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  1. The Kansas City game had 20% capacity allowed in the seats, should be same across the leage
  2. One game, can't throw in the towel on one game, not after rooting and crying for 36 years (I say it every year lately) Some flashes here and there, but that doesn't win games, giving up 17 points on turnover on downs is just pathetic The only consistent aspect is rarely getting off the field on 3rd and a mile
  3. Ah the Sack Exchange - DE's Gastineau & Klecko along with DT"s Salaam and Lyons were a four man wrecking crew
  4. I worry about any TE against us, covering TE's seems to be our achilles heel
  5. Defense needs another stud in the middle with Jarrett who can push the pocket on pass rush as well as play the run. Brady and Brees won't know what to do. Fowler and Takk keeping the pressure on the edge getting them to step up into Jarrett knocking them out. Brady will not be taking huge drops and need to get to him quick, look what Jarrett did to him in the Super Bowl If the O-line can get their s^!+ together we will be in the thick of it (but that's a BIG IF)
  6. nope, he'll get his money somewhere else and have crazy sack numbers - it's the curse of the franchise
  7. While I like the reboot for uniforms, would rather just have a contender dress in rags for all I care
  8. how does that guys still have a job, and I'm not talking about the two at the podium. He talks like he has a mouth full a marbles.
  9. Let’s go Vikings take to the Saints again!!!
  10. I think if you see the offense play well and sustain drives, to give the Defense a chance to not be over extended being on the field all day. they can show up like this again
  11. IF Defense continues the way it has, we may have seen all our wins for the season.
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