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  1. nope, he'll get his money somewhere else and have crazy sack numbers - it's the curse of the franchise
  2. While I like the reboot for uniforms, would rather just have a contender dress in rags for all I care
  3. very competitive schedule for us
  4. how does that guys still have a job, and I'm not talking about the two at the podium. He talks like he has a mouth full a marbles.
  5. Let’s go Vikings take to the Saints again!!!
  6. I think if you see the offense play well and sustain drives, to give the Defense a chance to not be over extended being on the field all day. they can show up like this again
  7. Happy for him. Who’s next to go??
  8. IF Defense continues the way it has, we may have seen all our wins for the season.
  9. you always believe, that's what being a fan is all about, there is always a chance. That's why they play the games
  10. bottom of the heap now. Only way is up....Optimistically pessimistic
  11. liked him, best of luck
  12. Carly Lloyd is available.... just saying
  13. while I'm sure it is hard to walk away from the big money, he was smart enough to leave the game while he wasn't damaged for good. Once a players usefulness is done he is tossed aside. Colts fans that booed were an embarrassment to our sport