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  1. I'm in section 107 anybody wanna holla at me I will have on a black throwback Falcons jacket
  2. 33 Born and raised in ATL Huge Deion Sanders fan and rooted for him while in ATL all the way to San Francisco when they won a super bowl in 94. Been a die hard fan of the Falcons since the 1998 super bowl run
  3. I really thought when we put Sanu in the wildcat and ran it. We were setting it up for him to throw it. Sanu has a nice touch when it comes to throwing
  4. Paying homage to the creator of the "Dirty Bird "
  5. Yea originally our primary uniforms were the Black and white ones with our current design. I think Blank liked the Red and White combo better. Once the NFL changed the rule where you could only have only 3 uniforms ( Home, Away and Alternate jersey ) Blank decided to go with throwback jersey as an alternate with the red helmets. (Which was a great idea). I agree I think the unis we are wearing Sunday is the looking combo for us though.
  6. Chargers primary helmets are white so they use their same helmets for the color rush jerseys. The Broncos used the same helmets for their color rush jerseys also but they changed the stickers on the helmet and use their throwback logo. Most teams either take the stickers of the helmets completely I.e. Packers or just switch them up I.e Falcons
  7. For safety issues due to concussions the NFL will only allow you to use one helmet for the year.
  8. They have some young talent (Bosa, Henry) but I think we will be able to move the ball on them. Like someone else said finally being back at the dome in all black these boys are going to be flying all over the field
  9. Am I suppose am I suppose to play like I'm really OJ Santiago here? Somebody help me out lol. I did see him in ATL a couple of years back though
  10. Let's spare him he has already owned up for doubting me plus he is stuffed from all the sautéed crow he ate today
  11. I think both logos look great. The old one has that old school feel to it while the new one is very sleek. No comparison with uniforms though our throwbacks are some of the best in the league
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