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  1. Mismatch nightmare
  2. Hall of Fame pass rusher Jason Taylor spends a moment with Falcons pass rusher Vic Beasley, who led the league with 15.5 sacks last season. "He's already a great one," Taylor said of Beasley. Falcons coach Dan Quinn, formerly an assistant for the Miami Dolphins, said Taylor taught him pass rush. Vaughn McClure, ESPN Staff Writer
  3. @Knight of God you're right about Cohen
  4. As the season goes along they will build that cohesion.
  5. I still support Wes as I have the whole offseason, but we should have known the Bears would try to exploit that position since we had a newbie in there. I believe Schweitzer will continue to get better. Akeim Hicks is a good player as I stated in the thread that was made about him and his contract.
  6. I know and a lot of people wanted him gone
  7. 7 sacks for a 3-4 DE is good and so is Hicks. The pass rush in a 3-4 defense tends to come from your 2 OLBs. Which in their case Pernell McPhee, Willie Young, & Leonard Floyd.
  8. Yes that's him
  9. Grace will MTL be active