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  1. Still the greatest hawks moments for me. I remember EV exploding when Joe made that shot. I will knock on wood to avoid the jinx for this series.
  2. Same type of energy with this group. Now onto Coach Bud who wasn't interested in partaking in this rebuild.
  3. When they built the roundabout close to Eagle Village the number of trucks driving straight over it was astounding.
  4. I'll never forget Chris Paul grabbing Julius Hodge's junk while playing at Wake Forrest.
  5. This lady is an absolute nut case and an embarrassment to the state. giphy.webp
  6. You'd think HM would know there are Arab Israelis living in Israel. But it's much easier to call Rashida Talib an anti-semite for pointing out there are people of different faiths living in a country he constantly simps for.
  7. Biden "jokingly" said he'd run over a reporter for asking about Israel bombing Gaza. And you wonder why people like @Corn Pop always give you and trout such a hard time for your preachy attitude.
  8. I'm working in Pa/NYC I'm working in PA/NYC right now. Ga politics seems like a comedy sketch to most people. I was asked if this ad was an snl skit or a joke. And I agree with @Sponge I'm not sure that's a woman.
  9. I'm assuming this is HM. As a person that says odd stuff. Someone can insert a gif telling you to stop saying odd **** about mormon women and WRs with better looking gfs than lineman. Downvote away.
  10. Great pick. Etienne in the 2nd would give us the running back we need.
  11. Republicans in attendance of this STOU didn't stand and applaud helping reduce hunger among Americans. Buy American is apparently not a consensus that we all agree on? WTH. My obligatory post to the seniors that argue here while gleefully cashing that social security check will be the same when they post something of merit.
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