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  1. I'll never forget Chris Paul grabbing Julius Hodge's junk while playing at Wake Forrest.
  2. This lady is an absolute nut case and an embarrassment to the state. giphy.webp
  3. You'd think HM would know there are Arab Israelis living in Israel. But it's much easier to call Rashida Talib an anti-semite for pointing out there are people of different faiths living in a country he constantly simps for.
  4. Biden "jokingly" said he'd run over a reporter for asking about Israel bombing Gaza. And you wonder why people like @Corn Pop always give you and trout such a hard time for your preachy attitude.
  5. I'm working in Pa/NYC I'm working in PA/NYC right now. Ga politics seems like a comedy sketch to most people. I was asked if this ad was an snl skit or a joke. And I agree with @Sponge I'm not sure that's a woman.
  6. I'm assuming this is HM. As a person that says odd stuff. Someone can insert a gif telling you to stop saying odd **** about mormon women and WRs with better looking gfs than lineman. Downvote away.
  7. Great pick. Etienne in the 2nd would give us the running back we need.
  8. Republicans in attendance of this STOU didn't stand and applaud helping reduce hunger among Americans. Buy American is apparently not a consensus that we all agree on? WTH. My obligatory post to the seniors that argue here while gleefully cashing that social security check will be the same when they post something of merit.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9518357/Actor-Randy-Quaid-says-seriously-considering-running-California-governor.html Phone wont let me embed.
  10. 2nd moderna shot has made me throw up 5 times, I feel like I've worked 6 11hr days, and my head is constantly ringing. All in all it was still worth it.
  11. Still waiting on that $2000 check that was promised on day one during the GA runoffs. Spare me the semantics and get it done. I'll gladly accept the $1400, but hearing March 14th is the earliest it'll be taken up in the Senate is disappointing. Basically Dems in power are giving a giant middle finger to the voters that put them in charge.
  12. A girl I knew from Ga Southern was one of the people inciting violence today at the Capitol. She was even on Fox News today trying to downplay the effect her rhetoric had on the situation. My friend dodged a bullet dumping her crazy sorostitute ***.
  13. Mayo based BBQ sauce should get you an ISIS style execution.
  14. I wanted Haliburton or Avidja, but I'm ok with this pick. I just wonder if this means Capella or John Collins is on the trade block.
  15. I'm suprised Marla or her husband hasnt gone full Alex Jones on some of you.
  16. I lived in Kew Gardens, which is filled with Orthodox Jewish people. Most look like Matisyahu, shop at 24/6 stores, and in all honesty act like ***** twords non Jewish people. No religion gives you an excuse to make up your own set of rules.
  17. Drunk enough to forget he voted for Trump in the primaries.
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