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  1. That’s what I’m saying bro.....stand back and watch the little man. You make it sound like he can’t play a lick....c’mon dog
  2. KOG “He's overrated big time and I'm not an underdog story fan. He burst out against us and did much of nothing.“ Obviously you’re not going to like him because your mind is made up.....just stand back and watch the little guy do his thing. Pretty nice stats for a late rd rookie with NO offensive talent around him. He will get better barring injury. I’ve watched this guy play since high school.....he’s real and deserves a little more respect than you’re giving him. ...overrated- did much of nothing????
  3. I like this dude... but would not over pay
  4. Sorry but one day soon you will like him....betting he has a much better career than the WR you’re crowing about. I do like Carter tho
  5. Why in the world would a person NOT like Cohen?????
  6. Great post....now one thing we can all agree on is the window closing on the MR and JJ era and its time to get things right that gives this team the best chance to win a SB.
  7. Oh yeah let’s NOT forget TDs plan before DQ got here and started calling the shots. Ray Edwards do I need to say more......
  8. JP has short man syndrome ...... it’s ok
  9. TD pretty much sucks....got to give DQ credit for any acquisitions in the last few yrs. DQ is calling the shots now ladies and gentlemen..thank goodness
  10. You can be such a ***** bag at times.....not worth the entertainment
  11. That’s my dog right there...with ya
  12. But the Panthers signed KK to a huge deal and then sign Poe for 9 m a yr. We need this guy
  13. That’s why I said no ....he’s all about me me me. He’s such an egotistical maniac. Fuk him and the horse he rode in on. All y’all Sherman lovers explain this. Dude with two Achilles injuries and dogging his coach cause his coach thinks he’s had his day in the sun