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  1. That would be a good fallback plan.
  2. Murlarkey is going to bring that physical big boy football back to the A.
  3. Yeah that's crazy. He was smaller Telvin Smith.
  4. Yes he was dominating last year.
  5. Yeah maybe the Colts didn't have any household names in their front 4 but they did have the NFL DROY in DL and now they have Justin Houston.
  6. Windstorm? Yeah for youth sake that would be nice.
  7. Our top 3 corner’s Tru, Oliver, and Kazee are from the west coast. Hopefully they all get together including Miller to train.
  8. Oh shoot... lol
  9. “Everything you get ya gotta work hard for it.” -Notorious B.I.G.-
  10. I agree with you that more resources was used towards the offense, but don’t forget about Clayborn who was signed for a shade under 2M (4M with incentives). Hopefully he hit whatever goal to get the incentive. Steven Means came along late in the season. He provided good run defense and also created some pressure when he got some reps. He is making <1M so we save from the 4M Reed was going to make.
  11. You gotta be able to stop the run before effectively being able to get after QB’s in the pass game. Davison will help generate TFL’s in the run game to create longer passing down’s. You notice how the pass rush improved with the return of Debo. Debo helped eliminate some of the short dump offs to RB’s.
  12. Remember we got Chiefs former DC. He will help break down opposing teams tendencies on offense. While Quinn would put his gameplan together.
  13. Or wait until they release him
  14. The doctor who misdiagnosed Sweat screwed him out of being a top 15 pick. According to Kelsey tweet, Lindstrom was the player he knew the Falcon would choose all along.
  15. Buddy talking that mess. Gotta put a date on it.
  16. It’s depth on the DL in this draft. The way we rotate players, especially on the D-line, Quinn probably figures he could get a mid to late round pick to groom.