line sort of thing which the only really big play that I've seen that have been coverage problems was Mike Evans TD and from GB the blown man coverage on Neal/Allen to Jordy Nelson and almost the same exact play in the Chargers game but instead is was Campbell/Allen that time. I've thought the Special Teams play has been great on coverage but Weems making us start in the 10 yard line is kinda bad when he has mistakes.The GB return was the longest on the season and it was more than our entire Special Teams coverage from every team we've played combined.
  7. They only thing wrong with Alford is that he is undersized for a non-nickel corner other than that he is perfect. The reason for all of the calls usually is because he is trying to get an advantage on the receiver by getting hands on them early and jumping to the ball to make a play.
  8. Now you're comparing a Undrafted Free Agent Rookie to a 4 year 2nd round pick Player. Jeez
  9. We do have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball but what we don't have right now is a vocal leader. I hate to say it but before William Moore was the on to step up and be a leader and I know he was hurt most of the season but that doesn't matter he was still a leader. Now Spoon was trying to step up and be a vocal leader but sadly he also got injured if you look at when he was mic'd up against the aints he was telling the D not to find any comfort in how the aints O was playing that's what our Defense is missing right now. I put the whole playlist up just in case anyone wants to watch any other mic'd up's but watch the one with Spoon and you will see what I mean.
  10. It's definitely a well deserved break for the Falcons. They have been playing hard a h*** against some of the leagues best teams.
  11. There will always be comparisons in the NFL to me it's who you are compared to that matters. Keanu is compared to Kam because he is the "Enforcer" of our defense and i'm ok with that for now but I like the nickname "HitMan". Its the same way that Julio Jones is compared to Clavin "Megatron" Johnson just because of size and play style. Its who they are comparing you to that makes the difference. I agree that Keanu is better in coverage but Keanu will be known for having a "Heavy Hand" when Keanu can pull up from hitting someone that shows control and it also show you're not the second thought of the Receiver/Runner you're the first. People say that Mike Evans had an amazing catch but I don't mind watching that replay.
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