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  1. The question whether it's scheme or youth (or anything else) bothers me as well. Defense is per se reactive and I always wander - can you really have a good D with average or inexperienced players? Can you make them play well by teaching them some good schemes?
  2. I only thought his idea of having a rough time and still being able to relax is great. And believe me, here where I live LGBTs and foreigners have it much worse. Unfortunately.
  3. I honestly love this attitude! This is the same thing people were asking about Donald Trump being the president. Relax and enjoy the ride.
  4. Or let the Pizza Hut customers do the job.
  5. Wentz was having some difficulty with dealing with pass rush last Sunday. So let our young and nimble defenders do their job!
  6. That's where this thread should end.
  7. I predict that many of your predictions will turn out to be wrong.
  8. Stats are overrated. Besides taking it a little bit easier may prevent injuries.
  9. Ask for a gif of ChickenBiscuit drinking his piss and your prayers will be answered.
  10. There's only one statistic I really care about - the one which is going to bring us to the playoffs!
  11. I can't agree more. They're young. They're motivated. They're striving for it! Give them time and experience and you'll see a team everyone is afraid of.
  12. Rankings? 28.8 points a game - that's not ranking, that's our reality. Yesterday's D performance was all nice and good. Enjoy it but also stay calm and see what next games bring.
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