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  1. I had to log in as a lurking Seahawks fan just to say that was pretty **** funny and very well done.
  2. Apparently I can't start a new thread so I guess I will use this one to come back and say that was a great game. I didn't want to come back too soon and am not hear to gloat. After the first half I was already thinking about the poster here who said their only worry was going into the prevent too early but the third quarter shut me the f up. Seattle radio blames that on Kam's absence but them how do you explain the first half? Your defense is better than I thought and your offense is the only one I have even seen cause a complete sideline meltdown. You are going to win the South and we a
  3. So is the Seahawks average...they have also given up a lot of garbage points.
  4. Yeah...looks like it isn't going to materialize. This is supposed to be the peak and it is just a little breezy. I am guessing my daughter's high school feels silly for cancelling homecoming.
  5. Seriously? The only thing you are worried about is going to the prevent too early?
  6. Yep...I posted this link in a different thread. http://q13fox.com/2016/10/13/nws-leading-toward-worst-case-scenario-for-saturday/ I am not looking forward to Saturday.
  7. Not good news weather-wise... NWS leading toward ‘worst case scenario’ for Saturday http://q13fox.com/2016/10/13/nws-leading-toward-worst-case-scenario-for-saturday/ Hopefully it pushes through before game time on Sunday and the stadium has power...and hopefully all involved stay safe on Saturday. My Daughter has her first real date homecoming on Saturday which looks like it will be cancelled which is kind of a bummer.
  8. I hate 10 day stretches on the road..hotel beds, restaurants, hotel air, away from my family it wears on me more than a few hours in the air (especially in a C or F seat which I assume they get in their charter planes). I fly international most of the time and still would rather come home for a few days than stay on the road. And it isn't like they needed to adjust to the time zone for a 1pm game. Anyway, like I said...they are young and probably not affected much either way.
  9. I am torn on this...staying on the road for a long time wears on you as well (I travel quite a bit). But these are young world class athletes so I am guessing the effect is reduced either way.
  10. I think it will be by scoring touchdowns and kicking field goals...although I wouldn't rule out a safety. They could possibly return a blocked extra point but I think that's a bit of a reach.
  11. Something to watch...Frank Clark did not practice yesterday. He would be a big loss for the Seahawks defensive line. Apparently he has a hamstring issue which seems odd since he looks fine after the Jets game. Anyway, I will definitely be watching to see if he practices today.
  12. Seattle has given up a lot of garbage points as well (the 49ers scored two late 4Q garbage TDs and the Jets scored on a 60 yard fumble advance which looked like an incomplete pass and everyone had stopped with 2 mins left). That is where all the RB receiving numbers have come from as well. And my post wasn't knocking your team it was just pointing out that any objective "expert" is going to pick the Seahawks at home unless they want to make contrarian pick (or just simply hates the Seahawks like Merrill Hoge) so don't get too worked up about it. The game is on Sunday and none of the "experts"
  13. A little different look from my office compared to yesterday morning...the weekend weather rolled in over night...
  14. Wow...he hates the Seahawks...I guess he hates the Falcons even more. I wouldn't get too worked up from national picks. The safe pick is Seattle and every objective simulation is going to point to a Seahawk win. It is the toughest road venue in the NFL and the Seattle has been consistently a top tier team. As a Seahawks fan I think we win this game 7 out of 10 times which I think I about as objective as you can hope for a home (the vegas spread is about 67/33).
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