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  1. Staying out of this s**t slinging contest, but English isn't required to become a citizen.
  2. When will it start being ok for me to say grab 'em by the p***y and s***hole in public without getting weird looks? The president says it so it's ok right.
  3. Farmers are the welfare queens of the right.
  4. Stephen Miller represents Trump supporters to a t. Loud, abrasive, and full of bs.
  5. Beastie Boys - Liscense to Ill Nas - Illmatic Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonley Hearts Modest Mouse - Good News for People who like Bad News
  6. Far right news sites are bad for the mind.
  7. Yeah wrestling is fake, but the build up for this match is amazing. Reminds me of the build up to Starcade 97.
  8. Whatever Vicious, Wfw, and snake are snorting/smoking I want some of it. Hopefully peyote.
  10. LaVar and Chris Cuomo are going at it right now.
  11. I knew Shiva wasn't going to last long. Also, how did Rick throw the guy he stabbed out of the truck then ask of he's alive?