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  1. As a team, ONCE AGAIN, we are not being taken too seriously by the media. I love it that way, stay under the radar, then smack em in the face
  2. Based on some articles, the person that was assaulted was complaining that they were standing too much and they couldn't see. Great reason to turn around and start punching someone.
  3. Grady Jarrett and Keanu Neal
  4. Lions look good, but the beat up a pitiful Giants team last night, need to play a full 60 minutes, Can't let up on Defense with a lead (GOD I HATE THAT).
  5. Would love to get that hat!!! Long time Falcon fan suffering in Connecticut surrounded by Pat fans
  6. Need to keep mental mistakes and pre snap penalties to a minimum. Zero preferably. Special teams needs to step up and make something happen too.
  7. May fly down from the North East to get away from all the Patriot fans for weekend. Where would be the best place to watch the game with other fans
  8. Play smart. Keep in your rush lanes. Keep containment. Wrap up on tackles! - Play smart football
  9. need another defensive performance like this on Sunday SPECIAL TEAMS needs to tighten up on the returns. Even though it's not going to be Hester running back this week need to ensure we stay tight on coverage
  10. better question which one WON"T give them trouble
  11. typical. Any Connecticut Falcons fans here? Flying with the Birds since 1981
  12. God, so sick of hearing about the past!! Live in the future, this is a different team, a team that does not rely on one play maker anymore. Defenses have to come prepared to stop a two headed rushing attack and at the same time worry about which receiver is getting the ball. The past is over, the future is now! This is TODAY'S ATLANTA FALCONS, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT, OR DON'T LIKE IT, SIT DOWN AND LOOK AT IT, BECAUSE IT'S THE SCARIEST OFFENSE ON TURF TODAY!!!! WOOO HOOO!!
  13. I like the "Band of Brothers" playing off the "BROTHERHOOD" Theme
  14. not worried too much about the run game, we can bend but not break. Worried about special teams play, which team is going to step up
  15. I feel you. Let's look forward to the NEXT game. one at a time. As an old Falcon said when he entered the wrestling world "WHO'S NEXT" after it's all said in done, if we win it all or lose in first game, the media will say "Same old Falcons" or "We knew it all year they were the one"