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  1. Remember pressure starts up front
  2. In comparison to NT Damon Harrison who was 339 coming into the league.
  3. How does Tim Settle compare physically to Brandon Mebane who was drafted before Dan Quinn time in Seattle but still played the position. (*) = pro-day Yes Tim did improve his test scores at his pro-day This what was said about Brandon Mebane coming out.
  4. Prof, Jbo posted this article as well.
  5. Trade up to 13 with Washington and draft Vita Vea. It’s rumors that Washington wants to trade back to acquire more picks so they could move back up in the early 2nd round for LSU RB Guice. Also Washington seems to be high on Da’ron Payne for their first pick.
  6. No I was referring to the players you mentioned, but for the last time I believe they are trading up.
  7. Assuming? That’s you, I never said they wanted any of the players you mentioned, but again we shall see. Since you believe everything he said, do you believe he ate pancakes as well? We have to have a plan in place just in case a team is wanting to much in a trade up.
  8. Is this your your needs or the team needs?
  9. I did. Hence the comment I left in my first post, but I still think they are. We shall see.
  10. You’re right. Here is the article http://www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/26887/less-skittles-could-help-falcons-deion-jones-maintain-his-beast-mode
  11. Another good thing is the travel (No west coast games). The furthest we go is GB and Cleveland.
  12. I still believe they do.
  13. I agree, but I think Beasley is a good pass rusher. My only issue with him is he’s not a every down player. If he could play the run that would make him a unstoppable pass rusher. It wouldn’t alert the OT that he’s only in the game to rush the passer. Making it easier for Tackles to defend against him.