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  1. We need this one but not necessarily because of SB collapse- even tho it would be so so sweet. We just need a W after donating two Ls
  2. Count on guys....can we stop blaming MR2, Sark or Quinn. The ball’s not bouncing our way right now. Bad breaks, injuries, stupid penalties, deflected passes for interceptions, teams preparing for the things we did last yr, and a few other things are not going our way.....let’s just support our team.
  3. I hate the panthers but I think they win 27-20
  4. Carolina's a 3 pt favorite for a reason....personally I wouldn't touch the Eagles and 3 . The Panthers are going to be a TUFF out and yes they're for real. Besides that...I despise the SOBs.
  5. Yeah between the sponsors and fans due to the NA protest the NFL is in big trouble....can we just play football - get along - put politics off the NFL platform and enjoy what is the best and most favorite past time in the country
  6. What if the players kneeling fail to realize that fans paying their salary by purchasing season tickets - NFL Sunday ticket and NFL jerseys don't won't to see players disrespecting the flag by kneeling. Most NFL fans want to enjoy a political free afternoon and feel united in the community at an NFL game. There's many others ways to resolve their issue.....its starts by talking about it - NOT using the NFL anthem time as a platform over and over and over again. Otherwise the NFL will lose the battle.....its simple folks - fans don't like it and rating are going down the toilet.
  7. We have 8-10 going - holler
  8. Mitchell going to be a good one - watched him play at Chapel Hill
  9. Scoring really hasn't been the problem until Sunday against the Bills when both 11-12 left the game. Sark will figure it out - all the other teams had the whole offseason to figure out we did last year.
  10. Nah - injuries and bad breaks is why we lost plus the Bills are not a bad FB team
  11. Nah man we good .... stop the hate on Sark. 11/12 outta gm lots of bad breaks today. Just support the team.... ain't sark
  12. Cam just not a very good pocket passer and if he can't run he's not very good. He's taken a beating throwing that big body around and it's catching up with him. Not a Cam fan but wish no one to be seriously injured.
  13. Sark is doing a fine job.....don't blame him for two interceptions that should've been caught by the receivers. Offense is my last concern if we stay healthy and get Schroeder back. Every time something goes wrong Sark can't be blamed. I have more concern about the pass rush and injuries to the DL especially missing Bs. The Falcons are a very very good football team and probably not playing their best yet.
  14. Poole is the da stuff