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  1. Clegane Bowl is about to happen too. Get hype!
  2. RIP Thoros and dragon. Seriously some great moments. Jorah giving Longclaw back to Jon and the Hound saving Tormund gave me thr feels.
  3. A "foreigner" has more decency and repect for our republic than our own president. Republicans need to take a hard look in the mirror and see they supported a bigot who wont even denounce Neo Nazis.
  4. How has the military not developed a Gundam suit yet.
  5. I scrolled through Freefolk reddit. It was dark and full of spoilers.
  6. Anyone defending Trump after this latest fiasco is either blind, deaf, or just plain stupid.
  7. Maybe Hillary wasn't so wrong when she called some of Trump's base deplorables. The white trash, Nazi wannabes surely do love him no matter what.
  8. To be fair Trump needs a heart and courage too.
  9. Gilly reading that Rhaegar had his marriage annulled confirms Jon is a legit Targ and the true ruler of Westeros. Also, Gendry is back with a sick war hammer.
  10. Jesse Waters is the most unlikable guy in the news.
  11. Wow! This episode is right up there with watchers on the Wall, Hardhome, and BotB.
  12. Weren't there three documented cases of voter fraud during the election, but they all were people trying to vote for Trump twice?
  13. What's with Fox News employing all these scumbags? It amazes me that a major corporation keeps having all these sexual harassment problems.
  14. There is a whole thread dedicated to Seth Rich. Take it there, this is about the Trump Presidency.