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  1. Is Norks a new alt right catch phrase?
  2. Pikes in front and archers in the back is a sound military strategy. Heavy Calvary would wipe out untrained soldiers like the orcs tho. Agree on both of the battles. If it weren't for cinematic/literary drama Rohan would have been wiped out long before Theoden ever fell under the influence of Sauruman. Eomer and ghost warriors show up at the right time, ok Tolkien. Tolkien did a great job building the foundation of a fictional universe but was unable to finish it before he died. Unfortunately I think G.R.R Martin will do the same with GOT.
  3. I definately dont want the USA to go to a monarchy. Gritz articulated my point about having skin in the game better than I did. Politicians are just too out of touch with the happenings of every day Americans at this point. They cash in 6 figure checks, at the same time they forget about the people who elected them to their position.
  4. Theoden rose to the occasion and led his people to victory when all hope was lost. Twice if you count Helms Deep. He also raised two children that weren't his into capable leaders and warriors to carry on his family's legacy. Aragorn's only play was having an alliance between the Dunedain and Elves. Gandalf showing him the right way didn't hurt either.
  5. Watching Return of the King. Why can't we have leaders like Aragorn or Theoden? ****, I'd even settle for a sensible hot head like Thorin at this point.
  6. So, Trump paid off a playmate for sex and an abortion? Heads will literally explode finding ways to spin this if it's true.
  7. Law and order. Except if it's the guy I voted for doing shady things.
  8. You obviously cared because you made the statement about me being a brainwashed dem whom only you could "save". Must suck to be a bitter old man with nothing to do but spout off your horse s**t opinions as fact on an internet message board.
  9. You dumb **** I'm not a Democrat or Republican. I work with these people every single day on the jobsite and see the effort they put into making our communities better. Is the situation messed up, sure, but I've yet to see anyone offer a real world solution that works. Deportation buses aren't the way to go. Also, como mierda penche puto.
  10. Both of you are literal pieces of ****. I get they're here illegally but the way you constantly talk about immigrants is absolutely disgusting. Most are fleeing situations we couldn't even fathom and to top it off they work harder than any white or black guy you can think of. Don't like them here? Quit voting for rich white a holes who take advantage of their labor and pick up another crew of they do get deported. Otherwise I'd like to serve you a nice glass of shut the **** up.
  11. I'd really love to ask the R gubernatorial candidates how they plan to spur economic development in GA without the use of immigrant labor. These cheesy campaign videos will get the people from bum f**k GA to vote because they're afraid of anyone not white. What then?
  12. Whatever "the left" is backing so I can have my talking points ready. Truthfully it's the first line of this song.
  13. Well I've been spending all my money on weed and pills so too busy to worry about my spelling.
  14. Thanos was my favorite thing about the entire movie. Marvel did a great job of building up the character through out the movie. Thanos is so committed to the belief that the universe needs cleansing hes willing to sacrifice the only thing he truly loves. Also Peter Dinklage as a giant dwarf.
  15. Kanye West hates black people.