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  1. I assume Julio is good since people were saying something about his foot.
  2. Is it me or are we still getting sorry field position on punt return
  3. U give Matt a average defense I feel like he always be making a run for a super bowl.but most of his career his has had a piss poor defense and they just start focusing on the offensive line.
  4. I'm all for him,depends on what they want in return and will he restructure his contract.
  5. I heard joe Haden is been shopped,I'm all for calling and seeing what they want for him.if we did get him we could always redo his contract and kick him to the outside and move Alford to the inside.
  6. I say get Richardson and joe Haden .i love babs but it doesn't make a impact no more.a Richardson and Grady in the middle with Vic and claybord on the outside.i really think Joe and tru would be a wonderful combo instead of Alford getting picked on by everybody
  7. Am I the only that feel like Alford is not made for the outside and needs too go inside .i like how Poole has been playing
  8. I would like to see Shelby at DE instead of Jackson and we need to blitz since the front 4 can't get there
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