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  1. This is the difference. Any average Falcons fan can tell you the exact goals and philosophy of both the offense and the defense. It's like a world class company with a great, simple mission statement.
  2. How can you think he is a bad evaluator? We've had two great drafts in a row since he has been here...
  3. He actually interviews extremely well. This guy is also going to fit into the locker room 100%, I loved how he said he can say he is part of the brotherhood all day but he has to earn it on the field.
  4. Not sure if I even want to see it...
  5. Has he said something about jewish people before?
  6. I'd be willing to bet he completely misunderstood Comey, kind of like how he completely misunderstood Clappers testimony recently. He's not the brightest bulb to say the least.
  7. You guys can hate all you want, that elephant necklace is dope.
  8. What is the context to this statement? That does not seem like a smart thing to say...
  9. ******, ruining our fun!
  10. He's really losing it...
  11. Did I hurt your feelings?
  12. If you knew how to use context you would know it meant you got roasted. You stuck your neck out with a terrible talking point thats been repeated all over fox news and twitter and it got dismantled pretty easily. But your post already showed you didn't know how to use context...because you ignored the context of why Democrats are concerned with the Comey firing so you could pretend it was hypocritical. So I guess I shouldn't have expected any better.
  13. Well once it was learned that there was a Trump-Russia investigation, firing him would now be incredibly suspicious. I don't think he should be untouchable, people are more incredibly suspicious of his timing and reasoning and now want an independent prosecutor. The time to fire Comey for his handling of the emails was after the election, but it's obvious Trump loved him for that move as he even said he did.
  14. Democrats wanted him fired after election, and if he had been, no one would have cared. But once it was came out that there was a Trump-Russia investigation the ethics implications of getting rid of him changed completely, especially this long after the election and with comments from both Trump and Sessions at the time that he was extremely brave for doing the right thing. A change in circumstances doesn't result in hypocrisy.