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  1. 1 minute ago, Andrews_31 said:

    I was speed reading.  Your uncle doesn't own the farm, but he's a Foreman (or overseeer)?  Bruh, tell him to tell corporate to pay you or you walk!  ****, they pay Mexicans more than free!  I wouldn't get a lawyer involved (unless you keep one on retainer) because you'll end up paying him more than you're owed to represent you.......... properly!  If he doesn't pay you, **** them, grass can take over!  My $0.02

    He owns it. He doesn't know how to delegate things properly or to the people who can get things done. Somehow he thinks I'll convince my Latin amigos to leave their electrical jobs to make peanuts lol.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Andrews_31 said:

    Twenty acres at the same complex or multiple locations?  Either way, you deserve to be paid.  Ask, and be prepared to walk. 

    It's a farm. I work 40 hours during my day job and it's "expected" of me to do the rest because he's too cheap to hire someone. This isn't spilt milk, the guy owns 5 different properties in different states work a lot. 

  3. OT type of question here. I work for my uncle who owns a company that does special inspections in NYC. I'm also asked to cut grass, 20 acres, on the weekends. I haven't been paid in 11 weeks for any of the work. 

    Am I wrong for telling him pay me or I quit. We had this discussion two weeks ago and it's gone nowhere. I feel like I'm being used and treated like a doormat. 

    His company was bought out so the whole family thing ties into me not telling corporate. I also feel like I deserve money for services rendered. Any advice would be helpful.

  4. I couldn't watch the games, listened to 9.29 instead, but now I don't want to jinx this by seeing it. After wasting $150 to watch LeBron hand our *** to us in 2015 I'm excited. The Mavs may have lost the Trae Luka trade by all objective metrics. One wins in the playoffs while the other hogs the ball and sits at home. 

    Nate McMillan deserves so much credit for bringing all these guys together. Sometimes young guys need structure, he's provided it. Regardless of the outcome of this series he deserves a hefty contract.


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