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  1. I knew Shiva wasn't going to last long. Also, how did Rick throw the guy he stabbed out of the truck then ask of he's alive?
  2. The rule of thumb is half your age plus seven. If she/he is younger than that I'd say it's a no go.
  3. Why are so many conservatives worried about gays and transgendered people? Its like they have something to hide.
  4. A.L.F. a male.
  5. Too concerned with a photo op.
  6. You weren't smart enough to not post something that took up 3/4 of a page on my phone or provide a link.
  7. I have a friend from college that is still stuck in his house with his fiancee. Terrible situation but fortunately they are both safe.
  8. The original Aegon banged both of his sisters.
  9. Somewhere Nate Diaz is waiting for his chance to go at Floyd.