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  1. Do you think he was put on the trade block to make him realize he has little value and he has 10 games to turn around his career?
  2. And to think, the Texans were ready to run fuller out of town.
  3. How much BC football and Philadelphia high school football do you watch? That's probably the reason.
  4. I use ipvanish app on fire stick. 10 bucks a month. Super easy to use.
  5. It's just makes it easy to get what you can get for free and legalish. I live out of market. (Wilmington, NC). I watch these games with my cable subscription and VPN. I connect to a server in Atlanta(so I have an Atlanta IP) then log in to my cable ap and I get the local fox channel.
  6. That's okay. I was writing that post and forgot to add it in the totals. I had to go back and edit. Sitting in my house waiting for Dorian to hit. Bored to death.
  7. Gotta add one more game to loss total. For that whole Superbowl debacle thing. 23-22
  8. Lol. I had a cat as a kid named that. Back before I was married I would tell drunk girls that was my name to start convo. Lol. My name is Scott really though.
  9. I think week 13 is the last week with byes. Not next week.
  10. How Our NFL Predictions Work Filed under Methodology See our latest predictions references Pro-Football-Reference.com Autocorrelation / Elo rating / Monte Carlo simulations / Regression to the mean the details FiveThirtyEight has an admitted fondness for the Elo rating — a simple system that judges teams or players based on head-to-head results — and we’ve used it to rate competitors in basketball, baseball, tennis and various other sports over the years. The sport we cut our teeth on, though, was pro
  11. Apparently 538 thinks we have the 11th best chance to make the playoffs. I’m not sure about their formula but I do know they take SoS into account.
  12. I think they probably dont trust the over the top help. Also it's hard to cover anyone for 5 seconds.
  13. Honestly, I think poole would make a pretty darn good safety. I would work Oliver into nickel and start giving poole some safety work. You can get away as not being as fast as a ss.
  14. Buffstreamz.com/watch/nfl-live.php thats the the one I normally watch but it’s not working at the moment
  15. I like how you considered all the facts Andrews your on conclusion.
  16. Thank you so much. I had one on kodi but it stopped working. I wasn’t able to watch the last 7 minutes of the 2nd qtr
  17. Bwahaha. I can’t believe that was in 2010. Doesn’t seem that long ago. Maybe I have had some concussions!
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