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  1. States rights only matter when it comes to conservative issues. Didn't you guys know that?
  2. He works for Playboy so I doubt it's "spotless".
  3. I didn't realize one of the Sand Snakes is Colleen Wing from Iron Fist.
  4. You can't play both sides of the fence...just sayin'. Also, WFW and yourself have railed on just about every article that uses "anonymous sources" regarding anything negative with Trump. Decide if they're good or bad, not if it fits whatever narrative you agree with.
  5. The article could very well be true, but all they're sighting are "anonymous sources" as the basis for why this female agent was fired. I thought those were bad and leakers should be punished?
  6. I wish Congress would do something to put big Pharma in check, but they donate money to campaigns so that is wishful thinking. I'm on medicine that costs about $500 in the US vs $32 in Canada. How there is that big of a price difference is baffling to me.
  8. If i had to guess it's somewhere close to 53rd st.
  9. SAE had a pretty cool party called "shower cap" back in the day. UGA players were trying to steal our beers and there was a lot of people hitting the slopes in the bathrooms. Good times.
  10. I actually feel a little bad for Chuck. I think the realization that he just pushed away the only person who actually cared about him, on top of being let go by HHM, was too much.
  11. This man never asks for pledges of loyalty, even from voters.
  12. My point was that you're being hypocritical about idiots on Twitter. Believe whatever you want to.
  13. I'd hit it.
  14. You've literally hung onto every word Hannity and other Twitter trolls have said about a conspiracy theory regarding a murder. This is like the pot calling the kettle black.
  15. Democrats aren't people, Michelle Obama is a tranny, Obama is a Kenyan Muslim born in Africa...both sides say dumb ish. That shouldn't suprise anyone.
  16. Not being able to govern is what happens when you spend 8 years being the party of "no".
  17. Commented on this yesterday. Crickets from the "Christian" right as usual.
  18. I agree.