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  1. Clueless is the word you were looking for.
  2. The directing, acting, and writing have been great so far. How Paramount (Spike TV) were able to get the actors to pull this off is amazing. If anyone didn't notice the actor who played the Yellow King from season 1 of True Detective is the FBI agent in charge of the whole operation.
  3. She's a pretty woman who says things.
  4. My Econ professor at Southern worked with Yellen and had nothing but nice things to say about her. He may have been biased though.
  6. A drag queen is a man who dresses as a woman and prefers to live everyday life as a man. A transsexual is a man/woman who feels like they're trapped in the wrong body. As long as a person isn't committing a crime their personal life doesn't matter to me. I'm not saying you're a big, but at the very least you're misinformed. You don't have to like what people do just be a little more open minded. Wouldn't vote to Chelsea Manning btw.
  7. Ann Coulter is a terrible human being.
  8. Staying out of this s**t slinging contest, but English isn't required to become a citizen.
  9. When will it start being ok for me to say grab 'em by the p***y and s***hole in public without getting weird looks? The president says it so it's ok right.
  10. Farmers are the welfare queens of the right.
  11. Stephen Miller represents Trump supporters to a t. Loud, abrasive, and full of bs.