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  1. Can we start a new thread for others to b***h at each other? There was some good political discussion going on earlier.
  2. Kushner has done some shady things like "forgetting" meetings with Russians. I think its fair to call him out on that.
  3. Why is the guy who called another poster an Anti-Semite trying to lecture others about engaging in a rational discussion?
  4. It's Katz's Deli and I would recommend going there if you're ever in the city.
  5. Too bad Trump doesn't have as much time to govern as he does to stroke his own ego.
  6. I doubt anyone thinks it's cool to call you a Nazi. I know that I don't. I wish people would have equal uproar when WFW ripped on Hillary for eating cat and DH said Merkel looked like a dyke. I'll have to go back and find the exact quote from DH so I may not be 100% correct.
  7. Hopefully Kushner and Ivanka are finished with this.
  8. I don't watch much Fox News but Shep and Chris Wallace are two of the most credible journalists in the news media today. No sensationalism, just facts even if it doesn't fit the narrative you want it to.
  9. Party over country is the theme I've seen from the majority of R's in this thread.
  10. If you're in school your loan is frozen and doesn't accrew interest. What legislation are you talking about?
  11. Marla must have blood coming out of her wherever. The fact that CNN is held to a higher standard than our president is becoming laughable.
  12. The most unsettling part to me was tge rest of the match. Trump couldn't sell that stunner to save his life
  13. I didn't mean it the way it came across, apologies if I sounded bad.
  14. Never said you did. You brought up Obama, just pointed out as others have that Trump is doing the same things and worse. This woe is me victim act is getting kind of old. You take any response to you as some kind of personal attack, its not. You're better and more intelligent than that.
  15. Trump is doing the same things and worse health-care. Cnn stood up for Fox when the WH went after them, that hasn't happened at Fox minus Shep and Chris Wallace. You sure do seem to defend Trump at all costs. Are you sure you're not Sarah Huckabee Sanders?
  16. Obama didn't go around belittling news outlets and people who disagreed with him either.
  17. Trump is the president, he represents the people that didn't vote for him as well. He makes our country look like a joke with his tweets and hypocritical attitude. If his supporters like a fake tough guy who bullies people on the internet this country is in for some serious trouble.
  18. Word is the White House/Trump won't issue an apology for the tweet.
  19. States rights only matter when it comes to conservative issues. Didn't you guys know that?
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