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  1. Everyone on this forum is a fan. Your post is totally pointless.
  2. I want to play them again in the playoffs. They are very beatable.
  3. He has not been playing like an MVP. Yet. Still plenty of time to get hot and catch fire heading into postseason.
  4. Who is tickpick and why does anyone at all care about their sales?
  5. It's way too small of a sample size for any of these stats yet. The eye test alone says we are good against the run, no way in **** is this unit 31st.
  6. Apparently on the internet ignorance combined with caring the least wins.
  7. His athletic combination is extremely rare, would be a loss to the NFL generally if he is breaking down at age 28. Let's hope he is not. Frankly there are so many factors that could be involved in his slow start this season it is way too early to know.
  8. I really hope they come to Atlanta in the playoffs. It will be a blood bath.
  9. I knew he was going to get a sack yesterday. And his hit on Aaron Rodgers should have led to a Poole pick 6. He's already flashing on screen, can't wait until Beasley is back and we are deep in the season where the game will have slowed down for him a bit.
  10. Right. The protest concerns police brutality, it was never about the military. These players have no issue with the military.
  11. With all the **** going on in the world people should be applauding peaceful protest. Kneeling down also doesn't mean you disrespect the flag, you can love this country and still push for improvements. I thought that was the American way, not blind loyalty to a symbol. That's more along the lines of fascism.
  12. Not to mention you just know they would have wasted time arguing he was in and just asking for the review. People keep referencing some downfield throw situation they had against the cowboys where they lined up in 7 seconds but everyone on the offense knew they were going to be in a spike situation if they completed a deep throw downfield and were prepared for it. It's not comparable at all.
  13. Yep. Barnwell is smart enough to recognize that the Lions were lucky to be in that game at the end.
  14. I came here to say this. -3 turnover differential on the road with one being a pick 6, and the other two fluky tipped balls, we should not have been even been in the game let alone had a chance to win. But they could not stop our offense. and couldn't get drives going against the defense without a phantom holding call on trufant on 3rd and 30. I have no doubt in my mind we showed we are the much better team and I think 9 times out of 10 we beat them. That was their best chance at beating us and they still couldn't get it.
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