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  1. that Duke Riley is still on this team
  2. Can we get DiMarco back?
  3. Need to get BIG and NASTY on the offensive line. With the way Coleman was running in the game should have gave him the ball going to the left while everyone was looking for Jones
  4. bring back Patrick DiMarco! He could block, run with the ball and had good hands out of the backfield - Never should have let him go
  5. While our inability to move the ball was a huge point of losing, also our teams penchant for giving up points in the last 2 minutes of the half didn't help. Take away the field goal by the Eagles at half time and we are down by by two on the final drive 12-10 and only need a field goal to win it. This was an overall team defeat.
  6. Need two big nasty guards, depth at OT and bring back Patrick DiMarco at FB
  7. They say Marcus Williams was so distraught after the game he jumped in front of a bus, He’s okay though he did it with his head down and totally missed it.
  8. yes, yes I am, I was there when they discovered the recipe for ice
  9. I’m very superstitious, always have been when it came to playing, coaching or watching football or any sport for that matter. Today on my iPod with my music on shuffle two songs played back to back in this order Song 1 – Little Feat “Oh Atlanta” followed by Santana’s “Winning” DO I NEED ANYMORE OF A SIGN!!??!! I think the game is close, but Falcons come up on top.
  10. Love it! Just the right amount of talk - BUT D*** HIS ACTIONS ARE LOUDER THAN HIS WORDS!!!! On to Philly!
  11. Wings, Kielbasa,, chips, pizza and ice cold beer
  12. Last years game he wasn't much of an impact in the game - 1 sack, 2 tackles yes that was then this is now, but so many of you love to live in the past Run the ball hard, utilize the backs in the flats on quick passes and defense keep progressing the way they have. Get Beaslsy rushing off the edge at DE Grady Jarrett will be the impact player of the game
  13. Finally decided to join these boards Falcon fan since early 80's. Anyone heading to the Philly game? Traveling down from CT to the game