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  1. Still waiting on that $2000 check that was promised on day one during the GA runoffs. Spare me the semantics and get it done. I'll gladly accept the $1400, but hearing March 14th is the earliest it'll be taken up in the Senate is disappointing. Basically Dems in power are giving a giant middle finger to the voters that put them in charge.
  2. A girl I knew from Ga Southern was one of the people inciting violence today at the Capitol. She was even on Fox News today trying to downplay the effect her rhetoric had on the situation. My friend dodged a bullet dumping her crazy sorostitute ***.
  3. Mayo based BBQ sauce should get you an ISIS style execution.
  4. I wanted Haliburton or Avidja, but I'm ok with this pick. I just wonder if this means Capella or John Collins is on the trade block.
  5. I'm suprised Marla or her husband hasnt gone full Alex Jones on some of you.
  6. I lived in Kew Gardens, which is filled with Orthodox Jewish people. Most look like Matisyahu, shop at 24/6 stores, and in all honesty act like ***** twords non Jewish people. No religion gives you an excuse to make up your own set of rules.
  7. Drunk enough to forget he voted for Trump in the primaries.
  8. I dont disagree, I just won't be guilt tripped into voting for moderates that have 0 appeal anymore. Should have voted for Jorgensen just like I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016.
  9. In all seriousness, the leadership in the democratic party has got to go. This moderate appeal schick doesn't work or appeal to the younger democratic base. No party should be ran by a bunch of 70-80 year olds who have no clue what the real world is like.
  10. How do you elect a man who lost to Reggie Ball and Chan Gailey twice.
  11. Why do you guys keep engaging with someone who calls you a baby killer if you're pro choice, ignores reality if it fits her narrative, and belittles others who disagree while simultaneously claiming to be some persecuted speaker of truth. This thread needs more Corn Pop and left v leftists.
  12. My whole family is voting for Trump, except me. Fortunately I live in the burbs outside of Atlanta where different opinions and civil conversation is the norm. I can't imagine living in the sticks where everyone always agrees 100% or the internet is where you first encounter any type of idea that doesnt allign with your worldview.
  13. My hair looks like a shrub that hasn't seen a hedger in about a year. If it wasn't for my curls and the humidity I'd look like shaggy right now.
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