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  1. That’s what it should’ve been this season if it wasn’t for the pandemic.
  2. June 2nd is when the money opens up for NFL teams who designated a player a June 1st cut
  3. I’m in agreance that a Jarrett extension is more likely than a restructure. Stated that in one of my previous post. And yes they could easily restructure Julio contract and shut down all trade talks for Julio but they haven’t.
  4. Like I said the 15M is what we would would free up if we trade up. The topic is why we won’t we trade Julio so I’m telling the OP why and how it is possible. and if we restructure Jarrett contract to free up 8M then his salary goes from 23.8 to 31.8 next year. No knock on Jarrett but Do you really think Fontenot is going to pay a DT 31.8 for one year?
  5. Reading comprehension I did not say we need 15.7M to sign the rookies and one vet for 3M. Don’t know where you pulled 15.7 at? It’s a space between 15 and 7 with an M behind the 15. 15M will what we would have if Julio is traded. Maybe we can’t take folks who can’t read serious.
  6. A trade would open up 15M. 7 would go towards the rookies and you could sign one of the players I mentioned to 1 yr-3M deal
  7. I acknowledge Julio is a HOF player and the best receiver/player we had in history, but.. We got a HOF QB and a good play caller we being begging for. With the addition of Pitts who I wanted this draft we really don’t need Julio. Look at how many receivers/players Shanahan schemed open in 2016 to score a TD or more (Ryan’s MVP season). If we use the money from the trade to sign the rookies and sign a player like Justin Houston/Ryan Kerrigan that will help Ryan more. Like I was telling 007 in another thread when it comes to Grady Jarrett situation Jarrett has all the leverage in the world right now. Jarrett only has one year left on his contract after this season, so if you restructure his deal to free up 7M you will be increasing his salary from 23.8 to 30.8M for a defensive player. Extending his contract is the better of the moves but if you do it now you have to pay the value for it also. Right now he’s playing like a top 3 DT and we would have to compensate him for that. Will he be playing the same after 2 seasons? That’s where Fontenot interview comes into play. Where he said he is not going to make any decisions that will affect 2022 or 2023. Extending his contract two years out falls in line. I like Julio a lot and he has done great things for the organization like help Ryan and the Falcons win their 1st playoff game in the Mike Smith era, but Ryan needs some defense (Justin Houston/Ryan Kerrigan) and a draft pick as well (1st George Pickens possibly)
  8. It was already stated multiple times that if they traded Julio pre June 1st we would eat his 18M of his salary this year (no savings), but trading him post June 1st we can spread the hit over two seasons. Any trade involving a post June 1st trade goes toward next year draft.
  9. I want to keep Julio no doubt, but the news about Julio and Aaron breaking pre-draft really have me thinking.
  10. I was more so pointing out where you said cap casualties. The Falcons F.O. dang near restructured most of the players contract that they could this offseason other than Julio and Grady. I don’t see anybody of value being cut unless you count Oliver who would only net us 2M.
  11. I know what you’re saying but the reports are true. If it wasn’t Fontenot would’ve shot it down. Wyche was one of the first to report it and he has a little insight to the team.
  12. Yeah but that’s Rodgers and Green Bay. Fontenot did not deny any reports.
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