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  1. They had 21 days from the time he started practicing to activate him or keep him on IR. They decided to activate him this week so the 21 days is no longer an option. Just like the example you used for Aaron Rodgers, they can put him on IR but it would not have anything to do with the 21 days.
  2. It's to late we already activated him, and besides we are going to win so it doesn't matter.
  3. Coleman, Hall and Hardy didn't want to be left out.
  4. Given the fact we have scored +30 in all of our home games except 1, I will say 31-17 Falcons 5-5
  5. Dallas has not won against a Ryan & Julio led team. Dallas has not won against Quinn as a HC. I don't see anything changing this week besides another W for both listed above.
  6. Anybody remember the time Dan Quinn went off on the D line on the sideline when we played the Cowboys in 2015? I will always remember that every time we play Dallas for now on. Dan Quinn is 2-0 against Dallas as Falcons HC. I see him going 3-0 this weekend. Ryan and Julio playing together are 3-0 against Dallas. I see them going 4-0 this weekend. I also think we hang 30 plus points like we have every game at home this season outside of the Giants game when we scored only 23. Against Panthers 31 points Against Aints 37 points Against Bengals 36 points Against Buccaneers 34 points
  7. Look for Marquand Manuel to adjust his coverages now that he has Debo back. Probably play more man now and let the pass rushers get after the QB.
  8. It’s still a team sport, but he will definitely improve it.
  9. The question is why are you here in the first place? Never mind I know. You fear the Falcons.
  10. What @RING OF HONOR said above
  11. I just reread what the poster said, and what I was saying was he probably wouldn’t play against the Cowboys but against the Saints. I quoted the wrong person