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  1. Ha
  2. Thanks man....
  3. I was at the game and almost threw up at the end...seriously. I finally rewatch the game this week. I'll never get past it....NEVER. Heck I'm still not over the Dallas PO loss in 80-81. It would help a great deal to win it this year....but to say I'm over it NEVER. I've been a Falcon fan since 75 - waited too long
  4. And I would agree that he help Matt learn faster.....but that was last year
  5. I think we can both agree that we hope he never has to take snap lol
  6. My bad... I didn't notice
  7. To make a long story short....schaub lost his confidence with the pick 6s if you remember. Now prior to that he was a really good QB. With our OL skill players and coaching I think he could be back to his old self. You gotta think TD SP DQ are thinking the same thing or other wise they don't resign him. And they sure as heck know more than we do.
  8. We just beat KC 3-4 yrs ago at KC
  9. Then disregaard what I said on this internet website lol
  10. The bottom line is some folks happen to think and agree that Schaub is a very good back up and well worth the money he's being paid. There's no need to drive around the block backwards when you don't have to. ^
  11. I like him about as much as I like chewing razor blades
  12. Glad you know more than TD SP and DQ....if they needed a QB coach then maybe they would've hired another one...just saying.
  13. Go to profootball talk.com ....check out the talk about Scam and kap....maybe go back a page. Report back....not good
  14. You're an athlete.... you should know. You got this thing figured out....even if it's Scam
  15. And you're a kap crusader