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  1. Nelson is a good player (OG). IMO, he is the best offensive lineman coming out.
  2. I'm hoping for Dimitri Flowers in the draft
  3. Who is your favorite lineman?
  4. My early favorite is Michigan DT Maurice aka "Mo" Hurst. He could line up at the 5T in base and move down to DT in nickel. If we retain Poe this would make our front four tough. Hurst-Poe-Jarrett-McKinley (Base) Beasley-Hurst-Jarrett-McKinley (nickel) my other favorite is UTEP OG, Will Hernandez. 11. The success of former Big Ten star defensive tackle Mike Daniels (Iowa) in Green Bay gives Michigan's Maurice Hurst great hope for his future. The 6-2, 282-pound Hurst often plays inside, but he showed why teams are interested in him as a five-technique against Ohio State. His quickness can be too much for guards, and it was quite evident when he looped all the way around the left tackle from left of the center to record a sack on a third-and-long Saturday vs. Ohio State. Hurst also pushes back guards with his leverage, invading quarterbacks' personal space. In crunch time, he got lower than two Buckeyes linemen on a third-down play, forcing the play to fail on the outside. Hurst proves you don't have to be 300 pounds to be an effective defensive lineman vs. the run. He even knocked down a pass, even though he doesn't have great height, to force a third-and-long. -- Chad Reuter
  5. lol
  6. The "W"
  7. I guess Beanie Sigel has nothing better to do these days.
  8. Let's Go. Finish them
  9. Lmao
  10. Let's get a turnover
  11. Good kick
  12. Yes Mo is a stud. He has an amazing first step and uses his small frame to out leverage most offensive lineman.
  13. JBO, I like Maurice aka "Mo", a lot. I was going to start a thread in NFL draft about him. he reminds me a lot of GB DT Mike Daniels with a little a bit of Bengals DT, Geno Atkins. That's who I'm hoping we draft