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  1. Man you sound like those guys who run that page Falcoholic. Sanu is a good investment because he is physical and big. You need a big receiver in the inside routes. He is on the pace of around 800 yards receiving and 7-8 touchdowns. He is a very good complimentary receiver to our Beast Mr. Jones. This was a great pick up for the Falcons.
  2. You expect the Saints to keep winning with that defense? They got lucky when they played the Seahawks at home because Russell was really limited due to his injury. Denver is going to be a challenge for them, Detroit is not an easy game, at Carolina, at Atlanta, at Arizona. I see them going 8-8 for the year in best case scenario. Carolina will be a 7-9 team.They have a difficult schedule ahead.
  3. Ryan and the Falcons have beaten them 3 in a row. The Eagles will have a hard time containing The Falcons offense. I hope Coleman will be ready by than. Atlanta is 4-1 on the road, and should have been 5-0 (the Seattle game was stolen from them). I think they play much better on the road so far this season- more focused.
  4. The only game that might be a difficult one is Kansas. Arizona looks like crap with a terrible offensive line, and disjointed. By the time they meet us, they could have 5 or 6 losses and a tie. I don't see them making the playoffs. Carolina will be out of playoffs by then, we will beat them on the road. The Saints game could be another shootout, but a meaningless because the Falcons will be the King of NFC South. @Eagles Win BYE Arizona Win Kansas. Loss/Win is a toss up at this time @LA Win San Francisco Win (Division winner) @Carolina Win (already division winner) Saints Win/Loss meaningless game Record 12-4 or 11-5 is what we should see. 9-7 will win the division, 8-8 could as well.
  5. Arizona might be in a deep hole by the time they meet the Falcons. It will be after the Bye week, and Falcons will win that game. All of their remaining games are winnable. I say Kansas City and Philly are the difficult ones. But, we are pretty much done playing great mobile QB's or scrappy or pocket QBs till we meet Brees and Cam in the final 2 weeks. The Panthers will have at least 8-9 losses by the time we meet them, and out of playoffs. The Saints should have about 7-8 losses by the time they meet us. 9-7 should be enough to win the NFC South. But, I think the Falcons will win 10 or 11 games this season.
  6. A mini bye before Phildelphia game. The Falcons will only play 2 games in 24 days. I think they can finish strong in the stretch run during the last 6 games. They should be able to heal from any lingering injuries experienced by some players.
  7. 50-32 is very achievable by this team with the players they have.
  8. I put the Falcoholics on the spot for writing a click and bait article this week about Sanu been a bust. Today, I posted something on their Facebook page and called them out on that article. But those cowards couldn't take my criticism and blocked me from posting anything on their site. This shows how childish those guys are at Falcoholics and they cannot take criticism like real men. I don't know if you guys experienced the same from that site. I would have created a thread about them and calling them out. But, I cannot creat a thread.
  9. This shows how pathetic is the local paper.
  10. This time around the Falcons will destroy Tampa Bay. All of the last 3 losses to the Bucs resulted because of stupid mistakes. The Falcons are a better team than Tampa. They will have 10 days to get ready for the Eagles. Win this next two, and they will be in good hands to beat Eagles.
  11. San Diego is inconsistent and they never play well in the East Coast. 1-8 against Falcons speak volumes. San Diego lost to the Saints at home which tells us a lot. This has the making of another lopsided victory for the Falcons. We should get a few sacks, hits, and pressure on Rivers.
  12. Sanu has been dealing with an injury, plus the Falcons are spreading the ball. I don't see this being a problem, but a plus for the team. Sanu is a solid pick up because he is a hard working player and a team player.
  13. 50% of the country getting the game for a game @4:05 pm in a Single Header week for Fox. 50% is the max distribution for a 4:05 pm game. . If it was a Double Header week for Fox, then 90% or so of the country would have been able to watch the game.
  14. Denver's defense hasn't be tested with a Falcons type offense. They have to double up on Jones. Talib will not be able to defend him one-on-one. This will open the running lanes and plays for TE and slot receivers. The 'misdirection' offense of the Falcons will keep Denver on the edge. Matt Ryan will probably get extra protection with a double TE plays. I think people are giving Denver too much credit with a 2nd/3rd tier QB. They are not going undefeated. Beat the Bronocos, and they got the Seahawks as well with momentum. Seahawks will also have the same problem containing the Falcons offense.
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