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  1. Whoever bought the groceries and DQ is very good at bargain shopping and finding the perfect ingredients that produce A-1 quality
  2. But TD been here a while and Quinn has put the finishing touches on his blunders .... either way DQ > TD
  3. Exactly...DQ is calling the shots and has been since he got here...thank god oh yeah lets not leave out the great Peter Konz that TD drafted
  4. The pundits will never go away until Mattie wins the big one and that could very well happen very soon.
  5. Until MR2 wins a SB he’ll always be considered super average. Honestly he had his chance to RISE UP and got out played and out coached in Philly. I’ve been saying he’s super average...hope it changes next year by winning a SB. Prove it Matty
  6. AJC

    Can’t disagree with the contents of the article...Sark has to be held accountable for the poor performance by the offense even though dropped passes and execution plays a part. We can make excuses all day long but the bottom line is DQ elected to take the gamble with Sark. I love DQ and would hate to see him jeopardize his job trying to protect Sark. We would be fine without Sark IMO but DQ is the guy that came in and built this high octane roster. If something happened to DQ it could be really really bad in a year or two. There’s absolutely no excuse to go in Philly and score only 10 pts....especially with the talent on this roster. I’m all in with DQ and would be fine if Sark left yesterday.
  7. Dude nailed it ^
  8. First and foremost the most important piece missing is an OC. :-)
  9. If we don’t stop their run game we’re in trouble......hopefully we make adjustments
  10. I really believe Foles will be there til the end...Eagles will run the rock shorten the game and have a shot at the end...us in a close one
  11. Don’t be a puzz....go wear red
  12. Wow that’s exactly what I just told my son the score would be and he disagreed said it would be 20-16 lol
  13. I’m thinking about going. I’ve been to three falcons at eagles games. Some hecklers but no one’s going to physically attack you. Just hit the ignore button and you’ll be fine. Please wear RED.
  14. TD

    I’m pretty sure DQ saved TD azz- AB was going to fire TD but DQ ask him not to. That’s hind sight tho time to move on....it’s working so go Falcons DQ TD AB....kudos to all
  15. TD

    TD supported two things that has allow him to survive MR2 and DQ. DQ supported TD or AB was going to fire TD due to poor drafting and FA acquisitions. It's worked out and we're winning let's move on. Final thoughts thank God for DQ he changed everything.