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  1. How much is OBJ and AB in man coverage? It's easy to say someone has hands when they aren't double covered a lot. I know Julio doesn't have the best hands but dang he dropped one ball!!
  2. I think every Falcons Fan knows that in the first round we are most likely going to go D Line but I'm not to sure what part of the D Line. I have my predictions but I'm not sure what has more value an edge player in the first or an interior block eater/ run stopper here are my predictions for first round on both positions. In no particular order. IDL Edge Caleb Brantley Florida 6'2 297lbs Charles Harris Missouri 6'3 236lbs or or Montravious Adams Auburn 6'4 306lbs Dawuane Smoot Illinois 6'3 249lbs Add any predictions you think we will take in the first round.
  3. Yeah I hope he does too, but I really doubt it that's why I have Justin Evans as an alternate he is more towards the bottom of the 3rd round.
  4. 1. Freeny is on a 2 million dollar contract right now actually with 500,000 guaranteed. 2. Do you honestly think that Gabriel will take that deal he will go straight to FA because of the year he is having he is almost doing better than Sanu. 3. Tamme is an average player but I would at least sign him again and have him as a backup.Just because we already know Tamme 4. It's not like they're paying Ishmael a huge contract. I would bring him back. 5. Freeman is Climbing Falcons Record Books so they say first running back since Michael Turner to have 1,000 scrimmage yards in back to back seasons. 6. I think Schaub is better yeah he is older but at least he knows the scheme + we have Matt Simms 7. Neal was a Pick that filled a Position that the team needed on the defense. There wasn't a player like him later in the draft.
  5. Free Agency: Beenie Logan NT - 4 Year Abry Jones NT - 2 Year J.J. Wilcox S - 2 year Resignings: Schaub QB 1 Year DiMarco FB 2 Year Garland DL 2 Year Gabriel WR 4 Year Tamme TE 2 Year Toilolo TE 3 Year Wheeler LB 1 Year Reynolds LB 2 Year Weatherspoon LB 1 Year Alford CB 2 Year Don't think he will take it, which is why I picked up White in the 6th. Ismael S 3 Year Cuts: Rashede Hageman DT Tyson Jackson DT Ricardo Allen S Draft: 1st Round Dawuane Smoot LEO Illinois 1st Round Alternate Charles Harris DE Mizzou 2nd Round Caleb Brantley DT Florida 2nd Round Alternate Elijah Qualls DT Washington 3rd Round Budda Baker S Washington 3rd Round Alternate Justin Evans S Texas A&M 4th Round Zach Banner G USC 4th Round Alternate Kyle Kalis G Michigan 5th Round Blake Jarwin TE OSU 5th Round Alternate Cooper Rush QB Central Michigan 6th Round Marquez White CB FSU 6th Round Alternate James Conner RB Pittsburgh 7th Round Cole Croston T Iowa 7th Round Alternate Marquel Lee ILB Wake Forest Offense: QB Ryan,Schaub RB Freeman,Coleman FB DiMarco LT Matthews,Croston LG Levitre,Banner C Mack,Robinson RG Schweitzer,Banner RT Schraeder,Croston WR1 Jones,Hardy,Fuller WR2 Sanu,Gabriel,McKissic TE Tamme,Hooper,Jarwin,Toilolo,Perkins Defense: LEO Smoot,Shelby 3-Tech Jarrett,Brantley,Garland NT Logan,A.Jones 5-Tech Clayborn,Reed SLB Beasley,Wheeler MLB D.Jones,Reynolds WLB Campbell,Weatherspoon CB1 Trufant,Goodwin CB2 Alford,Collins,White Nickel Poole SS Neal,Ishmael FS Baker,Wilcox,Therezie Special Teams: KR Mckissic,Fuller PR Mckissic,Fuller LS Harris K Bryant P Bosher
  6. There is a lot of things I just really don't think are good ideas. 1. If we did re-sign Freeny he would not take a Single Million 2. I would sign Gabriel to a bigger contract. 3. Letting Tamme walk. 4. Letting Ishmael walk. 5. Trading Freeman 6. Keenum Pick Up 7. Chris Wormley is not a first round talent.
  7. What position do you think we would take in the first round? In my opinion if I had to I would swap my 1st and 6th round positions. 1st round S and 6th round CB.
  8. Yeah I couldn't decide between Adoree Jackson or Sidney Jones IV from Washington in the first round but I chose Adoree over Jones because he could return punts/kicks if need be.
  9. This is my opinion/prediction of the 2017 NFL Draft. 1st Round Adoree' Jackson CB USC 2nd Round Hunter Dimick RE Utah 3rd Round Davon Godchaux DT LSU 4th Round Gerald Everett TE South Alabama 5th Round Cooper Rush QB Central Michigan 6th Round Quincy Mauger S Georgia 7th Round Cole Croston OT Iowa What are your thoughts or changes to this draft mock?
  10. Are there any good DTs we should be looking at in Free Agency the only one I'm looking at is Abry Jones from JAX. I don't really know of any other Free Agents that would be a good fit in our scheme.
  11. I bet you $$$ that when Hageman's contract is up IF Mike Smith is still the DC for Tampa (which is highly unlikely) that he will pick Hageman up.
  12. Yeah I like Shelby but I don't think that Hageman will last much longer under DQ. Just my Opinion though.
  13. Yeah I agree I don't know much about Adams but Nnadi is a very talented player.
  14. Right now Atlanta has 4 DT on the Active Roster there may be a possibility during the off-season that we will only have 1 which is Grady Jarrett because Babineaux is on his last contract year, Upshaw only signed a 1 year, and Matthews only signed a 1 year so if Atlanta decides not to bring any back we would have a fresh new start at DT for the team. What are your thoughts/concerns?
  15. Harris is a gifted pass rusher with outstanding instincts, technique and power. He primarily lines up at right defensive end. He has a variety of pass-rush moves. He can spin both inside and outside. He has a nasty stutter/bull-rush move, and he also possesses a violent slap/rip move. I Can't Wait Until His Combine!!!!