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  1. Anyone defending Trump after this latest fiasco is either blind, deaf, or just plain stupid.
  2. Maybe Hillary wasn't so wrong when she called some of Trump's base deplorables. The white trash, Nazi wannabes surely do love him no matter what.
  3. To be fair Trump needs a heart and courage too.
  4. Gilly reading that Rhaegar had his marriage annulled confirms Jon is a legit Targ and the true ruler of Westeros. Also, Gendry is back with a sick war hammer.
  5. Jesse Waters is the most unlikable guy in the news.
  6. Wow! This episode is right up there with watchers on the Wall, Hardhome, and BotB.
  7. Weren't there three documented cases of voter fraud during the election, but they all were people trying to vote for Trump twice?
  8. What's with Fox News employing all these scumbags? It amazes me that a major corporation keeps having all these sexual harassment problems.
  9. There is a whole thread dedicated to Seth Rich. Take it there, this is about the Trump Presidency.
  10. With this grand jury news Im sure we'll be spammed with more Seth Rich murder conspiracies.
  11. He still has a better understanding of politics and the world than our current president. That should frighten you.
  12. I voted for the pot head. Better than a narcissistic con man or Hillary...just sayin.
  13. Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave if he could hear Stephen Miller's speech today.
  14. Chris Cuomo just laid out Ed Butowsky during his 30 minute interview. At some point you have to wonder if these guys, Don Jr's Hannity interview as an example, even consult an attorney before appearing on nighttime TV shows.
  15. Yep, Millennials who have voted in 2-3 elections at best have ruined this country.
  16. Joe Biden had 0 votes in 8 years to break a tie, Mike Pence already has 4 in six months.
  17. The right leaning posters on here sure do like to throw around insults, but they sure do act like snowflakes when someone does it to them. Does anyone know how many times Biden had to break a Senate tie in the first six months?
  18. Chaffetz really let his constituents down quitting if this is true. He sure did parlay public service into a cushy job with Fox though.
  19. Euron's entrance from the boat is one of the highlights of the series. Also, loved Sam going out on a limb to try and save Jorah from greyscale.
  20. Sansa acts like a spoiled child. She doesn't trust Jon, but she expects him to take her s**t advice without question.
  21. I hate Dany and don't understand calling Varys out they way she did. Other than that the episode was fantastic.
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